A Local Park i Walked

A local park i walked
Just the other day
Surrounded by nature
In the snow kids played

I felt a feeling of joy
In this incredible grounds
This park of beauty
In a modern concrete surround

Nature in standing
In her winter stage
All the beautiful plants
Withstanding her rage

She mellows with time
As the spring appears
The winter snows melt
Is it her sorrowful tears

The buds appear
Enriched with her sun
Her vistas of bloom
Have just begun

But around the corner
Another season awaits
The golden browns of autumn
Await their fate

In the local park i walked
Just the other day
Thinking of the marvels she brings
To us, every single day


Spring has Sprung

Spring has arrived, her cycle of life beckons
As she thrills us with greened anew

Buds grace the light as if blinking in the sun
Bulbs of many play peekaboo through the softening soils

As days grow into weeks, vistas explode all around
Colours aplenty bloom into a plumage of petals

Choruses of birds chirp, igniting patterns of lure
As pending partners charm and delight as unions are discovered

Natures carnival of blossoms and greens highlight her art
Whilst gentle breezes caress them as they drift down and carpet

Hours and evenings stretch allowing rays of warmth to radiate
Fruiting plants start on their journey of harvesting joys

Summer knocks on Springs door declaring seasonal appearance
As we look around and applaud, ripening is natures show of hands

Summer turns Autumn

Summer turns Autumn
Delightful canopying
Trees of golden gowns 

As the Seasons Turn

Autumn winds allure the awaiting 
Spiraling ochres, have given

Orange Horizon

Orange horizon
Ripens, as waves graciously 
Caress, shores of life

Blues, so Hue

Cobalt meets cobalt
In the midst of many blues
Oceans meet our sky


The Fading Blue Rose

This flower of beauty
By the wind cast down
To a stream it lands
In eventual drown

Its reflection on the water
Caught in ripples of life
Its as if the ripples are draining
To leave it in strife

On the surface it lingers
As if to hold on
Eventually the waters will consume
Its life withdrawn

For as it sinks
To its eventual lie
It leads to new life
So therefor it never dies

Wild and Free

Wild and free
Amid waters of blue
Amongst lush green grasses
This equine shines through

Pale blue skies
Snows among the firs              
Nature at her best
Makes you want to purr

Beautiful sights surround us
On our earthly lands
This horse so wild and free
Just as nature planned

Our generations of tomorrow
Have the right to see
What my eyes behold
That i see in front of me



The Tranquil sound of the falling rain
As it pitter patters, against our window panes

In any season the rains will call
Cloudburst or monsoon we welcome its fall

Deserts so thirsty, look forward to the day
Of natures welcomed rainfall, to re-awaken her display

With the rains comes tragedy, life and despair
Without the fluid of anew, we would be in barren stare

So the next time you look out and view, and say its raining again
As it lashes against your window, its just natures champagne


Catha edulis

This flowering plant
Releases stimulants when
Chewed, its called Khat

Nepenthes rajah

Pitcher plant species
Insectivorous so rare
Now so endangered

Varanus komodoensis

Worlds largest lizard
They are island gigantism
Komodo Dragon

Wings for Tomorrow

Canadian geese ~..~
Above prairie grasses they ~..~
Start their migration ~..~

Orange over Blue

The cobalt waters
Lap natures shores
Under a horizon of orange
In scenery adore

Distant clouds
In horizon fill
Above me sky diamonds
Look down at will

Gentle waves
Disappear as the night sleeps
But their sounds resonate
Soon the horizon will creep

Its midnight
As i walk on the sands
Remembering the orange and blue
And its horizon expand


Canopy Sky Walk

The rain forest mists
Drift in their time
Leaving moisture so pure
On nature sublime

In collective gather
On the canopies of green
As i walk through these mists
All around me scene

I stand there and listen
To natures sounds
Howlers and Toucans
In communication abound

My hands brush a leaf
And there's a scurry of legs
Like neighbourhood chaos
In books i have read

I close my eyes for a moment
A brief in my time
But when nightfall beckons
This is their prime

Through the rain forest mists
I am privileged to see
These wondrous creatures
No pressure, so free


In Natures Surround

Her innocent looks
Up at the canopies of green
In awe of nature
Beside a trickling running stream

Blossoms of pink
Against a background of ripe
Nature in her glory
So serene and right

This beautiful girl
In her radiant white dress
Life is all around
Greened growth in progress

Insects buzz
Amongst the chirping of birds
Sounds to be treasured
A delight she has heard

As she walks of home
She forever looks around
Looking back where she's been
In natures surround

Grains of Gold

Golden sands
Rolling blues with white crests
So beautiful, like paradise