Three Wishes on a Sandy Beach

It was a hot summers day
Along the beach I walked
I came upon a strange bottle
And it entered my thoughts

Hearing stories so young    
About genies and lamps
Cowboys and Indians
Gypsies and tramps

I sit on the sands
Holding this bottle of old
If this was my genie
What am I about to be told

On the bend of its neck
Theres a golden rim
I give it a rub
As I get a feeling from within

I have been granted three wishes
But there are rules to be adhered
No resurrection or money
No more wishes will be spared

My very first wish
Is to go way back in time
To watch York Minster being built
A grand cathedral so fine

The second of my wishes
Is also to the past
To the times of the Dinosaurs
Earths giants that did not last

The third and last of my three wishes
American lands first white man
To protect whats rightfully theirs
And leave their destiny, in their hands

Sky of Fire

Man said they would not
Their nuclear explosion

Seattle to Kensington

Seattle to Kensington a short journey indeed

He became experienced through his guitar amp feed

He lived his life like a machine gun

Hey Joe plays little wing, on the third stone from the sun  

Imagine You're There

Close your eyes and imagine you're there
You're naked and shaved as they stand and stare
Watching your loved ones herded away
As you await your fate, its their lies that say

Earlier that day we disembarked from the train
We're in a place called Auschwitz in the pouring rain
An unfamiliar smell hangs in the air
This feeling i get, is of total despair

We enter a building where clothes and shoes lie in mounds
On the periphery of me i hear screaming sounds
Families, fathers mothers daughters and sons
In our Hebrew tongue, why are we the chosen ones

We exit this building and enter another
Where we are told to remain calm and await our shower
No water is felt as the quietness delivers
Motionless some lie, as i await my deathly shiver


Colonial Skyline

From the heart of their country to a new world they did sail
Over an expanse of ocean through storms and gales
They settled in New Amsterdam, this Dutch colonial place
To create a new world in their progressional space

Many years later after conflicts took their toll
New York was born, under British control
The gate to this city is passed by a lady so proud
A gift from the French, freedoms torch raised to her clouds

The Big Apple, this city in the year 1991
Where infidels and cowards tried to bring this gem down
But deep from their depths from the loss of their Twin Towers
Feel its heart and strength, its unity powers


Lennie the Lion

This princely lion called Lennie
In the zoo pub he had one too many
He awoke to exposure
Being in the wrong enclosure
Cuddling a princess lioness called Jennie  

Liberty is a Gift

Whether we are black, red white or brown
We are all born to wear freedoms crown

Liberty is gifted from mother to child
The freedom from birth as viewed from her smile 

No one has the right to take either away
However its been done on any given day

Retribution is not, the answer for this
Its our civility laws, that return us to bliss

We enter this world free, with impending forks on our roads
What gives us the liberty to freedom unload

Whether we are black, red white or brown
Some of us will end up to be freedoms clowns

Newly Reformed "Runaway Train"

Soul Asylum are back, so
Is runaway train 

Heavenly Colours

Just awake curtains drawn, I view a scene beyond the glass
The colours that befall my eyes are nothing more than class

There are greys and blues with purple twists like a carpet in the sky
With orangy reds not a shade was missed as I looked on in awe and sighed

A window of light appeared, as if peeking through the clouds
As his colours started speaking to me, as they spoke silently out loud

This vista that you see beyond the glass on this sunny morn
Will radiate and fill your eyes as if they were newly born

I say to myself how lucky I am that God painted me a sky today
As the morning grows and the colours fade, I marvelled at his display

god painted me a sky (today)...


Summer Sounds Surround Me

I sit here in the park amidst a carpet of green speckled with buttercups and daisies
A pale blue sky above ceilings my room as I close my eyes
as I open my ears to the Summer sounds surrounding me
Buzzing encircles me as bumble bees in picnic mode
collect the rich nectar from the sporadic yellows and whites

To my left in the distance I hear the distinct sound of children playing in the parks swimming pool
Shriek's that would cut glass are consumed by the vast expanse
Water splashing resonates through the air as if carried on the Summer breeze
Chimes appear from the distance as a frenzy of screams shout
Mam, dad it's the ice cream van
Suddenly a quietness descends as I picture children and adults
licking their ice cream nectar like thirsty hungry bees

To my right I hear the distinctive grunts of my daughter and her friend
emulating Flushing Meadow on the local tennis courts
The odd yell of congratulations from watching spectators breaks the scene

As I turn my head again in radar like fashion I zoom in on the aviary where gorgeous budgies are kept
I can picture their greens, yellows and blues through my closed eyelids
This little community chirp endlessly as they flutter in organised commotion
Delights of aw echo across the flower beds as they are absorbed in my

Modern man interrupts this tranquil scene as metal birds noisily
roar overhead whilst bodied engines reverberate reminding us of the mechanical
world we live in
My own little world this Summers afternoon comes to an end as my daughter and her
friend return with vociferous tones
I open my eyes as normality returns
We gather our belongings as we head of home listening to the cacophony of modernism

He Was More Than...

This Chilean gem
Twentieth century joy
So influential...

His styles were vast
Much more than just a poet, was 
Pablo Neruda... 

Hey! You! Get off of my ship

Thank goodness we're off that ship
I feel like we've been on an acid trip

To have my crew stand by my side
United together no one can divide

I recall the day our story started
My ship and it's entitlement slowly departed

To outer space at warp factor six we went
As we save mankind although tired and spent

Planets were reached as humanity stretched
The history of humans was now future etched

Our mission accomplished we headed back
I now sit in this room and take all this flak

Thinking, pondering in this padded place
As my shadow and I stare on fully laced

If it was not for this jacket I'd shake his hand
This dark shape on the wall is my second in command

They tell me I'll never be spaceman of the year
"I will so, have no fear!" I just have to get out of here....