Saturn Secumbs

It's the year 4010
On a sleeping satellite I sit
I am one of the few left
From a long past Federation ship

Having survived earths past
Now under cobalt skies I view
The death of the planet Saturn
It's orbit now untrue

Her nine rings in Solar attack
The suns flares have taken their toll
This giant in our system
Soon to spin out of control

Gravity was her keeper
Ice particles balanced her rings
In the emptiness of her existence
Her demise in silent sing

On a cloudy horizon
She falls from grace
Below cobalt steel skies
Her orbit becomes, a faceless place

For many months after
In the void of her black
On a sleeping satellite I sit
Awaiting the next Solar attack


Aligning Parade

Celestial bodies
Planets of the dark
Abyss, Universe ¬
Together show in
Aligning parade .~

Ancient races
View the heavens ¬
As they await
Their pending doom .~

The year of ¬
Twenty twelve
Draws closer .~

Anew ¬
Epoch .~


Carlotto's Image

The image you view, you see every day
But there will be a day, when I will have my say
For the time is now soon to find out from where you came
You people from earth, your tomorrows won't be the same

This Sphinx like character on my planet called Mars
If you look very closely you'll see typical humanoid scars
Your archaeologists excavate us, every other day
One day they'll strike lucky and your whole world will pay

For I am not a Sphinx, I am from where you came from
If you look very closely, with you I belong
You see me on the dark side, just my mouth and my eye
I'm the start of your civilization, but I haven't died

Cobalt Voids

Deepened aligning ¬~¬
Cobalt voids in blackened hue ~~~
Celestial royalty ¬~¬