Angel with the Angels

Of the original three
One has left our shore
To grace the heavens
Of whom they'll adore
Jill Munroe
Golden haired girl
Whose looks and posters
Brightened mans world
Charlie's angel
Where she made her name
TV and big screen
As she rose to fame
But this dreaded word
Ended her life
As Ryan declared
For her to be his wife
But at 9.30am this day
This golden blond, has drifted away
To rest in peace, relieve her pain
Earth's loss is heavens gain
For white wings she'll grow
And grace the clouds
Her ability, applause out loud
This, Angel with the Angels
" Dedicated to Mary Farrah Leni Fawcett - one of Charlie's Angels "

Farewell Michael Jackson

The Jackson Five
Brother lost
Michael's gone
His life lost
This Thriller star
Through troubled times
Sang live
Never mimed
The guitar solo on Beat It,Wow!
Like Billie Jean
I'm playing it now
Such a brilliant artist
With stress so deep
Heavens clouds
On which you sleep
Your music will live
For all eternity
Bless you Michael
And your family
" For Michael, who passed away this evening 25/06/09 "

Cult of Death
The weak, the rich
The poor, the strong
Are pulled into worlds
Where they never belonged
Mothers, brothers
Fathers, daughters
Minds succumbed
Brainwashed slaughter
The Peoples Temple
November, 1978
Over 900 slaughtered
In suicide bait
What drives a man
To wanton kill
To take so many
So he full-fills
To preach his words
And then to maim
It's not the claim
Of a decent mans fame
Leo Ryan
A Congress man true
In the line of duty died
The only one too
Cut down at the airport
On his mission to right
Three journalists also
With safety in site
In our modern world
Cults will rise
The more they bring horror
We will all despise
In Memory of Congressman Mr Leo Ryan
The Weight of the World
It saddens me
To read poems of our poets
Anguish of life
And society knows it
The threat of eviction
Because no jobs can pay
Multi conglomerates
Stand in our way
Their tall buildings
Overlook our homes
Shadowing the poor
Savings they comb
Destitute families
Looking for a way out
Give them a shout
We voted you in
To change for the good
No wonder so many
Have to turned to the hood
The weight of the world
Is on us all
But the ones at the top
They rarely fall
So Corporate America
And corporates worldwide
You wouldn't be there
Without us, by your side
Written after reading James Peranteau's poem " I'll loose my little Son "
whilst listening to Tommy Shaw's  " The Weight of the World "
Be Where you Should be, and Nowhere Else
Broken picket fence
In sporadic stand
Outside this eerie house
On a cold misty land
Windows lit
For many years
It's where the killings
Leave their tears
The lights remain
A beacon of life
Intruders in the dark
Ending lives
A tree in naked stance
Towers in a darken grey
Dead leaves grace her branches
No green to decay
A normal family evening
Pure innocent flow
Five souls in contentment
In flesh and body blow
In hunger for their greed
The reapers seeds grow
In through the back door
Searching as they go
Their intention was to rob
Self control raged their minds
To leave their place of plunder
Leave the living lives they find
Something snapped inside them
Triggers easily squeezed
Five hearts beating
Lying in deathly wheeze
The cost of what they've taken
Priced against a life
To be somewhere, where they shouldn't be
Counting up their strife
Many months of policing
A courtroom awaits
This bravado gang
Their future fate
The judge has decided
On a chair they will sit
A lever will announce
That's the end of it


Murder in the Skies
It was on this day
December the 21st, 1988
Pan Am Flight 103
Would learn of it's fate
Blown out of the sky
For all the world to see
Two hundred and fifty nine people
Rained down on me
My country Scotland
Lockerbie town
The falling of life
In deathly down
This 747
Model 121
Laid-en with fuel
The horror's begun
Argentinian, Belgium
Bolivia too
Canada, France
Sat beside you
Germany, Hungary
India as well
Hey, Herr
The flights going well
Ireland, Israel
Italy flew
To go to the States
All feeling brand new
Jamaica, Japan
Philippines seated
Family toil
Families depleted
South Africa, Spain
Sweden in flight
Will not be tonight
Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago
The United Kingdom, United States
All of the above
On this December date
We also remember
Eleven on the ground
Who obliterated to nothing
Not hearing a sound
The town of Lockerbie
Will never be the same
Yet one of the gang goes free
Because the poor guys in pain
Where's the compassion
Of the 270 lost
Their memory now tarnished
To the Scottish Governments cost
We set him free
To his home he goes
Treated like a hero
All compassion has froze
My thoughts and my tears
Are for the truly lost ones
Who will never enjoy
The return to their hometown
 In dedication to the 270 who lost their lives on December 21st 1988.