The Wise Old Owl

Have you heard of the wise old Owl
Who sits in the old oak tree
Have you wondered why the wise old Owl
Attracts the forests creatures to he

Well, what this old Owl could do
He was always prepared to listen
And for that he passed on his wisdom
Soon the forest began to glisten

Then came that terrible day
When others thought he knew nothing at all
All the creatures ran amok
In a frenzied do what you like ball

The old Owl was having none of this
And he called on the forest elders to court
If you keep carrying on this way
What you have, I shall have to abort

And behold the very next day
The forest became quiet and serene
On the old oak tree the old wise Owl declared
What you have now achieved, humans can only dream

Whilst Dead Sunflowers Floated

I woke in a sweat, was it a dream
A heron and a girl near a stream
Whilst dead sunflowers floated
My mind drug induced coated
Have my thoughts reached their extreme 


Am I Who I Am

I woke up this morning trying to remember who I am
To the mirror I looked, am I a woman or a man
Maybe I'm somebody else, just another in my head
Or am I who I am, in my mind I sometimes dread

I woke up this morning trying to remember who I am
Asking why my friends have decided to be in my little scam
All my life I've wondered just who the hell I am
Again to the mirror I looked, am I a woman or a man

I woke up this morning trying to remember who I am
My mind has invented another, being deceitful leads my sham
Maybe I'll find the clues for I to realise my tomorrows
And return the names to the graveyard, but I'll doubt I'll sorrow


Dazed and Confused

I'm dazed and confused
I really am in control
Am I who I am
No answer was my reply
Schizophrenia deepens

This Blind Man Sees

I remembered the day I joined
Paradise it appeared to me
It can still be this way
But only if others can see

I am playing the blind man
I cannot touch, nor I see
As long as everyone is
Who they make out to be

I have trawled many a write
But it's the comments this blind man sees
For out there resides
Someone so different to thee

Many people talk to themselves
Some even answer back
But this blind man is just to clever
For out there, there's one who lacks

Meditative in Soothe

In contemplation
one soothes ones soul, mentally
Yoga's mechanics
also allows absorption
spiritual disciplines


Am I a Woman or a Man

Who shall I be today
For I can be anybody I can
I have the freedom reign to roam
Am I a woman or a man

I operate under you noses
Leaving clues to who I am
Maybe it's in my character
Am I a woman or a man

Light or berry be I
Maybe sad because I need to be scanned
To many I am under your skin
Am I a woman or a man

So many of me are around
In deranged open game plan
But will you ever realise
Am I a woman or a man


In contemplation
she looks through rustic windows
at just eight years old
as she views the worlds surrounds
what goes through a young ones mind


In Her Lonely Dark

She, naked to bare
reaching out to natures moon
both in lonely dark
dreaming of her tomorrows 
stares into freedoms unknown 


Trail of Diamonds

My eyes close to dream
the unknown abyss surrounds
to where I don't know
on opening, I'm alive
I see trails of diamonds


A soul stands so alone
sodden, trodden, left so reft
darkening shadows
amidst dim streetlights, now angst
what was before, is now never 

In Contemplation this Day

Amidst Castle grounds
He reflects in modern stance
History abounds

As his thoughts allure
Memories of his past be
Imaging eyes see

His present in fore
He blinks, a smile now reminds
In thankful cherish 

Oh! those Follies

These demimondaines, these Follies, on their Parisian stage
Frequently exciting in titillation to naked bare they
Encouraging heckles in erupt amidst sweated brows 



It's another morning and I'm so fortunate
To awaken and enter another day
I reflect for a few moments
And remember the ones who strayed

For many a reason this has happened
Mans inhumanity to man is one
Car jacking in many cultures
Or the bullet from many a gun

Rapists, paedophiles and murderers
No care for the victims they claim
Be it needle, chair or rope
Taken out should be our aim

And now I speak of the gangs
Their bravado speaks volumes to them
Peer power within their families
In my eyes they'll never be men

To the politicians I care not to look
Never tarring them all the same
It's the ones that lie through their teeth
Power and riches their illegal fame

The next morning I awake once again
And reflect on the decent out there
Much time I can reflect about them
To the good I can always fare



Outside, Autumn shows
Yesterday's life was in bloom
My life, it mirrors


Skeletal Trees Silhouette

My life, in darkness
Skeletal trees silhouette
Decaying, left and right
I shuffle through the fallen
My light, soon to be consumed