Below a Douglas Fir

Below a Douglas Fir tree one beautiful moonlit night
I sat there with my Missy as we viewed a lovely sight

The aurora borealis was lighting up the sky
Then something to my right suddenly caught my eye

A gem from outer space tore across the cobalt blue
Leaving behind a trail a quite spectacular view

Two in trapped capture witnessing a shooting star
We wonder where it came from, out there from afar

We sat there for ages chatting about the sight we seen
Phenomena such as this are generally seen in dreams

Below the Douglas Fir tree that beautiful moonlit night
We marvelled at it's arrival as it disappears from sight

By the Stream Beside the Meadow

On a grassy bank beside a trickling stream
I view her ebony locks of which I've dreamed

Naked she is bathing in translucent crystal clear
As I long for her shapes to shadow me near

This short distance between us in natures surround
For soon we will be in clinch on her sacred ground

Whilst all around there are sounds of wildlife lush
It leaves you in marvel as it quietens to a hush

I turn my head in this most dreamy of place
As I capture her beauty that nature has graced

The cooling waters from the pure running stream
Cascades down her body this fluid supreme

Her ebony locks down her body caress
Naked to bare we have no need to undress

On a blanket of tartan we kneel down as I dry
My love, my lady as we look into our eyes

Shaped undulations awaken thoughts in my mind
As I lightly touch my dreams start to unwind

Our adventurous hands now in wandering roam
Amidst the greens and colours in this harvest home

Beneath the blue, two torsos in mix
Feelings of desire have us joined in transfix

Pleasurable movements like soft rolling waves
Cresting in the breeze as we internally crave

Our love heightens in joyous serenade
By the stream beside the meadow, our love displayed


Through the Camera Lens

Through the camera lens
She appears to me
But in negative
She looks so differently

Enhanced is her shape
Delicious in curve
Negative shadows
Hugging clothes serve

Pout and pert
Posture of shape
My eyes in trance

Shadows of black
Stand out eyes
Piercing me
Leaves me in sigh

Through the camera lens
She appears to be
The negative
Of what I normally see

As She Exits the Stream

As I sit on the bank beside this clear running stream
I look on in awe as if I am in a dream

My girl, my love swims in the translucent so pure
Her curvaceous shape in the ripples allure

Breaststroke to backstroke as she shares with me
As the undulations of the waves caress her so free

As she exits the stream my eyes are in capture
My heart, my thoughts it total rapture

Her ebony locks cascade down her back
Whilst her body gleams for she doesn't lack

Towards me she walks through the greenest of grasses
My love, my girl the most beautiful of lassies

We lie facing each other sharing sweet meadow kisses
Our minds in unison knowing our bodies have wishes

Beside the clear running stream we shared each other
Under a canopy of green two souls in discover

My Party that Night

They were clothed when they arrived at my party that night
Two beautiful ladies, the most gorgeous of sight

One was a blond, the other a brunette
Tall thin and shapely with a couple of sets

They mingled and chatted as many guests did
But their liking for each other they never hid

The drink was flowing, champagne and the likes
Their dancing was risque had the men in delight

Clad in silk of the see through kind
Curvaceous excitement was blowing our minds

Next they were kissing as the blond dropped to her knees
Undressing the brunette in a sexy striptease

Touching, kissing in clinging caress
With every second their moments progress

Now standing together face to face
Their lips meet as our hearts race

No sooner had they undressed, they were clad again
Leaving my mates and me in wanting gain

We continued with my party, they were the talk of the night
The blond and the brunette, my birthday delight 

As I View

If you look through my eyes you will see what I see
At the bottom of our bed sits my lovely Missy

Naked to bare with shoulder blond hair
As I view where I sit just leaves me in stare

Her curves so true my hands desire to caress  
My lips in hunger to share and impress

For when we do and our hearts gently touch
Our hands glide like waves in loving clutch

Tender moments we'll share, many a time
Our love is like words, bonding in rhyme

If you look through my eyes you will see what I see
I'm so incredibly fortunate that she sits close to me


After the Rains

The sensuous two as the rain cascades
Droplets of pleasure like sweet lemonade
Lips in lock exciting their desire
To silken sheets they loving retire

Whilst the winds carry droplets of rain
Internally they connect creating loving champagne
In sync, in rhythm, they joyously caress
Their hips grinding in bodily bless

The rains appease as their loving slows
Two souls united in sensuous glow
Face to face they lie in contented touch
Eyes closed they sleep in tender clutch


Red Jumper

Her red jumper drapes
Concealing curves of delight
Gravity abounds

On the Beach She Walks my Thoughts

From where I sit my eyes view
My darling, my dear, my love so true
Against the rocks, down by the beach
I long to touch her skin so peach

Her hair in a bun reveals her nape
Whilst her coloured costume graces her shape
A sky blue ribbon catches the breeze
To know she's my gall my hearts in please

She skips and turns and looks my way
Like a summer ballerina, she makes my day
Our eyes capture each others thoughts
For our evening together we'll be in body taught

A meal, a dance and a glass of fine wine
As our loving embrace starts our evening assign
Closely we hold in tender touch
As I whisper softly that I love her so much

The summer night quiets as our loving mood grows
With a click of our glasses filled with Chateau Bordeaux 
Over her naked pert body I reach the lamp switch
On saltire blue silken sheets our bodies enrich

Her Reflection

Crystal clear waters
Capture her warm reflection
Ripples undulate ~~~
Carrying her beauty on
Waves of translucent so pure

Lavender Scents Allure

Through scented bubbles
Her shape shows
Below the flow

Slowly she rises
Naked adorn
To my arms she comes
Bath robe warm

We share a kiss
Our hands in touch
Tenderly drying
In gentle clutch

Hand in hand
As our eyes meet
Our lips whisper
Loving hearts greet

Silken sheets
Upon we lay
Lavender scents allure
Our loving displays