A Voyage to Remember

The day that we left port, to new horizons we would sail
Knowing the dangers ahead, seafarers in the end we would prevail

Our journey from the Highlands from Inverness my home town
To Brazil in South America a new life to settle down

With charts of old we sail the seas
Passing the Antialtair Seamount with hardly a breeze

Our destination set, half way through our trip
Bridgetown, Barbados, on my elegant ship

We noticed a change a difference, on these high seas
Many nautical miles I've sailed but I've never seen ones like these

The sky had turned a colour I'd never seen before
Sporadic luminescent blues, like the beaches of the Azores

Our lookout suddenly shouts, dark shapes drift in the clouds
Before too long there is screaming, even the men cry loud

Swooping winged creatures descend, mouths agape with luminescent blues
Their tails whipping the swells, lacerating the waves we sail through

For many hours they probed as they swooped, a blue ball hovering over my ship
This is certainly a voyage to remember, to our new life on this trip

We finally reach Bridgetown, Barbados, my family and crew still in fear
When we sighted this land in the sun, we were deafened by our cheers

We reported in to the authorities, our run in with creatures unknown
They mentioned the Bermuda Triangle, and we were not alone

They have many reporting such as we, even fleets disappearing from view
To reach here as we have done, we are lucky, just one of a few

We thanked them for their assistance, as we set sail for our journeys end
To Vitoria a city so new, to our sawmill, our new life, Amen

As our world around us grew open, more tales and stories were told
Conclusions were never developed, maybe one day it will all unfold 

When the Red Rose was Released

She sits in her room alone and waiting
Bursting to bloom is her anticipating

This girl so young just a teenager at heart
One day to adventure for her life to kick start

She grew up reserved never venturing out
Believing she was ugly her mind so in doubt

Boyfriends she's never had close friends kept at bay
No childhood deserves this not growing up to play

Then out of the blue to the school ball she is asked
Her mind now in circles showing it's protective mask  

The night arrives, in turmoil she sits waiting
So beautifully dressed, soon to be dating

Her apprehension runs riot, her life crying for change
To live so normal and rid this inner derange

As she turns to the door her eyes starting to tear
A glow lights the room as a beautiful red rose appears

Slowly she turns as she captures the sight
This flower so red emitting this light

This beauty of nature with it's petals so bloomed
Radiate as they grace around her bedroom

At the top of the stairs soon she'll walk down
Into the arms of her date, wearing the most beautiful gown

To the school ball she will go, with her chaperone
When the red rose was released, no longer she'll be alone

Sakura Angel

A lone butterfly
dances amidst blossoming
pink Sakura trees ~"~
Whilst a dark angel transforms 
in true metamorphosis ~*~