Pollen Calling

There once was a busy little bee          
Who buzzed around the flowers to see     
      Knock, knock, little me's calling   
      Busy bee for your pollen            
Their petals, my favorite for tea  

Seasonal Wow!

Winter throws at us
Many structures of brilliance ~~~
Icicle curtains

Only She Could Deliver

The Birds And The Bees
Honey tasters and givers
Immaculate creatures that natures delivered

Beautiful colours these gifted with wings
Insects so small, some with a sting
Ringed or hooped to their body shaped
Dancing on the breeze, hovering above buttercups
Singing and humming their chorister songs

Above and surround are these gems on the breeze
Nocturnal are some to our eyesight they please
Dawn till dusk they patrol through their trees

They have been here for many a year
Hopefully they'll stay and no longer fear
Ever hopeful that man in his decency will adhere

Buddies we can become and grow into tomorrow
Eternally natures beings who will no longer sorrow
Everlasting memories for generations to follow
Someday to new worlds on the spaceship Apollo

In Awe

A gowning of palms
Against a backdrop of awe
Sunrise or sunset

Mirrored Autumn

Like a sheet of glass
The still Loch captures the scene
My eyes are fulfilled