Touch Me - Dusk

we stir
hands in roam
her scent captures me
teasing, her touch excites
meandering souls unite
curvaceously in dancing sync
such pertness allures, emotions run
quenched lips joyously grace, in kissing taste

cresting like breakers, rhythmical in soar
arching as hips grind, shadows abound
hands now clasped, sparodic sighs
loving chants of desire voiced
inner release erupts
implosion occurs
panting curbed
two in lie

Horizon Bound

Tranquil waters, horizon bound I am
my broken past dilutes behind me
new tomorrows within my reach
enrich my heart, my desire ~*~
rustic volcanic scapes
await my presence
my eyes capture ~*~
she, below

My Morning Capture

my morning capture ~*~
sunlight graces her body
golden locks delight ~*~
curvaceous undulations
my heart emanates my love ~*~ 

As Dawns Light Embraces

in slumber I sleep
a stirring awakens me
dawns light embraces

my love, so playful
she sighs in writhing motion
underwear gripped

her arched torso
in sync with joyous caress
groans of delight soar

voicing emanates
breathing enhances heaving
excited to pert

loving shadows dance
captured by the morning sun
she is imminent

release impending
rejoice is met with sighing


Naked to Bare on the Sea Breeze

Her curves, her undualtions
Cry out for loving hands
Amidst the golden beaches
Peachy skin now manned

Naked to bare in the sea breeze
As the breakers caress the shore
Jojoba oils now delight
She sighs, her desire for more

Now oiled, massaged and appeased
She turns and lies on her back
His eyes now carpet her shapes
Her body shows no lack

Their afternoon progresses
Under beautiful azure blue skies
Sharing a kiss, a whisper of love
Their lips in touching apply


Natures Fruits

her curvedness excites
freshly squeezed fruits I do drip
pert to palate taste

Screaming Shadows

She called out to me one stormy night
Screaming shadows on the wall left her in fright
Her covers she drew back as she welcomed me in
Whilst my eyes graced her ebony, exciting my skin

Before this night we were very best friends
As our warmth intermingled signals did send
Face to face our naked bodies so close
Heightened by the storm, something in us grows

In the midst of the dark we glimpse traces of thee
Whetted lips close in touch, desiring sweet harmony
Touch we do like a soft whispering kiss
Two souls in want in the most delightful of bliss

Seconds lead to minutes like the hands on a clock
Undulations of both on our skins they so talk
The meeting of torso's below silken sheets
Subconscious of the storm in writhe as we greet

A candle flickers in the atmosphere of the room
As it awaits the screaming shadows, soon to be soon
Dancing silhouette's will thrall the wanting flame
Whilst the storm abounds outside, internal passions tame


outstretched, her moan paused
tighter her shapes in capture
silken ropes more taught
excitement arises I
unification now met 

Wanting Bodies Glow

In a world only they know from their first meet
She craves his manly touch and desires their souls to greet
Flesh from two in love in grace upon cotton white
Unification to be their want this coming winter nights

Caressed to undress whilst their kisses whisper so
Naked to bare in touch their wanting bodies glow
Excitement abounds in bloom, lips in tender grace
Eyes meet then close, their hands in loving pace

Like the rhythm of the ocean as the waves gracefully caress
Her laced light covered clothing, now to be undressed
Slowly her spine I traverse in kissing motioned flow
Upon her peachy flesh, she's sensed for in I grow

To her nape her lobes I touch, my hands adorn her mane
Whispers unto she I share, in delight I kiss her frame
Bite marks, clenched nails of thrill, adorn her peached skin
In blissful elegance, she now welcomes her Highlander in

In craving lustful desire, twined these two in mix
Their pulse begins to kick as they fuse transfixed
Fresh these two in love in grace upon cotton white
Unification to be their want this coming winter nights


Profile of Beauty
her hair, tied to style
porcelain shoulders 
my eyes in witness
shapes of woman delight I
profile of beauty abounds 

Bliss Below the Lunar Beam

below the moonlight
ripples gently radiate
two in love now share
captured by the lunar beam
enrichment to future bliss

Their First Caress

two love hearts beating
intrepidness so abounds
kissing to caress
dishevelled clothes now adrift
excitement in touch, delights

Dreamers in Dreams

Eyes in dream shall meet, as they lie on silken sheets 
Where lips in moisten touch, caress in loving greet

Where hands address undulations, curved shapes of he and she
On silken sheets where they lie, in wonderful tenderly

In pause I kiss your lobes, you nape, your porcelain skin 
Two hearts in tender touch, both welcomed from within

On the coldest of nights, we held in warm embrace
Our faces touching softly, in our private loving place

On separate lands we walk, but dreams can be the same
Maybe some day one day, we walk the same loving plain


Below the Palms

On golden sands hands on hips
Faces close, moist touching lips
Orchestral sounds of natures bliss
Two hearts desire their joining wish

Under palm tree shade, two in lie
Above even higher azure blue skies
Kisses lead to caress in softly touch
Hearts pounding in desire so much

Naked to bare amidst natures sounds
So splendid they arouse on sandy grounds
Whistling leaves in admiring wave
Bodies impressed in touched engrave

Echoes of passion fill this islands air
Waves gently lap, their way to declare
Resonating sighs, romance shared by two
Blissful love can be, and be so true