December the Twenty First

Now the last chime is past, this day, December the 21st is here
The world awaits the Mayan predictions, now we fear their seers

How many are waiting around like rabbits caught in the lights
Fearing to move from where they are, to disappear from sight

What's in your last thoughts before you are taken out
Mocking this day of reckoning, now you challenge it's doubt

They say your life flashes before you the moment before you die
To the wall you look forever, your family photo's, now come the cries

Your favourite song you hear today you will never hear again
Whilst one drifts into no where's abyss, listening will be in vain

Recalling past moments, past memories, now distant to us all
As we dared to ignore their calendar, humanity is now in fall

Me, well I just stare out the window, to await this marvel of time
Never fearing what's about to happen, maybe we've undermined

Hours of this day now pass, the media in ignorant dismiss
Ridiculing the seers of the Mayan, assuming the worlds still in bliss

As I turn to view the screen, footage from the Shuttle is shown
The Mariana Trench has risen, massive displacement of water shown

Waves of gigantic proportions are rising to thousands of feet
To many shores the Shuttle will capture, so many countries it will greet

The movement of her plates, are rupturing along their paths
Volcanoes in Indonesia are spewing out mountains of ash

The lowlands like Bangladesh are imploding onto chasms so deep
Borders that we knew existed are now in cataclysmic sweep

The height of Everest is falling, as K2 crashes to the ground
Deafening is her voice, as her catastrophe's in plenty abound

All aboard the Shuttle, on this 21st of December day
Witness the Mayan seers, whilst we scoffed, their words did say

Morning Has Broken

Morning has broken as it has done for many years
Day to day we continue without the fear of fears
Then out of the blue their comes thoughts from long ago
Prophecies of a past, that could halt us humans flow

Tablets scribed in gold, have been uncovered in Peru
For in them they tell of the future, surrounding me and you
We await with fervour in the media, the radio and the t.v.
As I try to get my head around it, and what it means to me

The day that they speak of, it's a little over a year
Do we just laugh if off, or do the sensible in us fear
As I drive through my city, towards this impending day
The street corners start to fill, does panic have it's say

Speakers start to recite, of this doom that welcomes we
I see suicides in escalation, jumpers in front off me
Families leave their homes, for they no not where to go
Panic buying surrounds me, anarchy appears to flow

We now reach December 2012, as we gain on the scribed day
Can it be all that was written, have the ancient had their say
My eyes catch the clock, midnight is awaiting it's strike
It'll be the twenty first of December, are the Mayan scribes right

The minutes pass the hour, everything appears to be normal
Maybe the writes are fables, to them simply formal
To pacify myself, will it be the radio or the t.v.
Sometimes one has to ask oneself, to simply look and see

Visions on the screen appear, many screens my eyes do view
Reports from many countries are brought to me and you
They show events of nature, more fierce than naturally so
Rainfall in arid areas, deserts in metres off snow

The Polar ice caps start cracking, exploding ice in crying break
Mudslides now carry cities, everything caught in their wake
Bangladesh now no longer exists, the Maldives have disappeared
The Mariana Trench now starts to rise, her ridges in rampant rear

A bulletin catches my ears, Yellowstone has started to erupt
Is this what the scribes have warned of, our planet being so abrupt
A rumbling I start to feel, where I stand I feel I move
I'm in tumble across my floor, in fear of their impending prove

My apartment on the only hill, allows through my window to view
A giant fissure slices through my city, for into it, buildings spew
The freeways now broken and torn, many cars in tumbledown
From here I hear the screaming voices, I'm deafened by their drown

Explosions by the utilities number, this is no forth of July
Momentarily they catch my sight, it sounds as if their crying
There, now gone forever, such marvels of mans minds intrigue
For all we can do is await, this catastrophic destruction siege

What little of the world that we now know, few images allow us to see
Sporadic glimpses of where ever, do they view I, or do I view thee
It's really hard to comprehend, what can happen in just a day
If ever other scribes are found, we have to take heed of what they say


Alba Eagle

Nobody should ever fear whilst the Alba Eagle flies overhead
For if you know the Alba Eagle you'll know his words are said
He's a watcher and a keeper, having been here for hundreds of years
For you've been invited into his realm, to allay life's living fears

Being universal, European or other, through his door your welcomed all
For he shall forever roam to allow blooming lives to thrall
He absorbs the hurt and pain so that others can live so free
If you could see the inside of me, you'll never believe what you see

There will be a day, before your eyes you'll witness so
For into me shall travel your hurts, and allow your spirits to flow

Their Numbers Added Up

It's now December twenty twelve
In Norway is where I await
Imbalance of mother earth
As we now await our fate

Tremors now seem to abound
The southern hemisphere is now unstable
We now await our fate
She has now brought to our table

Satellites transmit grim images
The earths crust lies broken and torn
Can it be what we have done
To turn her to this weather worn

Or do we now look to our past
Ignoring warnings in scriptures so
The Mayans, do their numbers add up
Their ancestors now tell their flow

My moment has now arrived
Into an abyss I feel myself taken
I leave in a myriad of colours
We're no more, now totally forsaken

I Dreamt, I Seen

Pretty am I in this forest of green
Appreciate my eyes for I've seen what I've dreamed
Not that long ago when I was a little girl
What I had seen in my dreams made my heart twirl

To my knees I descend whilst holding out my hand
Catching the rays of the sun saying my girlhood command
For I recall in my dreams, they were not that long ago
To appear in front of me three fairies to please show

As soon as the sun touched, three fairies appeared to me
They cared for all around which made my eyes see
Something in me desired to see what they could do
A feeling of hope so young, filled my heart with true

I was taken to a clearing, amidst shrubs and flowers
Beside translucent pure, flowing among natures powers
Green laiden trees show their canopies of cover
Shadowing their below, but not one plant did cower

Everywhere I looked, I heard a rustling in the trees
Birds of coloured feathers branch hopping as they please
Insects on the wing, fluttering without a care
Whilst eyes appeared to blink, from their darkened lairs

Weasles, Stoats and Butterflies, play in blissful spy
Red Deer, Roe with their fawns, abound around I
Ripples in translucent pure, shadow from side to side
Then dart away at speed, at ease their bodies glide

I sit here in contemplation, as I recall this beautiful dream
I'm thankful to these three fairies, who were all that they seemed
They opened my eyes to see, those of a very young girl
In wonderment of this planet, that always set my heart in twirl

This Place We Once Called Home

Barren, desolate, this place we once called home
It's where so many wonders lived, and so many roamed

But all it takes is some, to determine their madly thoughts
Invitingly we enter their world, where us innocent are caught

How brave of them they are, to think of who they've become
Abusing man made creations, the continuation of their gun

How ignorant they must be, surely they have family and friends
But they buck the trend of life, purely driven round their bend

What could have gone through their thoughts, once the button was pressed
Were there flashbacks back to their past, were they even stressed

Did they ever imagine, skin melting from skeletal shapes
Where once stood a person, a dusting shadow the wind now takes

Landmarks in their city of life, flattened in crumbled dust lie
For once the button was pressed, you would barely hear a cry

Rivers, lakes and streams, became steam filled released pressure cookers
Yet the decision to press the button, in depths hidden were the lookers

We are now barren and desolate, this place we once called home
There is no point in looking, no one can be found, even with a fine toothed comb 

Through Cobalt Blues I Drifted

This journey of which you now read, happens to many of us
It's what happened to me, my thoughts through the waves in discuss

It was on a normal day, I was fishing on craggy rocks
When out of the blue it came, this wave and me became locked

Salted eyes and gasping for air, hazed glimpses of where I once stood
My thoughts in flickering capture, the youngest of our family brood

The last catch of land I see, as I'm trawled so far into this blue
My heart emitting signals from their youngest, I, their loving true

Deeper and deeper I'm swallowed, marine life simply abounds
For marvels they definitely are, just like those marvels on common ground

Nearly ten minutes has passed, yet I'm as alert as I would normally be
My eyes now appear to be customised, as I view what's all around me

Dolphins play chasing Tuna, Hammerheads patrol like guards
Species like the Mola Mola, so wonderful, their definitely stars

Momentarily I glimpse through the light, as it diminishes into cobalt blues
The sights that I start to see, are species in identity confuse

Upon a fallen whale, it's carcass in steadily clean
Are hundreds of half meter Hag Fish, of them I wouldn't like to dream

Suddenly a movement catches my eye, a Sixgill Shark swims close to me
Strangely I don't feel nervous at all, beside this marvel of the seas

This flowing through these cobalt blues, is like a feeling I've never known
Was there a desire on this day, for the wave to take me, now shown

This journey of which you now read, happens to many of us
On a beach many hours later I awoke, around the schools I now discuss

When ever you are close to the waters, whether oceans, lakes or seas
Me, well I have no answers, be careful and you won't be me