In the Light of the Moon

Many months we have waited
Our time has finally come
No more do we hide our feelings
This evening is when they succumb

As I await overlooking the bay
We are graced by a moonlit night
The ambiance abounds
As I turn my eyes in delight

She stands there in front of me
Captured by the beam of the moon
Her jewellery glistens brightly
I desire to hold her soon

Slowly in seductive dance
Dressed in silky black
Blending with her ebony locks
Ones beauty shows no lack

I'm lured by her hazel eyes
Magnetic craving stare
Gently she reveals her shoulder
Peachy womanly bare

Gravity swings a silver tassel
Gracefully caressing her left breast
Her torso beckons my eyes now
I'm manly full of zest

Heavenly charms now face me
As she holds out her hand
And places it against her bosom
Our eyes in understand

Her tongue tastes the air
Asping scarlet lips
My hands slide down her body
Grasping shapely hips

I pull her gently into me
We touch, we kiss, we sigh
In the light of the moon
Down on our bed we lie

Our hands in deliberate wander
Caressing, touching delight
Undulating as we join
A loving moment so right

Into our tomorrows we love
Blending our humanly shapes
Exchanging sensuous dominance
Sharing each other we drape

We awake in the morning
Graced by a different light
Celestial angels shine down on us
A loving night our delight

My Birthday Treat

Tonight is my birthday and I'm in for a surprise
My darling desires to thrill my eyes
The living room is set and the lights are turned low
Scented candles are lit as I await what she shows  

Soft ballads play from rock bands we adore
To my left she enters such beauty amour
In sexy black lace with traces of deep red
Her curvaceous shapes play with my head

Teasing and taunting in her gypsy style dance
Erotic she is, my eyes captured in trance
Pouting she writhes alluring my clutch
Staying out of reach, denying me of touch

Scintillating movements as she edges real close
Her perfume entices my desire to pursue
My hearts now pumping in manly crave
As I catch her kisses in loving threw

Closer she dances as she takes my hand
As I arise and join her as we take to the floor
Embraced we are on this special night
Passion awaits with my girl I adore

Touchingly we kiss as our hands declare
Revealing to each other our bodily joys
Blissful caressing declares our time
Our bodies unite in loving employ


Amidst Sighs

A moment alone
~* Thoughts of her love, being home soon *~
Her pent up release
~* now resonates amidst sighs *~
Fulfilment reaches it's heights

Moonlit Sighs

lovers silhouette
dancing in the moonlit night
sighs caught on the breeze