The Sounds of the Surf, Rock
The sounds of the surf from their fluid dynamics
Wind generated waves Worldwide panoramic
Capillary waves chorused and light
Charming all shores their touching delight
Swells of the seas in cacophony crash
Waves in watery meet like a guitar solo by Slash 
Every so often the rogue wave hits home
Tsunami, water wall in kettle drum drone
Hear the breaking wave as two waters meet
The sound of their notes collide, like 'Neil Peart's' drum beat
Shallow water waves Boussinesq equations
Frequency dispersion's like Rock's best creations
As the waves hit our shores, now shoaling, refraction
The applause as they meet The Rolling Stone's satisfaction
These sounds of the surf's Rock it's just like music to me
They achieve various notes like the Kink's " Set me Free "

Solitary Tree

Solitary stand
Left of right in greened country
Seasonal leaves bloom 



Whirl of Fire

Air temperature
Vertical vorticity
Acquired for fire whirl




Tsunami Sunset

Orangy red horizon
Below earths blackened ceiling
City lights sporadic
Patterned like a starry sky
Distant lightening illuminates
Like dancing strobes
Momentary live
The black returns
Natures setting
Disappears with time
Tsunami Sunset

Bloom of Pink
On this Autumn day
In my local park
A corner so bright
Out shines the dark

Trees of pink
On their final bloom
Dying carpet
Empty room

Branches so bare
Raped of leave
Naked trees
Towards winter grieve

Natures cycle of life
In seasonal burn
Soon her spray of colour
Will joyously return

Age of the Ripple

Ripples on the pond
Are like the years in peoples lives
Stretching out to distance
Undulating living life
Circles so small are the ripples of youth
As they broaden on the pond
They age with wisdom and truth
As we learn to live in this world
To abide and obey
To be fortunate in the morning
Grace another day
When the ripple runs out
As it hits the shore
Our time on earth, is here no more
Our souls surrender
And drift on the breeze
To be reborn
Or stay asleep
To be granted life
And grace this earth
To be a ripple on the pond
Heavenly worth


Lillie's Bloom, in Naked Fold
My lady bows
In naked sit
Her body pure
Behind her blooms
Lillie's of white
Against her flesh
The two delight
My camera clicks
A moment caught
Pictures like these
Can't be bought
Our shoot is done
Finery of nature
Subject hot
Her peach-ed tone
As the Lillie's stare
This photographers proud
To be standing there


Hurricane Katrina

Awesome power is it natures wrath
To devastate all in its path
Twisters, winds driving rain
Leaves no place to look the same
In a way as it gathers pace
Never in a human place
Hidden killer out at sea
Land urge where it wants to be
Building strength, gathers speed
To destroy any breeds
The one i recall in this worlds arena
This phenomenon called Hurricane Katrina
Louisiana, New Orleans
Was subject by one so mean
Her awesome might hammers home
We are not on this world alone
The sights viewed all around the world
Natures torture from her living swirl
To consternate these Southern Lands
The rains and winds spew from her glands
The aftermath and splatter view
Killed so many, survivors few
City blocks submerged and broken
A legacy of natures token
New Orleans Jazz continues to play
Although nature won this day
Resilient folks, awesome place
Human nature won this race
Undercover we will rise
But in mother nature we will not despise
She gives us life, we share her hope
To view her strength, we can not gloat

Islands of Many

Mohawk Kaniatarowanenneh
Meaning Big Waterway
This part of America
I hope to see one day
This archipelago of dotted lands
In pictures they look oh so grand
Greenery green, like emeralds that float
Thousands of, natures boats
The smallest one only has one tree
Two shrubs, amazingly
A score of them are a National Park
To visit them, i would feel a part
The place i would stay
Is called " just room enough "
One of the islands
Just room for a house
To wake each morning surrounded by blue
Around me and above me too
The element of me to see this place
If the future's kind, i will grace
Heart Island, where Boldt Castle stands
With it's Disney shape and it's garden lands
Bought for a dollar in 1977
With it's visitor proceeds, to turn it to heaven
This beautiful place
That nature delivered
Is a thousand islands
On the St Lawrence River

Bluebell Wood

The smell of spring from my cottage window i taste
A newly formed leaf canopy, covered in pastel paste
A carpet of bluebells brightens the land
Livens the forest as in winter its bland
The bluebells in blend with a purple shade
Another marvel that nature's made
Her ability to bloom and flower her lands
As the tree's look down feeling proud and grand
As i close my eyes and picture Bluebell Wood
As i open my eyes, it looks as it should
An impressive sight on any spring day
Another creation in her portray

Graze of the Green

Serengeti so green
Animals in vast herds graze
Feed the many thousands

Canyon River

Grand Canyon, deep gorge
Colorado, majestic
Meander in flow



Majestic pillars
Arms branch to the stars
Leaved fauna
Individual charms
Proud Oaks
Giant Redwoods stand tall
Saplings grow
Where acorns fall
Maples flagged
The scent of resin from Pine 
Needles on the floor
Surround the Lime
The desert Joshua
Monkey Puzzle
Rain forest canopy
Covers Brazil
These wooden friends
As they help us survive
Here for each other
Keep both alive
So persecuted for our own gain
If we don't replace
It won't be the same
Like us humans, they won't be free
Where would we be without the Tree's


Africa, beautiful continent
Dreamy echoes fascinate
Giraffes heighten inclines
Jurassic known linger
Madagascar nestles offshore
Primates quest reform
Savannah tribes umbilical
Visioned waves x-ray
Young zebra 


The seed who fell to earth

I am that seed
Carried by the wind
I drifted for long
On air that thinned
My destination
Not known to me
Until I fall
I'll have to wait and see
Wind falls
As I twirl down
Me, the Sycamore seed
Down to the ground
The patch of land
That accepts my fall
With natures rains
I will stand so tall
As the years pass by
In my fertile patch
What do I say
To future seeds that latch
Be like me, let the winds have their say
Drift like me and maybe one day
In natures world she'll grant you birth
The Seed who fell to Earth
Inspired by Raul's " Carried by the Wind " 

Natures Gazette

In natures gazette
Colony of centipedes
Shoe salesman wanted


Shifting Sands of Time

Warm winds blow
Their golden grain
The sands not in charge
Off their own domain
These hills of sand
Aeolian processes form
Shifting at will
In any desert sandstorm
The shape of the dunes
You see today
Were not their shape
Crescentic, linear
Star and dome
Dune shaped homes
Masses of sand
On our continents exist
But where ever they are
The wind persists
Gobi, Namib
To name but two
These deserts of grain
Golden yellow hue
Drifting sands
Whistle in rhyme
But we will never stop
The shifting sands of time

Swallows and Martins

Swallows and Martins
Passerine birds so graceful
Aerial by wing






Precipitation crystalline
Water ice, snow defined
From the clouds
It drifts slowly down
To whiten natures
Awesome grounds
Light coverings
Drifts so high
Natures magic
From her heavenly skies
No two flakes, are at all the same
An amazing claim in natures vein
Even twins have a difference in them
But snowflakes are the pure ice gem
Supercooled droplets
Rain down on us
Glee-full children stop their fuss
Mummy, daddy let us play
Remember you too were kids, they say
Picture postcard
Christmas card wish
The delight of a snowfall
One of natures bliss

To be Butterflies

The cycle starts
An egg is laid
In the weeks to come
See what nature's made
Their larva now
Caterpillars to you and me
See them feast
On bush and tree
To Chrysalis stage
Under a leaf they fit
If we sit and watch
Their Pupa split
Adult hood finally reached
Imago phase wings breach
Membrane dries ready for flight
Natures beauty, an awesome sight
Now Butterflies, they flutter-by
Flapping through the air
Scanning for a flower to land
For pollen they want to share
Winged beauties species all
Peacock, Red Admiral
Grace the air, plant to plant
Colours wow they do enchant


Tiger Shark

In our oceans and sea's
In climate's warm
Second to one
In it's striped form
This predatory shark
Alone in the night
This solitary hunter
With it's razor bite
Feasting on fish
Seal's and birds
This creature of nature
Number two in it's world
When we enter their domain
Aliens we are
When they attack us humans
We go to far
Retribution, is on our minds
To deal with a killing living kind
It's not like they can come on land
But if they did
Would we understand
Its blue green body
Yellow underside
Another gem
In nature's pride
Who live and die
In their watery parks
The Tiger Shark


Sea marine mammals
Intelligent, beautiful
The gracious dolphins





Eunectes murinus

Massive constrictor
Green, yellow and dark spotted
The Anaconda