Stranger at Halloween.

Last Halloween night a stranger came to my home

My parents invited him in from his cold nightly roam

I hear them talking as he comes every year

My father distraught my mother in tears

He stays for a while as they chat away

Sometimes they laugh but mostly it's grey

Its hours later as I hear the front door

This stranger has gone just like the years before

I'm older now and as curious as can be

As I follow the stranger down a dark local alley

In the distance I see him to the cemetery he heads

This night of all nights to the place of the dead

Brave as I am to follow him there

Its as far as I go from a distance I'll stare

He disappears into the mist

As I head off home my question is wished

Mum and dad, who was that man

For he comes every year for a chat and a dram

Son, the man who left died so long ago

During World War II at Scapa Flow

He can never rest for his soul is forsaken

For the loss of his colleagues in the war were taken

On October 14, 1939

The crew of his ship In torpedo assign

A German U-Boat, the U-47

Delivered it's load and sent them to heaven

He's a lost lonely soul who stayed in this house

For he always returns to his loving young spouse

It'll be the same story on this Halloween eve

Of this tragic young man and his roaming grieve.