When we Awake

When we awake in the morning we continue the gift
We are given the chance to live and uplift

For we are the chosen to grace this fine orb
And whilst we are here it's our learning absorb

Many hands will release as they have grasped
It's holding these grasps that are our life's tasks

As we cup our tomorrows by step we will learn
The fortunate will prosper to adult from bairn

All our today's we will hold in our hands
It's out there somewhere, awaiting our plans 

Soul Of A Saint, Life Of A Life

This poem you now read
Is of a wonderful man
A brother of old
From a far away land

He stands for so many
On this planet we call earth
To their hearts he was taken 
A man of worth

Georgia, Malta
Russia, the Ukraine
To all they admire
This difference of men

In the country of Alba
The Kingdom of the Scot's
When the Saltire flies
We forget him not

On the 30th of November
To the Scot's so true
It's his day
Our patron, Saint Andrew

Publicly Shamed, Allegedly Framed

It's not my fault
I'm not to blame
You have no proof
I will show no shame

I am a father of four
And you accuse me of this
I'm internally destroyed
To get your wish

Figures and statistics
For crimes you can't solve
Let's pick on the innocent
Your conscience resolved

To hell with my future
As you walk away
Another bent system
And I am your play

I Remember the Day

I remember the day when comments were the main
They're all very instrumental to the Soup's mainframe
Some comments are influential that created other writes
And many were like tuition that kept us crisp and bright

But there now appears a drought growing larger every day
We need to increase our comments as they help us write our says
Maybe it's time for change, for the Soup to alter it's route
Many foundations have recently left, will others follow suit

The columns showing us the views, tells us nothing at all
How many have clicked on a poem thinking that's a bit of a trawl
So another poem was open and not a word was read
So basically the views are worthless, because comments are our thread

We can learn from our comments but we will never learn from the views
It's our democratic choice for all, of what we do and choose
Nothing stays the same for ever as it appears to be
It's still the worlds best poetry site, that's down to you and me



The African countries lived well by themselves
Until the white man crossed, continental shelves

I can understand adventurers who decided to roam
But not the conglomerates who raped as they combed

The British in Sudan and the French colonies
Never helped Africa being brought to it's knees

This beautiful continent enjoying political appease
But it has a powder-keg fuse that can light with such ease

Angola, Uganda, and Rwanda hit the news
Civil Wars and Genocide once again man's abuse

The biggest sore it carries in this quite wonderful place
One word, slavery, white man's ultimate disgrace

It's not for me to say about a place I don't belong
It's just such a tragedy that it's seen so many wrongs

This continent called Africa, African through and through
Adeleke Adeite, be proud to be you

Conditions Within 

Allow this day to
Pass this cool want of script to
Not say taboo asks

Writing for writing
Try it, crafting to apply
Conditions within

Baa-lair and His Lost Sheep

There once was a leader called Blair
To the Iraqi war he declared
    Like little lost sheep
    None of his party did weep
Not one was found dead lying there