The Lighthouse
Structure of the night 
Mariners pillar of light
Saving beam of life





Parents in the Mirror 

Parents who abuse
Who are not even there
Parents who roam
Or don't even care
As parents and guardians
It's our job and it's bliss
Too always be there
It's our children's wish
To the Mums and the Dads
Who this applies to
This Highlander insists
You see it through
In front of a mirror you sit
With your kids standing behind
When you look in the mirror
The picture is not what you find
You are stood at the back
With the kids sitting down
They are in your sight
Its the right way round
If this image is not clear
Only you can reply
Don't answer to me
Please tell your kids why

When the Children Cry

When the children cry
Hold their hand
Their only young
Help them understand
When the children cry
Console their thoughts
Don't leave them distraught 
When the children cry
Hold them close
For in any circles
We love them most
When the children cry
Disperse their fear
Dry their eyes
Their young felt tears
When the children cry 


When a Child is Born

When a child is born
In their years that lie ahead
All we ever want for them
Is to watch their happiness spread

Catch their very first step
Be there in case they fall
Hear their very first word
It makes you tear, but you feel so tall 

You hold them by the hand
On their very first day at school
Another part of their journey
Our little family jewel

Then it's off to high school
Where they change from year to year
Their heading into the big wide world
It's when we start to fear

This is where us parents look back
And admire the kids we've raised
Our desire to see them prosper and grow
Fills us with inner praise

For as our kids are growing
Our years grow with them too
We do our best like all the rest
Us parents, me and you


Another Lonely Child

A lost little boy
Silhouette in black
He overlooks the city
That won't take him back

An unloved orphan
Cast out by his kin
Will there be somebody out there
Who will take this boy in

A rabbit watches
As the birds fly above
On the branch of a tree
Sits a solitary dove

What are they thinking
As they watch this little boy
Cast out by his family
His soul in destroy

There are so many children
In so many places
Abandoned and left
No memory of their faces


Not Exactly Break Dancing
On a hot summer night
To a nightclub we danced
My girlfriends and i
Music entranced
There i was
Giving it all
When something happened
That made me fall
In disbelief
Dancing to MJ's beat
My kneecap snapped
Broken real neat
The doctors said
It was the strangest break
The pain you have
Will keep you awake
No more standing
For weeks to come
I'll let you know
Don't be so glum
In the heat of summer
Long days stuck in
Watching TV
Looked after by kin
I long for the day
To get back to school
To be with my friends
Who are all real cool
The miss of my friends
Sends me round the bend
No job, no money
Parental spend
This lucky young lady
Has a caring mum
If it wasn't for her
I sure would be glum
So Julia, i said to myself
Your not exactly, left on the shelf
I will get better, wait and see
Back to dancing, 123
In time I'll look back
And visualise
The angel who helped
And realise
That was my mom
I love her so much
As only mums do
That loving moms touch
This poem was written for a dear friends daughter, get well soon Julia.


Learning to Spell - for the Education game

When i went two skool
Mi speling woz bad
The wurds i found
Wer hard, maid me sad

The teechers tryed
Thay did ther bezt
Wif a little help
Wif a few moore testes

My speling got better
Az they took ther time
With many classes
I turned out fine

I was reading and writing
Like never before
My results were high
Like never before

Their dedication
Continuance of support
For my education

This poem goes out
To my English teachers
If it was not for them
I'd have no poetry features

Thank you Nara Shevanna for tagging, i enjoyed writing this.

I now tag Doris Culverhouse to write a poem on education.


Candlelight Read
Outside the wind howls
Inside nice and warm
A little girl sits
Unaware of the storm
By candlelight
On the window ledge
So engrossed by her book
The characters are read
Butterflies and dragons
Leap from the pages
Captured by the story
As her mind engages
Dragons swooping
As the butterflies flutter
So intense in her read
No words are uttered
The candle dims
As she reaches the end
Unaware of the presence
That her book pages send
To her bed she goes
As she dreams through the night
Reading her book by the window
In the candlelight


She Dreamt Again

In her darken dreams again
Just like shes had before
Riding a jet black stallion
Naked from the clothes she wore

In the repetition of her dreams
She has never been alone
For the same two knights on horseback 
Are following in her roam

They ride into a clearing
And always up ahead
It's the running of a child
Is she alive or is she dead

She gallops up beside her
A girl so young and blond
Carrying a beautiful flower
Once again has she gone beyond

She leans down to grab her
Screaming she can not reach
She was just about to touch her
As she awakens from her sleep

Does this have a hidden meaning
Has she known this girl before
For every time she reaches out
She gets closer than before


The Lost Rose and the Barb

The day I met her
My mind was blown
For in my heart
In pumping growing

She made me laugh
And sometimes we cried   
When it all went wrong
We always tried

It's been many years
More downs than ups
She's no longer my kitten
I'm no longer her pup

The girl I met
All those years ago
Has disappeared
No more after glow

We are no longer
The beautiful garb
To me she is now
The Lost Rose and the Barb


The Day my Heart Floated Away

Years and tears
High and lows
Courting, smooching
Our loving grows
We meet after work
Go for drinks
Meet our friends
Our hearts in sync
Holidays we take
Our excitement grows  
Parents to be
Our first one shows
Parents we are
Over the moon
Three more times
In your mother cocoon
Their now teenagers and older
Where we are the same
Two individual pictures
But not in the same frame
Our day to day ripples
Like stones thrown in a pond
Are the distant memories
When we used to respond
To look back on our yesterdays
As if it was today
For now it seems
The day my heart floated away


And the Rose Faded

Once upon a time
In many peoples lives
Males met a female
And they turned into wives   

The garden was so fertile
Many seeds were sown
So many lawns were laid
Our spirits having grown

Undulations rise
As relationships recede
Do we finally reach
That point of exceed

This garden can no longer
Grow green, prosper and true
It's like the Autumn season
It can die in front of you

Ones soul can be so broken
Just like it has been raided
When your levy breaks
You know your rose has faded


Different Hearts, Beat on Different Strings

How different we are
And in the way we act
In love and romance
A heart filled pact
It can start out so good
To a thunderous applause
And fall by the wayside
Just because
Corners are turned
Sometimes we go the same way
And sometimes round the same corner
We can go slightly astray
At the start of it all
To the table we bring
But somewhere along the road
Different hearts, beat on different strings 



Trust in your fear
As it speaks with a voice
Or you'll be left in pieces
With no longer a choice

For your fear will take over
In vociferous chant
To pieces you will collapse
In meandering rant

So when ever this word
Called fear appears
Don't fall to pieces
Or your soul disappears


True Friendship

Eternal, ever lasting
Infinity be




Cities of Refuge

Perpetrators who
Commit manslaughter could claim
Asylum, if found

Innocent after
Trial. This was the case in
Ancient kingdoms like

Israel, Judah
And others. They came to be
Cities of Refuge