To Where Unknown

Another one disappears to where unknown
Taken at will from near their family home
What possesses a person to become
The lowest of low, whom descends into scum

It was a rainy night in down-town New York
As she headed home taking a different fork
Her desire to get there across darkened greens
Not knowing what was lurking, hidden, unseen

Footsteps in echo grow even closer and fade
In the quiet dark her nerves become frayed
Worried she runs as her mind starts to fret
Internal distraught, now interpret

Upon reaching her home she is pinned to the ground
From the dark abyss he appeared, stealth, no sound
Her long brown locks so delicately brushed
Being pulled in brute, in hungered rush

To a car she is taken, distraught fills her so
As she's pinned to the floor, her fear is in flow
Down by the docks she's stripped naked to bare
Neanderthal is he in lusting stark stare

Used and abused, her charms now taken at will
What possesses a person to take life to nil
Discarded now spent, now just left in a heap
No care for her family, no sleep till they weep

Days now pass, unknown as to where she's gone
Taken minutes from home, where she truly belongs 

The Scarecrow and the Crows

It's full moon fever on this cloudy Scottish night
Dark angels leave their roosts in shadowy eerie flight
To the fields they fly as if summoned by an invisible force
This date has always been, it's just a matter of course

For always on this night when the scarecrows face becomes lit
A village would soon be divided in terror screaming split
Frenzied inhabitants, would run amok in killing spree
Frothing at the mouth whilst staring at skeletal trees

The moonlight captures flapping silhouettes of black
Swooping down in stealth their attack shows no lack
Beaks in laceration whilst crimson oozes free
Like headless chickens they run in panic spree

The dawn draws ever near amidst scenes of carnage spew
Bodies abound in deadened lie, as the new morn views
What's strange about this happening, is the lost are never mourned
It's as if they were never born, their birth never adorned 


My Master, He

Black cloaked is this monster
Horned beast of the dark
Preying on life's innocents
Leaves them stripped to stark

Their souls he devours
Sweetness, he helps himself
By sharing porcelain skins of delight
And casts them on life's shelf

Tasting thee he summons
His conquest, this maiden, she
In consume she takes her master
Before he's taken me

Below earth's moon
We writhe in pleasured sow
His demonic pulse I feel
Life's end now starts to grow

My eyes begin to close
Eclipsed against fading light
Used, spent and motionless
Another disappears from sight 

Whilst the moon shines
I witness skeletal shapes
Through their darkness I walk
Their canopy in full escape

To a clearing I arrive
Whispers I hear in the trees
Scratching against their bark
Many eyes I feel watching me

A silhouette stands out
Against her lunar light
Never have I witnessed
Such a sight on this night

Arms outstretched is she
As a butterfly sits in grace
Tasting the spoils of evil
Drinking from her face

Crimson now in slide
Cascading down porcelain skin
To where the butterfly goes
In my mind I'll imagine within

Where Translucent Pure Did Run

The day has finally arrived, my eyes now drawn to see
Amidst her season of winter I view whats in front of me

Crimson red now seeps, where translucent pure did run
I'm starting to feel the worst, has humanities end began

Slowly I watch it rise as it covers her virgin white
Dark woods are becoming bleaker, this 2012 December night

How can I stay awake, how can I go to sleep
When I view this continual seeping, all I see is bleak

All through the night it continues, sweeping across the land
Is this the work of the writings, the Mayan Prophecies planned

A new dawn appears, I honestly can't believe my eyes
It's as if the worlds on fire, the land now matches her skies

The oranges reds and yellows, give way to her normal blue
But why does her surface bleed, when above it appears so true


Captured in Trance

She of the dark, this vixen becoming
In desire to lure her for her masters cunning
Temptress of the abyss allures pure souls
As she feeds her hunger in lusting patrol

Another innocent tempted this dark winters night
Whispers of love for the victim delights
Tasting of she whilst lingering tongues dance
Excited to pert nows she's captured in trance

Curves in wanting touched in caress
Naked to bare in state of undress
Enter her master proud in stance
Bodies now join in frenzied enhance

Writhing in sync, amidst this darkening life
This innocent angel now delves into strife
Taken now shaken, naked impure
Desired by choice, another now lured