Remembering Where You Were
If you were alive
In 1963
Do you recall
In the land of the free
Dallas 1pm
The death of a son
America's President
Another change, in the world had begun
Many years
Have passed since then
Trials and tribulations
We witnessed them
Martin Luther King
Reagan and Robert Kennedy
This human world
Failing humanitarian remedy
The shooting of the above
In this modern world
By shooters from where
For what did it serve
In 1969
Men stood on the moon
More Apollo heroes
Will return there soon
This modern America
Is called upon
Whenever there is conflict
Then tagged evil spawn
Their soldiers and others
In democracy fight
They come to your aid
All you return is blight
All you countries out there
In freedom cry
Should we leave you alone
To your internal fry
For the United States
Mighty and just
Will always be here
In God We Trust
Especially on this day, America unites for today and tomorrow.


That September Day in 2001

Two thousand seven
Hundred and fifty victims
Murdered, Rest in Peace




What gave them the Right

On this September day
From the air they came
Cowards in flight
For what to gain
Airliners hijacked
For their pathetic cause
The praise they choose
Were religious flaws
To take ones life
Is not their write
No where is it written
Or hidden from sight
A phrase I now mention
Is " The Scum of the Earth "
This chosen few
Are just not worth
Heroes and martyrs
Are they supposed to be
What gave them the right
To attack, the land of the free
What do we do
In the years ahead
Do we sit back and watch
As they instigate dread
The excuse we call oil
Is now in the past
For our soldiers will continue
To be maimed or lost
Can you imagine our countries
As they attacked on mass
The world needs democracy
We are in it, to the last
Your Stars and the Stripes
The fifty stars
Broadened shores
But the thirteen stripes
Constituted more
What they portrayed
When in a country of men
They did their best
They were your ancestors
To an extent, not from where you came
Are you different from others
In fact, we are all just the same
Beaver traders
Hunters of many
Growth indifferent
The American penny
Look around, what do you see
Democracy, in your country
Take the oath, broaden around
Make your choice, it's your home town
Lets not be indifferent
At this past year
The election of Obama
No more America fear
To make it's worth
Back him true
The eventual angle
Mirrors you!


Red, White and Blue
Is the land of the free
What it used to be
In it's current state
Do we wait and see
Do we continue to write words
For others to read
Or do we do something about it
And follow our lead
For things to be done
Things have to be said
Written down
And the aggrieved fed
People should stand
And declare their thoughts
With the promise of truth
For in the past we've been bought
The world has changed
From the forefathers time
Politics are different
In this world we find
Races are mixed
But we all are affected
It was not by magic
That they were elected
If they are voted in
We can vote them out
Gather together
And let your words shout
For they work for us
We don't work for them
With the write of a cross
Political condemn
The land of the free
Is all around
It is our flag
It is our ground
To be elected
Remember where you came from
Be what you were
And continue to be strong
For the votes were cast
You have to stay true
Do what you promised
For the Red, White and Blue 
Sacrament City
Not long ago
Say, about 300 years
Two Indigenous tribes
Nearly disappeared
Others came
From year to year
Hunters, trappers
And future peers
John Sutter
A Swiss guy
This city became
The place to try
At Sutters Mill
Gold was found
In Coloma
Now ghostly grounds
But this place of new
With its foundations down
Pre 1849
It was just a town
February 27th
This town now
Became a city
In its gorgeous valleys
With its 2000 fruit tree's
It's agriculture was born
A taste to please
To the modern world
You should see it now
High rise buildings
A place so proud
As we all remember
From it's infant years
Like every other named city
Shared strife and tears
The past has been
As our future tells
But a certain few
Have to be remembered as well
What these tribes left
So little to show
But a city grew
Called Sacramento
" For Barbara Gorelick "


The 4th of July

July 4th 1776
The birth of a nation
Decreed by the 56

Thirteen states
With their men of wisdom
The United States
The land of freedom

Precedence in place
Many presidents will grace
Their White House of power
This new American race

From all corners they came
For liberty and land
That's made this new nation
Oh so grand

My last Stanza says
To this American place
It's in my heart
To one day grace


 " Have a great Independence Day my American Soupers "


The Big Country

The vastness of the prairies
Grassed and green
As far as the eye can see
Grace the lands
Of the Big Country
Ranches so large
It takes days to ride
Herds so colossal
Ranchers pride
Long horned steers
Browned and white
Like the buffalo
An incredible sight
The open range
Inhabit with new
Sheep farmers arrive
Lambing Ewes
With vast herds
And flocks of sheep
Big Countries land
No longer deep
The Homestead Act of 1862
Led to the need, to feed us humans too
Ranchers diversified, and farmed as well
As the Big Countries population began to swell
The prairie lands as big as they are
Could never sustain the bovine stars
Organisation would eventually fold
As grazing rights, the government sold
No more roaming for these herded souls
Fenced off ranches, the modern goal
Barbed wire in 1874
Kept the herds, and they roamed no more
You have to admire the land of the free
Make that journey take a look and see
Vast prairies for past ranchers be
The Big Country


Eagle Rock

Eagle Rock
In the Canyon so Grand
Wings spread
On Hualapai land

Sacred carve
By natures flow
This eagle flew
And settled so

People of the tall pine
The Hualapai
Dance to their ancestors
Who witnessed it fly

Blue green water people
The Havasupai
Sing to their ancestors
With the eagle cry

The Colorado Plateau
In Arizona's fine lands
Little wonder the word
And that word was Grand

No eagle would stand
If no Colorado flow
I pray in my lifetime
That I can go

" Thank you nature for this carve "

The Blue and the Grey

1860, is the date we start
Secession in question, this Slavery art
The Blue and the Grey about to differ
This growing giant about to shiver.

April 12th 1861, inevitably the fire of a gun
Fort Sumter in SC
Was the place in question it happened to be
And alls about to break loose you'll see.

Armies were gathered, families stretched
Leaving their farms, Militia etched
Joining up with strangers and friends
Soon to be on the devils rend.

Emancipation Lincolns thoughts
No more Slaves can be bought
To press this task so they can roam
The Blue and the Grey, at mouths they foam.

Robert E Lee pressed and surged
Until it came to Gettysburg
Pressed back and defeated here
The demise of the South I beg to fear.

The Battle Of Vicksburg
If you were there to tell
Was the Start of End of the Souths rebel
As Sherman marched on to the sea
Confirming the Feds would no longer be.

If you look at the names who fought and died
From various Countries and walks of life
Doctors, Blacksmiths and many a man
Did what was right, the best they can
They stood in lines as they marched a hoot
As they got so close the others would shoot
The pride and passion as they fell, mown down
From many a city, and many a town.

Its many years now, as we bow our heads
Look to the past, as we salute our dead
My America now, from actions to this
Freedom our cry, and happily bliss
My ancestors proud as they should be
Whether Blue or Grey
I thank thee. 


A mazing lands that welcome dreams
M anufacturer's of many themes
E ver ending in thought, to people free
R ichness in comfort, to her people pray she
I nvited us, to live on her lands
C omforted
A ll of US