Painted Lady
The moment i saw her
Adorned in ink
Perfection of shape
No tattooist did blink
Designs of many
Etched on skin
Shoulders, thighs
A personal thing
Creative art
By a steady hand
This human picture
Beautifully grand
Gothic work
Drawn in place
Artistically scribed
In it's female grace
To view this view
Copy my link
As you will see why
No tattooist did blink
But, when we stand together " We are liberty "
All the lovely colours
In this human race
Different faces
With different shapes
In towns and cities
Rich or poor
We all came to life
Through the same door
If we can't live togther
Some thing is wrong
Do the colours divide
Why we can't, sing the same song
So, you just be you
And i'll just be me
But, when we stand together
We are liberty
" Inspired by Christina Larmons poem "
                   Bad to be black


Will our Neighbourhoods ever be Safe Again

The day will come soon
As our safety ceases to exist
Mans determination
In his killing persists

Street crime is rising
To feed the life of drugs
Many people are afraid
Of these sick cowardly thugs

Society needs to change
Addressed by the powers that be
The ones that have been elected
In trust, by you and me

We need to change the rules
Prison sentences need to be revised
If your prepared to deal in drugs
Twenty years looks good in my eyes

Then it comes to murder
Where many citizens, they fall
But their killers are alive in prison
Their breathing, their living through it all

The world has so much compassion
It's time to channel it's feelings
No forgiveness for these scum
Execution, watch their feelings reeling

Compassion has to have passion
For the right to get rid of the wrong
And just maybe one day it will happen
As the whole world sings the same song

The chances of this happening
As they are sworn into government places
They stand proud to ask for our votes
Once elected, they appear to have two faces


Butterfly Thoughts

As i stare at the sky
Thinking thoughts
In this meadow of bloom
My life, what its taught

To be kind with respect
Any colour at all
Honour and obey
Our elders call

Walk with pride
With your head held high
We should all walk together
Lets give it a try

As i lie back in the meadow
Enjoying the sky
My Butterfly thoughts
As they flutter by 


Children, happy and contented
Story telling time,
Content in their small world;
Watch them fall asleep.




The Girl in the Flame Red Dress
In a forest clearing
Floats a long haired girl
Flame red dress
In this misty world
At her fingertips
A fairy so white
In this misty clearing
Shining so bright
A small deer
Walks with her
As if to turn
To confirm she's there
In the morning i wake
From my slumbering sleep
I open my tent
As if to seek
Will i see, a long haired girl
Floating along, wearing a flame red dress
Or was i in another world
I can only guess
Live and let Write
To die by the sword
Or die by the pen
In my literary world
We would never lose men
They would prosper and grow
In my world of write
Never to war
Never to fight
They would be dying for love
Injured by hearts
If they can't heal
Its time to restart
So pick up your pens
Lay down your arms
En capture your thoughts
And you will come to no harm


To be read and heard, Our Poets Words

Poetry is thought
Turned into words
Where many can read
Not many will have heard
But the spread of writes
Our poets words
Once someone has read
Then someone has heard

This poem is written
For the Poetry Soup pens
Our family of members
Every single one a gem


Read 2 b Read

The delight about poetry
Is that we all live and learn
And for our writes to be read
We all have to earn

And we learn by reading
Other poets writes
For its a learning curve
And strengthens our mights

Its not always possible
For our words to be graced
But its what it brought us
To be here in the first place

Employment and families
Take up much of our time
But if we read to be read
Our writing will climb

Inspiration is absorbed in many ways, many times it will lie dormant and like a moth to the flame, an attraction sparks ones imagination. I only know too well, as my mind appears to
have a few hard drives. May all your words flow, and your lives glow >> James..........


Her Posturing Curves

She arches naked
Her hair, rinsed in natures life
Posture, proud and pert




The Lady with the Lantern

On a rocky crop
Looking out to sea
A lady in waiting
In the hope she will see

Her true love
Has been away so long
Out at sea
Where the fishing is strong

The calm sea's
Indicate none
No horizon movement
For her loved one

Her dedication
On this rocky crop
Her love abounds
Which will never stop

Day after day
In hope
He returns
The Lady with the Lantern



Giants, our desire to build
Higher than before







Necrotizing Fasciitis
Necrotized skin area
Tissue attacked, flesh eating
Bacteria bug

We Are The Power

Look out your window
And what do you see
A land of beauty
And all in purpose is free

Conglomerates all over
They grind and they mine
Who tells them to take
What is yours so defined

Elections must change
For tomorrows today
As we are the people
And our thoughts you must say

Be in power
As we have granted you grace
But we are the power
To remove you of place

If you can't be upstanding
Especially, from where you came from
We will know you as weak
When you thought you were strong

For we are the people
Your bosses we are
If you do whats right
We will allow you to star?