The Stone of Destiny
In 1296
Under Edward the first
Our destiny was stolen
My country cursed
In 1328
There were talks of it's return
For six more centuries
We would wait and yearn
On Christmas day
In 1950
Four Scottish students
Decided to shift thee
A plot was in motion
To take back our stone
Return it to Scotland
For it should never have roamed
From West Minster Abbey
Our stone was retaken
Returned back up north
To a country forsaken
They returned to the church
This great stone of the Scots
To Arbroath Abbey
From a time so fraught
The police in London
Were informed of it's location
It was eventually returned
To the original thieving nation
In 1996
In a symbolic response
To the dissatisfaction of Scots
Our political taunts
For on November the 15th
We met on our border
Our eyes transfixed
Of red sandstone
With iron rings
For upon who sits
A new monarch it brings
This block of stone
And where it lies
It's in Edinburgh castle
Where our proud saltire flies
Back home
Where it was meant to be
Historical Scotland's
Stone of Destiny
Stolen by Scotland's children for the future of Scotland's children.
There is talk of it's return south of the border for the next coronation?
I very much doubt us Scot's will tolerate this request. 
Highland Glen's and Beyond
Igneous stones
All greyed with age
Scatter the hillside
In greened moss stage
Forests of pine
Patch blankets of tree's
Fenced from the deer
Who eat as they please
Heather bloomed purples
Carpet the ground
Ferns like fans
In the winds, rebound
Mountains of the glen
Over 3000 feet
Munro's to climbers
Incredible feats
The roads to the isles
Passages to the sea
To the Isle of Skye
The west of my country
Nearly 800 islands
Coastal Sporadic
Invaded by many
Celtic and Nordic
Thermals so high
Where the Eagle soars
Rivers and falls
In waterfall roar
Tartans and whiskey
Gaelic and pipes
Highland Glen's for scenery
There's nothing alike


Misty Meandering Rivers

In the misty glens of Scotland
Meandering rivers run
Below the blanket of the clouds
Where the moon becomes the sun 

The darkened green shadows
Of the pines, the evergreens
As they silhouette the skyline
A beautiful Scottish scene

Shapes fly through the light
Bats and night time birds
The sounds of their conversations
Some of the best the night has shared

So when you come to Bonnie Scotland
View our misty meandering rivers
For this country of the Scots
And her nature, can sure deliver 



Highlander so tall
Dwarfs warriors in battle   
Brave heart of Scotland



From a Heather Laden Hill

From a heather laden hill
A Scots King looks down
The march of his armies
In their blood his enemy drown

His tartan clad warriors
The joining of the clans
MacDonald's, Fraser's and Stuart's
To every single man

With their claymores at the ready
Across the fields they charge
Five thousand Braveheart clansman
Patriotic hearts so large

They will never take our freedom
They will never take our lands
Whilst a Scotsman breathes
We will fight with our bare hands

They charge into their enemy
Bloodied fallen, strewn
As blood rains everywhere
Wars red monsoon

Many hours later
The sounds of dying men
Boy's among the still
Thought their time was then

On his heather laden hill
Our Scots King looks down
The march of his armies
His enemy in beaten drown

We have driven them from our lands
They will never darken our shores
For if they ever return
They will fear the Bravehearts roar


The Boy from Perthshire

Our Scots botanist
Coniferous evergreen
The Douglas fir tree






Scenery so awesome
Captured by seasons
Outstanding wildlife
Thrilling and pleasing     
Land of lochs
Ancestors proud
Nation of Bravehearts



Rustic mountains
Through glaciations
Moulded this wonderful
Scottish Nation
Caledonian Forests
Covered our land
On our Western Islands
Golden beached sands
Glens and rivers
Cris cross our land
Glorious moors
Where the Highland Stag stands  
Majestic and tall
Proud and might
This king of beasts
The most wonderful sight
Scenery to thrill
Heather-ed in purpled bloom
Look out any window
Its our own front room
Golden Eagles
Soar above these lands
Winged royalty
In their blue blooded strand
Our contribution to our modern world
Is all around us, read and learn
Logie Baird, with Television
Pedal Cycle, Kirkpatrick MacMillan
Medical marvel, Penicillin
In other Nations our touch has felt
Our Ancestors us, we Celts
For centuries we cast our nets
To further lands
We were always met
Friendly Scots in every way
Gave this world
A better say
America, Canada,  New Zealand too
Us Scots are in me and you
Ancestral blood runs through our veins
The quite wonderful Scottish strain

Tartan and Pipes

Tradition and dress
A nations finesse
Symbolic in style
By a country mile
The drone of the pipes
Tartan clad
Bonnie on the girls
Proud on the lads
Highland dancers
In kilted skirts
Grooms at weddings      
Kilt and dirk

But our Tartan and Pipes
Go back many years
Led soldiers into battles
See the enemy fear

After Culloden
Both were banned
A country naked
At the English hand

Our clans of many
In colours so grand
Woven by weavers
Our women's hands

All over the world
Scots are spread
Taking their Tartans
Of green, blue and red

Its a welcome reminder
To the kin of their past
Never forgotten
Designed to last

This plaid of cloth
History enriched
Scottish pride
In every stitch

And like our pipes
From centuries past
This Scottish of Scots
Are here to last 


Blàr Chùil Lodair - The Battle Of Culloden

16th April 1746
The day a country ceased to exist
British Army, Hanoverian scum
Defeated our Jacobite's
Scotland is on the run
Our Tartans banished, bagpipes no more  
To lead our troops, to frighten the foe
Cumberland's men hunt us down
In every village and every town
Massacred, slaughtered
Wiped from our earth
Erased from the country of our birth
2000 men died to fight for their right
Against the British Armies might
Cameron's MacDonald's and Fraser's slain
Many other Clans, population drained
The survivors facing Hanoverian bans
Led to
The Scattering of the Clans
The Clan Chiefs lands, vast and many
Asset stripped, taken by the enemy
Alleged traitors tried, treason their crime
As Hanoverian Scum, on our riches dine.
In the aftermath, many Scots left their shores
To distant lands to open new doors
Many writers on here
On their Ancestors scan
You may be here, because of
The Scattering Of The Clans

Country of the Clans and Glens

Scotland, rich in pride
Braw mountainous scenery
Stands proud and salutes
Saltire shares the wind
Tartan Highlanders kilted   
Kingdom of the clans

When One Sits on the Moor

When one sits on the moor at this Culloden place
Where the Clans of the Tartan lay in deathly deface

On many a night through the following years
Families would gather, and continue their tears

If you listen carefully you can still hear their screams
Run through so young ending their freedom of dreams

When one sits on the moor at this Culloden place
Where a proud nation fell, nearly disappearing without trace

On many a night through the following years
From every nook and cranny we would rise again without fear

If you listen carefully you can still hear their screams
We are now a nation so proud, their tears to esteem

The Scattering of the Clans

America, in this modern age
Population so proud
On their ancestors heritage
But in the annuls of time
Not that long ago
To a new world they came
Immigrants so
They travelled far and wide
Some further than most
Open invitation from their American host    
Many reasons
As they left their homes
Some directly
While many roamed
To America's shores
In their many ports
Protection by, their military forts
To the land of plenty
And the home of the free
Where many immigrants settled
New future, families
The Scots Americans
Now American Scots
Left their shores
From a country so fraught
To sail the Atlantic
And escape the wrath
To hone in on their freedom path
To wear their plaid
A tartan true
America, has pulled us through

Monster of the Ness

Southwest of Inverness
A stretch of water called " Loch Ness "
It runs along The Great Glen Fault
Freshwater deep, not a tinge of salt
But this legendary loch
Has a secret to share
In its murky depths
Is their a monsters lair?

St Columbus is believed to have seen
The traits of this monster, in its particular mean     
The place where he stayed, the locals in mourn 
A swimmer chased by this water born

Dragged to the deep of this peat stained loch
A family now mourn their loss
An aid of the Saint, on his masters so
Enters the loch, as he swims with the flow
Not long in, something chases his wake
His master rises and with a cross he makes

Go no further
Do not touch the man
Go back at once
From that lair you come
The beast recedes like natures tide
This Saintly man had him cast aside

In our modern world 1934
The monster again came to the fore
This time captured on film
Is it a her, or is it a him

All i can say is we leave it alone
Its the lochs monster so let it roam
If it does exist, its for natures bless
This awesome of beasts
Monster of the Ness

Hanoverian Fort George

This mighty Fort
Hanoverian built
To suppress the Scot's
Deter the kilt
This Star-fort design
One of Europe's best
Never attacked
No enemy zest
Strategically set
On the Moray Firth
This fort of forts
Hanoverian best
Near Inverness
Where Culloden was fought
The Jacobite's defeated
Our army now nought
So this fort you see
Curtailed the future me
To keep us in check
In case we rose again
To chase the English
From our Highland domain
Centuries later it stands to tell
The construction of, has lasted well
This fort of forts, from the link you can see
Why it suppressed many of me

The Highlanders Estate
My door is open
I welcome you
To my Highland lands
Off heathers and hue
Cross the bridge
Of centuries old
To my castle of grey
In it's regal fold
Stand with me
In the great hall of my past
Like generations
Us Fraser's will last
Climb spiral stairs
To a turreted tower
Look out on my lands
As the northern lights shower
Turn to the left
Look out to the fields
They stretch for miles
Many harvests they yield
The moat leads off
Into a river so pure
With it's salmon ladder
Caught to mature
Lets take to the horses
To forests of pine
They carpet the glens
In greenery fine
Centuries old
Camp fire and cheer
Weeks away
Chasing the deer
The welcome we received
When we reached home
Venison and pheasant
From our Highland roam
Off the great hall
To the room of the past
Where tartans and paintings
My ancestral past
Open great fireplace
Lights up the room
Claymores and armour
In past battles bloom
The evening draws
Arrival of guests
To feast on the roam
For the food we are blessed
Midnight approaches
Bedtime retire for all
As I look out my window
In awe at it all


Rugged, Rustic and Beautiful

In the country of the clans
Scenery abounds
Around our cities of old
And our villages and towns

Rugged and rustic
Greens, grays and browns
Adorn our countryside
They are natures gowns

Plants come alive
At the start of spring
New buds appear
Awaiting joys do they bring

In the summer sunshine
They burst into life
Colours so delightful
Radiant and rife

The autumn closes
No longer the colours parade
They are like scenes in a play
Their fading blooms, are summers last serenade

As the temperature falls
And the winter months settle in
We also enjoy it's beauty
Until the spring, springs again

In the country of the clans
In our mountains and glens
Natures seasons delight