Our Past on this Planet Earth
One of the most positive writes i have witnessed to date
Was written today and well worth the wait
An awesome Quatrain, by this Devonshire poet
If you have read her past writes, you would certainly know it
What we see in our world now, is what she wants us to see
Dinosaur remains are an example to me
This beautiful planet will gladly reveal
As she shares her histories, our mysteries reveal 
If we let her breathe, sigh and flourish
She may be more giving, as we help her re-nourish
And this write will be remembered for its visionary
And her mysteries will be our history
Inspired by " Stunning Revelations from Ancient Maps "
                         By Carolyn Devonshire 



Butterfly Maiden
In the enchanted forest
A maiden so fair
Beautiful looks
Long golden hair
All around they flutter
As one lands on her hand
Its as if they have heard
Her wishful command
Their silky wings
Membranes in view
As they flutter at still
A creature so true
Graceful in delight
Like this maiden so fair
In the enchanted forest
Oh! i wish i was there
Butterflies Flutter By
A Butterfly flutters by
On a summers breeze
The flutter by Butterflies
With delightfully winged ease
To watch the Butterflies flutter by
Leaves me in total awe
To witness all the butterflies fluttering by
Would just be totally braw
To all the Butterfly flutter by fans
On the Soup today
If you see a flutter by, by a Butterfly
Think of this poem and me


Breakers and Beachcombers

The sound of the breakers
As they hit the shore
Bringing gifts to the sands
As youngsters explore
Coloured shells
Smoothed stones
The wanting
Driftwood shapes
Crafted on the wave
Some drift forever
While some are saved
But this bearer of gifts
Can deal a different hand
As unwanted goods
Fester our sands
From discarded waste
To the oiled dead
Its the wanton garbage
Our beaches dread
For the sound of the breakers
Natures watery souls
And the volumes of gifts
Beachcombers goal


Whistle Down the Wind
One summers day
Gentle stroll
Through the bed of reeds
In natures fold
As I whistle away
A tune unheard
As all around
Whistling like birds
But when I view
None I see
Whats this whistling
That follows me
A gentle breeze
Graces by
The reeds all sway
As if to sigh
Walking on
With widened grin
The reeds and I
Whistle down the wind
" Inspired by Nathans Haiku <> Natural Melodies "

The Wood Grouse of the Highlands

The Capercaillie
Most delightful wood grouse
Striding so graceful




Averrhoa carambola

The five pointed star
With a tart, acidic sweet
Taste, reminiscent

Of apples and pears
Yield is greatly increased by 
Pollinating bees




White Flight Of Freedom
White doves grace the sky.
Natures angels fly so free;
Peace on our earth, Amen.


Caress of the Waves
With a gentle lap,
Waves caress golden sandy shores;
Retreating for more.







High in the mountains
Of the Albertine Rift
In the cloud forests
Another of natures gifts

Mountain and lowland
In the place they call home
Close to the Virunga Volcanoes
In their indigenous roam

Silver-back, black-back
The boys of this race
Who marshal their group
In pride of their place

Poaching, encroaching
In their neighbourhoods
Isn't it about time
We left their woods

Endangered they are
Its time to relate
We are barely their servants
The real King of the primates


" This poem is for Deborah Herber, and her love of the Gorilla "


Tropical forest
Feeder, beetle of beetles
African giant