If I Had Just One Day Left to Live

If I had just one day left to live
Wisdom I'd share to my children I'd give
Just for a while we would sit down and talk
A last sitting for us all, before my soul walks

We would talk of our past remembering all the times we have shared
Look to your future for my last day I'm prepared
For a couple of hours my favourite films I would watch
The Shawshank and Private Ryan, with a Jack Daniels no Scotch

With the hours, minutes and seconds ticking by
My eyes will soon close and I'll say my goodbye's
I'll miss all of nature and the warmth of the sun
But most of all my children, my daughter and three sons

The evening now draws as I look back on my years
What little light I see goes, now the blackness appears

In My Perfect World

In my perfect world let me ponder my thoughts
And tell you what should be, a world that's not fraught

To live side by side all colours and race
Before we implode and forever loose face

Protect all our children as they are our world's tomorrow
Appease their hurt and diminish their sorrows

Determine a sentence if your prepared to take life
Why should you live and leave others in strife

If the punishment declares that you live behind bars
Innocent animals are caged they never left any scars

Curtail the conglomerates who believe they are higher
Ceiling their profits and limit their acquire

Before they mine, deforest or drill
A down payment to be paid to compensate any spill

Health care to be made free for one and all
For those without Dollar why should they fall

To have to pay for a child knocked down by a car
It's a disgrace in our society that it's come this far

Schooling for all from kindergarten to graduation
Even University no pupil donation

If our country desires to prosper for it's future grow
Our working taxes should be suffice to allow it to flow

In all our cities, villages and towns
Keep our kids of the streets before they become clowns

For every population ratio, community centres to be built
By conglomerate profits that fester their guilt

Jobs to be created for many tasks to be met
Like coastal corrosion and border control to be set

There are many vast lands on our planet we call earth
So much space to be used, so deploy it for it's worth

Why can't we build pipelines bringing water to parched lands
Run by the government, creating jobs with these plans

Go down the green road using what nature creates
Wind farms and wave energy and become her soul mate

The above could all happen because we voted them in
If they don't do what they say, it's political sin

For my perfect world I have shared my thoughts
Please enjoy my words to your table I've brought

Another of Man's Trait

He stands so tall and in respective pride
Three buxom bimbo's in naked beside

He looks so cocky with armour of shine
Intelligence lacking, three legged prime

And as for them three all breasted no brains
Once taken, down the drain

It's just another trait of man
Who takes what he can when he can

Two are brunette and one a blond
In typical fashion, the latter more fond

For thousands of years man has used and abused
It's just another of man's trait, in history fused

At a Town Near you, Soon

Cities panic
Earth weeps
Solar flares
Explosion, heat

Sun's surface
Erratic release
Her atmosphere
Radiation increase

Earth's ionosphere
Disruptive invade
Frequency, communications
Existence outplayed

Magnetic reconnection
Responsible rearrangement
Opposed fields
Worlds descent

Energetic particles
Aurora Borealis
Solar winds
Aurora Australis

Proton storm
Biochemical damage
Human body
Cooking, engage

Time scale
Visual detection
Two hours
Negative protection

Heat intensifies
Populations panic
Chaotic scenes
Earth manic

Skirt of Scarlet

All I could do was to stare when we first met
My heart pounded as she graced the shoot set

Her skirt of scarlet delights my eyes
With a body so shapely my heart to her cries

She has style and beauty, to touch so smooth
Now we have met I hope never to lose

This is a night I'll remember forever
She'll always be in my heart for I'll never sever

My thoughts now racing in my one track mind
This Formula 1. Ferrari, the best of it's kind  

My Pleasure is Through my Eyes

My pleasure is through my eyes
By grace to see many a day
What I see through my eyes
Encourages me to say

To marvel at her beauty
It abounds and resonates life
Surrounding our rural urban
All around us rife

So many scenes to view
Like children playing in the park
Enjoying foundations for their future
To one day they'll embark

Canopies of various greens
Also carpets her enriched lands
No matter what she displays
Always to me it looks so grand

Species of so many animals
We view and rarely see
In colonies or families
Surrounding you and me

My pleasure is through my eyes
By grace to see many a day
What I see through my eyes
Encourages me everyday 

Tomorrows Anew

Ebony locks cry
The past in dilute
Momentary tears
Appease ones hurt life ~ . ~
Tomorrows anew

Spirits lifting
Family strong
Liberty lives ~ . ~
A new sung song

Her thoughts soar ~ . ~

Sure is ~ . ~