A Spider I Dream

Woke up from the dream
I had last night
From 6' 2" to a spiders height
Stuck in the bath with polished sides
Tried to climb, all I could do was too  slide

Where do I go what do I do now
I'm so small I can hardly shout
What do I say, hey it's me down here
Any females that walk in, will they fear?

Not the dreaded punishment that's awaits our fall 
Squashed flat, newspaper and all
Down the drain in a torrent of fear
As she screams, oh please don't come near

Thank the lord it was only a dream
A 6' 2" spider now that's a theme 


A Spiders Revenge

Looking up at the light
As I am now down in the drain
Being cosy and warm
It's not quite the same
I'm in a channel floating on my back
Something brown brushed me
" Yuchers " what was that!!
It's so dark I couldn't see
An uneaten sandwich
Och, now I'm hungry
It seems I've gone miles
In the darkness and smell
If it was not for the dream
Life would be real swell
Floating under houses
I've gone under streets
Brights eyes in the dark
Blimey, I hope we don't meet
It's seem like I,ve come to another end
I pity these spiders
Who are washed round the bend
Hey! up ahead I see dry land
I feel cunning now, have to think of a plan
I need to navigate, and use my nose
But down in these drains
It's suffered some blows
I reach the point where I climb the wall
With two little legs, I'm sure to fall
I laugh because they can't climb the bath
I'm struggling with, their basic path
It's grimy, slippy, smelly and sticky
This aroma of us, is very sickly
So to all you spiders, who are washed down the drain
I can understand, why life's never the same

6ft 2 The Road Home  Final Act to The Spiders Revenge

In this stench filled sewer
Some cotton flows by
Will it hold my strength
I will have to try
Loops tied as i throw my rope
To latch a spike, is my only hope
Slowly i climb, towards the noise i hear
As the light of the sun lures me near
Storm drain opening, as i crawl on my knees
Golly, i hope there's no bugs bigger than me
Where once i was tall, not any more
The journey ahead, back to my front door
Got to grasp my bearings, check where i am
Who would have thought of the day
To be knocked down by a pram
Door steps are high, coke cans like huge barrels
From 6' 2" to a spider's height, i have no quarrels
When i was so big, i used to look to the ground
How some thing so small, was safe to move around
To appreciate little micro's on our lovely earth
No matter the size, they are all worth
A strange phenomenon as i nearer home
I'm getting taller, looking down on a gnome
This experience of me, a human so lost
To treat others fairly, no matter the cost
I don't mean in a Homosapian way
We are all natures creatures, every day
As i turn the last corner, i glimpse my kids play
I was not gone for long, in fact less than a day
So all you nice spiders who fall in the bath
If us humans are kinder, in our hands we grasp
To release you in safety, in the garden or shed
You are important to us, not to leave you dead 


Archer of the Forest
Deep in the forest
Outlaws lie in wait
For well off noblemen
Their monies to take
They steal from the rich
And share with the poor
How long can they hide
In their forest so pure
This band of commoners
Go against the grain
The Sheriff of Nottingham
To have them slain
The followers who follow
These outlaws so bold
To introduce them
Your about to be told
There's Little Joan
A girl so large
She bowls men over
With the strength of her charge
Then there's Touch
The Miller's daughter
Who keeps doing things
She shouldn't off aught to
Willena Scarlet
Demanded clothing and a horse
If this never happened
Her language became coarse
Not forgetting
Nena the nun
Whose amazing beauty
Made the enemy run
And the last of the gang
Butler Bill
Whose amazing weaponry
Made this leader shrill
You've met her gang
Now meet their leader
She's Robyn Hood
An out and out heart bleeder
Dressed in black leathers
Low cut front
Cleavage guys die for
Which makes them grunt
It's not the poem
You thought it was
But why the change
Och, just because


The Vampire's Meal

Bite Nite
Blood Flood

My entry in Donna's " Footle Fright " contest


Guzzi Girl Limerick
Do i know a poet called Suzi
No, but i know a Deborah Guzzi
Her poems are great, well worth the wait
All poetry she reads, she's not choosy
The Limerick Game..Carrie Richards has been tagged!!!


Roses and their Colours
Rosy red rose
Bedded in their Rosy red bed
With the other Rosy roses
And their Rosy red heads
All these Rosy red roses
With their Rosy red petals
And their greenly greened leaves
In natures soil settle
Oh Oh, there are different colours of Roses, humph
Bluest blue rose
Under a bluer blue sky
With their bluing blue petals
Make me want to sigh
Hey stupid, there are more than two colours, sighs
All the lovely coloured Roses
Bedded in their earthy beds
All these lovely Roses
So beautiful, it has to be said
With their greenly greened leaves
And their browning green stems
With their thorny thorns so sharp
So gorgeous all of them 
The Sofa and it's Tales
The sofa may be stained and old
But what stories can it unfold
Sit ye down and you'll be told
It was on that sofa i met your mam
A few more kisses, and a few more drams   
Through the bottom of the glass
She looked real glam
For in the morning
After the night before
To sleep on the couch
I'd always end up on the floor
The sitting room door always creaked
It was her father who always peaked
Just to be sure he knew i was there
And not slowly sneaking up the stair
So the sofa's in house's
With so many tales to be told
Are we going to divulge
And be so bold?
For there are kids called Brooklyn, India and Sahara
Kids of today, and kids of tomorrow
Children from Europe, and from Poland's Craiova
Not many kids have been called Sofa


Translucent Soothers

There once was a man from the isles
Who suffered from terrible piles.
   He searched hard for a cure
   For his terrible endure
A bucket of ice, has sure made him smile

Through the Looking Glass

I spied a wonderful blond on the beach
Her body so shapely and peached
   I was in ogling mood
   I know it was rude
Through binoculars, so far out of reach  

The Brave Buccaneer

There was once a buccaneer
They say he sailed the seas with fear.   
    Of his stories told
    Of his bravery so bold,
For he went nowhere, for he could not steer.

Beach Beauty

My eyes nearly popped out of my head
On the beach she was tanned and spread 
    Then a shadow appeared
     Oops, her husband i feared
I'm now looking at steaks instead