Two Deaths, but Worlds Apart

From where I stand the view I see
Two deaths I witness in front of me

Seeing such a sight makes me internally cry
For come tomorrow, we'll have a moonless sky

Her life is now spent like a nearby tree
In death like us they are now finally free

In skeletal stance so naked and bare
It's richness drained, all I can do is stare

What awaits as a new day dawns
For into the evening we go, now earth is withdrawn


When Dreams Collide

I entered my dream amidst a lavender grassy plain
I realised looking up that the skies are not the same
Orange to yellow patterns as if in cotton wool collage
Blood red horizons in compass as I view my dreams mirage

A noise captures my ears as I turn to view from where
Upon an orangey maned zebra, what I see leaves me stare
She, with Tiger stripes and naked, breasted so heavenly
To the cotton clouds she looks, with a raven so beautifully

My mind now hears cloven hooves, as if beating on the ground
Now many approach from distance, floating, now I'm in surround
The skies begin to darken, blood red horizons seen before
So surreal amidst this lavender, through an alternate back door

Whilst the raven gently hovers she turns her eyes to me
In complexed look of amaze, I think what does she see

Within Hours

Looking back at our dying earth through windows of hope and despair
It's hard to imagine our planet within hours will be barren and bare

All we take are our memories from a place so rich in compare
To outer yonder we travel, all on-board for a future to share

We are the chosen few, to lead mankind to a distant world
Recalling the days when we dreamt, in comics being told it's absurd

We witness the seas being angry, like they have never been witnessed before
Eruptions abound in plenty, seeing the tearing of earth's crust, now sore

Picturing cities where we resided, all we see are crimsoned orange reds
So free as we venture to anew, containing images of our now forgotten dead

Our once beautiful sphere, now decrepit in battle scarred sit
In the distance it shall always remain, knowing that we were part of it

As I look around this ship, ironically Discovery is it's name
Hoping history will again repeat itself, allowing us humans an honourable claim


Days seem like months even years yet it can only be hours since we left
I for one can't comprehend as to the devastation leaving a planet so reft

The distance that we can travel in space, remains unbelievable in ones thoughts
It's what lies out there now that worries, can humanity be brought back from nought

An announcement over the speakers now heard, co-ordinates that were set have been reached
No religion will ever again divide man, or it's hatred to ever again be preached

We are now witnessing our new world, captured by the Hubble's wondrous lens
The scientists told us of valleys, and magnificent Scottish like glens

Blue azure skies resonate, amidst cotton wool clouds in sporadic drift
Suddenly a shaking, a severe vibrating as we head into a left angled shift

Unknown grounds grow ever nearer, panic stricken confused scared and crying
To this alien land we die like our planet, evolution can now stop trying

Reverse Sunset

I am but alone, on a world so far from home
Scouting out there somewhere, deliberation is my roam
Territories I now enter, the unknown to us mankind
To learn we have to enter, then knowing is what we find

I exit from where I landed, a so different world from earth
A view I see astounds me that it beggars belief it's worth
Rippled oceans in reflect from it's heavens of colours great
Cobalt statues in shadow stand so proud and straight

Above I see the stars, so much closer to home than they are
Planets that reflect our sun, a reverse sunset now stares
To my left an electrical storm, forking into it's abyss
Then clouds that quickly seemed, now gone as if in wish

To sit here where I sit, where possibly no one has sat before
Witnessing sights we assume never seen, one can only but adore
What highlights it for me, is when our sun arises as it has done
Is this where I plant a beacon, to allow a new colony to run



I'm not really different from you
I'm just from a different place
Our bodies are so similar in build
But with a different face

I have no real special powers
I can't disappear before your eyes
Feelings are another thing we share
From my eyes I can even cry

I have the same amount of digits
On what I walk, and what I hold
Forget what was said when you were young
Don't believe all that your told

Internally like you I have to breathe
We're from the same universe after all
In skeletal bodies we're much the same
Even in death we're mourned by all

I now sit among my fellow universals
Against a backdrop of starry skies
In a way they seem so familiar
Now accepted in each others eyes


This place has yet to be found
Yet it exists out there amidst
Once found it shall so reveal
You humans through your mists

Once ones eyes have captured
One will know from where you came
For language inscribed in the rocks
Were written from a different plain

Shapes now cast into stone
Having stood for thousands of years
Now await the pulse of man
To elevate their fears

These releases will finally reveal
From where mankind came from
And preaching shall never be all
You have never sung the same song

If you can understand the above
We have given you time to flow
Sadly, your history repeats itself
For in 2012 you will know