She's a Runaway

While on patrol
Down by the beach
A shadow in the water
Just out of my reach
It's off a young girl
About sixteen years old
What would have troubled her
For her life to fold
We report it in
And await the coroners van
To unscramble this enigma
As to why this all began
Down at the morgue
Through her belongings we look
A bracelet we find
And her diary book
We check on the computer
Under the missing persons file
This girl so young
Still a juvenile
We sit and ponder
At her watery stray
This girl so young
She's a runaway
We head back to the patrol car
For we have sad news to tell
How do you tell her parents
For inside me it dwells
We knock on the door
And her mother appears
May we please come in
As her smile disappears
On the beach front tonight
A young girl was found
In the shallows by the pier
I'm so very sorry, she drowned
On the way back to the precinct
I'm thinking of home
Of my own young daughter
Pray-fully, she'll never roam
A week has passed
Since they laid her to rest
They said, look after your daughter
I sure will mam, I'll do my best


Taken at Will

She was only fourteen
Taken at will
Her family distraught
As they remain still

It was on a cold December night
Christmas was near
Their daughter went missing
As they began to fear

Is she another victim
Of this society of ours
Or this gang that's marauding
Leaving emotional scars

Young girls are taken
And sold abroad
Intended to work
As their young bodies are clawed

Many years pass
Their phone rings in the night
Interpol, Paris
We think we have sight

The morning follows
As they catch the next flight
The call they received
Confirmed it was right

Their daughter has been found
A shadow of her self
She's been used and abused
Cast on a shelf

They are finally together
To her parents she runs
They have their daughter back
Their tomorrow has begun

Further years pass
As their daughter grows
As she closes her eyes
Her past horror flows 


Two Black Ravens

It's a rainy night
So cold and so wet
Under a streetlight
Two black ravens silhouette

What are they up to
Why are they there
As they stare at my window
In precision glare

Have they come for me
Has the reaper spoken
Is my life on this earth
No longer a token

The rain gets heavier
As their plumage deflects
They sit there patiently
Am I their select

As I sit by my window
I drift off to sleep
To a dark world I enter
Full of ravens and bleak

I find myself
In a room with no view
Not even a door
So what did I come through

On the floor I sit
Surrounded by dark
I shout to the space

I shudder awake
And at the window I see
Two black ravens
Staring at me

In blind panic
I lash out at the glass
My hands go through
As my wrists cut in the smash

My blood drains from me
As my eyes start to close
In delirium drift
Were they ravens or crows 


On the Harbour She Stands

In her silk evening dress
On the harbour she stands
Looking out to the waters
That claimed her man

The sea was his life
Ever since he was a boy
To be a sailor
Was to be his pride and joy

He made the grade
Through naval school
He was brought up to understand
That the sea can be cruel

Then one night
In the Pentland Firth
The sea was about to show
Its almighty worth

A force nine storm
From the North Sea heads
As his ship was cast
Onto Dunnett Head

No prisoners were taken
This November night
Smashed to smithereens
As she disappeared from sight

The very next morning
The sea was calm and quiet
A difference of hours
From the previous nights riot

Along the rocky shoreline
Bodies were washed up
Bruised and battered
In deathly abrupt

In twisted grace
Her man was found
Amongst the ship he adored
In wreckage surround

On the anniversary of her loss
On the harbour she stands
Looking out to the waters
That claimed her man


Flowers for Guns

There may come a day
When decisions are made
When war in theatres
Will stop being played

The worlds matinees
Will show a different scene
As we all sit and watch
The return from being mean

No more enlisting
No more conscription
We all live our lives
In peaceful prescription

Our lives move on
With natural progression
As we close our eyes
To natural submission

There may come a day
When we have actually begun
To grow as a race
And have flowers for guns

She Sits Alone

She sits alone
On a rock on the shore
Where days before
She sat with one more

Her boyfriend her love
On holiday
When fate befell
On this tragic day

Swimming and enjoying
The times of their lives
Two dived in
Only one survived

She still sits alone
On this rock on the shore
She will do it next year
Like the year before

From His Graveside She Takes

Another lost soul
Her memories go with him 
The Rose, she takes home 

Our Son, Our Tears, Our Tomorrow

Born from my soul new to this earth
This marvel of life that we call birth

Dedication endurance, gestation of time
To hold him so close our son so fine

Tears from my eyes, fulfilment of joy
Proud parents we are of our little boy

We look to tomorrow to live our lives
As we remember his dad whom fate has deprived

He was a soldier, just nineteen years old
Too early to leave us for his young life to fold

At Southampton Docks, where I waved him farewell
My tears were so different our future looked swell

Frequent letters arrived declaring our love
To the birth of our son a gift from above

Then came the day your whole world falls apart
A knock at the door, where do they start

They sit you down, knowing the words you will hear
My eyes start to swell, with a different tear

They tell of my husband, father to our son
Heroic in war, lost to the enemy gun

They leave, the door closes, I'm in momentary empty
My life not that long ago was blissful of plenty

We said our farewells my son and I
With a lifetime of tears I will internally cry


Crying Rose

Her loved one is lost
As sadness enters her heart
A lonely rose cries