Dragon Cloud

Picture the scene
In the Arizona sun
A column of rock
Upon it a Dragon stands
Created by nature
Moisture and vapour
An artist would marvel
To portray it on paper
This beast of beasts
On ceremonial stance
Looking down on the land
In its staring trance

This mystical creature
Seems out of place
On indigenous lands
Their tribal place

Through out our world
Nature always amazes
Showing different pictures
In many places

So all you poets
Who are photo takers
Upload them now
As were story makers

" inspired by an amazing photo sent to me by Carolyn
       which is on my blog if you care to view " 

Flowery Meadow
Spring is here
Said the little boy
An empty meadow
Will bring colours of joy
Leaves so green
Will grow so broad
As all around
Wildlife applauds
Lilacs, yellows
Reds and blues
Natures pallet
Astounds me and you
The scents surround
Emitting their ooze
As insects hover
What flowers to choose
This vista of nature
In our eyes we see
The spread of colour
En-captures me

Bed of Roses

See the red
Through the light
And the light
Through the red
This delightful shade  
As natures fed

With petals of silk
It's folds so fine
Emerald green stems
Thorn like spine

Scented so sweet
Aromatic flow
This queen of flowers
A regal grow

This plant of plants
Delights our noses
In their wonderful setting
Bed of Roses


Sakura Trees

Japanese Gardens
Blossoms radiate in bloom 
Pink petals delight




Crop the Clouds, Invite the Shine.
Our sky above
Clouds so grey
Natures picture
Perfectly displayed
An eye of light
Yearns to shine
On the blowing crops
Bring them to fine
The harvesting season
Reaping of reward
Summer into autumn
Winter onward
As the winter fades
The bounce of spring
But all around us clouds
Our weather they bring


Show of Force
Rolling thunder claps,
As lightning captures the scene;
Nature's stage is set.



Atmospheric show
Electrical veins preview
Thunderous applause






Mount Pinatubo

Just like mushroom clouds
Massive plumes of hot ash are
Eruption Columns







This miracle snake
Never seen before
In translucent form
Not on earths floor
Body of water
Gravity made
Missile its creator
Clarity it's grade
This blind water cobra
Soluble shaped stance
Will have you entranced
Reddened mix
In it's water base
A freak of nature
In this heavenly place


The Rains Will Come

In the region of famine
As the tree's lie bare
Cloudless skies
Look down and stare

Barren lands
Arid and starched
Plants and wildlife
Forever parched

Come the day for the rains
To grace the earth again
For the droplets of life
Will end their strife

Arid to green
Dormant alive
This remarkable fluid
Falls like tears from our eyes

Reading Raul's Region of Famine prompted this poem.

Multicolour Arc

Spectrum of true arc
Sevenfold of color wow
Rainbow arch in awe     




Meandering blues
Zig zagging natures terrain
Oozing beauty amor 




Habitat, theirs or ours

As our habitat grows
Is it our selfishness
Do we think of the wildlife
In our world of bliss
The cougar will encroach
On our habitat grounds
And because he is there
Will we take him down
And the Duskey Seaside Sparrow
What of she
We have blanked her existence
From all living tree's
As all creatures will hear
From the words below
As we encroach on your habitat
Future years will show
We must learn now
For tomorrow's too late
How many in my lifetime
Through the extinction gate 


Peace, Like the Still Pond

The glass like effect I see on ponds
Is earths peace, nature need not respond
How awesome it would be for this image to stay
For warring countries, to bow and pray
Neighbour's get on in harmony
Be at peace as it should be
Families love and get along
As we do more rights and fewer wrongs
Lives to spin and revolve, as our modern world turns
To stand up proud, as we live and learn
Honour peace as we all respond
Peace, like the still Pond

Inspired by Raul's " Nature's Reflections " 

The King will come

The desire of wings
On this regal of birds
Mountain roaming
Near the top of the world
Gracing our skies
For more than
A thousand years
From the crack of dawn
This royalty peer
Eyes wide open
As it scans the land
Pray in the open
Where it rarely stands
It captures the moment
In stealth swoop
Talons of death
In wanting scoop
Quarry silent
Hunger crave
The glide of the wings
Like surfing a slow wave
If we delight the mountains
Admire what we see
Admire her nature
In spiritual glee
On the horizon
In delightful flow
What i have waited to see
Excites me so
A golden eagle
Heads for me
As if to fly past
And compliment me
For my mission this day
To stand and joyfully hum
The king will come 


Whales for Tomorrow

Deep blue sea mammals
Cetaceans so grand
Its hard to believe
They originated on land
Dolphins, porpoises
Our many Whales
What ever size
Beautiful in sail
Toothed and baleen
Identifies them
Plankton feeders
Echolocation gems
To stop the hunting
It's a must
Protect the whales
In us they trust
To have a world
Where the whales have gone
All other species will think
It won't be long 



Krill in abundance,
Shrimp like creatures bloom oceans;
Blue whales scoop and sieve. 





Orca, killer whale,
Hunter in our blue oceans;
Swimming with the pack. 





Sky of crispy blue
Frosted crystals translucent
Whiten surroundings



Fly like an Eagle

Fly like an Eagle
Soaring so high
On thermal winds
On the open sky
Pride in their glide
Awesome in pose
Downward wings
Upward flows
The elegant Eagle
Feathered in brown
Spanned for flight
A bird so right
To stand below
And look above
This bird of birds
I've grown to love 


The Mane male of the Pride

Panthera so proud,
His lioness bows with pride:
King of the jungle. 




Birds of Prey

Birds of prey
With eagle eyes
Spot their prey
And down they dive
Talons lead
Wings spread
Clinical grab
Rabbit dead
Like winged royalty
These feathered kings
Majestic in flight
Superiority reigns
Buzzards, Falcons Hawks and Kites
In flight, my what a sight
Glide and float on thermal breeze
Like lookouts as they top the tree's
As they patrol their kingdoms skies
Terrain watching with their eyes
Movement in the undergrowth
Its natures wish, you pray for them both 



This feathered friend
Was new to thee
Until Sara Kendrick
Introduced me

It's the Whip-poor-will
Delightful nigh-jar bird
Who forage at night
During the day, rarely heard

Of mottled plumage
In blacks and browns
Deciduous habitats
But rarely towns

This beautiful bird
Departing souls it catches
But in our heart
Admiration as it latches


Lavender Pillows

Pale to light purple
Wild blooms carpet natures floors  
Lavender pillows




One of Nature's Delights
What I'm talking about
So wonderful to see
Slim line figures
Some not, you see
Colourful eyes
Deep and light
For some of us
Their out of sight
But what a catch
If were lucky enough
For the heavens
To look, down on us
These delightful shapes
Are all over the world
Will capture any heart
While some will twirl
For many a guy
It's their hope, their wish
For many a girl
To be their dish
So all your readers
Who are reading this
How many of you thought
I was talking about Fish