The Awakening - Act 1

From our seas there came
A sleeping past
Depth sleepers they were
As they leave us aghast

Our waters we thought
All tranquil and blue
Are running red
A quite different hue

The might of man
Was in downfall
Hence, from when we began

Sightings from all over
As our blues of depth
In modern theatre strike
Leave us red in reft

This, this
Undescribable being
Honeycombed boned
Just what am i seeing

Buildings are complete
Bodies are drained
In modern day strain

There is a lull in their storm
They, i no longer see
But their aftermath
Is all around me

Mumified bodies
Children with mothers
Concave collapse
In dried out smother

I need to go with others
And gather our thoughts
In their rampage, pillage
We will soon be at nought

How do we react
To a hidden unknown
As our past has risen
Our life as we know it, blown


The Awakening - Act 2

All around us is quiet
No sign of the honeycombed beings
But all around me i see
Just what my eyes are seeing

People have fallen
Just where they were
Bodies emaciated
In deadened stare

Grey and ashen
These now empty souls
They lie just like driftwood 
As we quietly patrol

As we near the ocean
We see its surface stir
As they hover just above
In engine-less purr

We await their next move
Oblivious we are
As we look all around us
Bodies so far

Slowly they encroach
But never fast, like they were before
They appear to be confused
As one crashes to our shore

In the blazing sun
On a heat baked beach
These honeycombed boned beings
Like our dead, so bleached

We approach with caution
As we look all around
Their all falling from their flight
Crashing to our grounds

Smashing on impact
They shatter into pieces
Hope in us rises
As their demise increases

As the night falls
We recall their first attack
It was around about midnight
When they came out of the black

Many months have passed
Since that night befell our earth
As our scientists explained
That made the future worth

As they found the reasons why
These creatures from our depths
Where they actually came from
In their darkness, they were so adept

How long have they been down there
I doubt we will ever know
But as soon as they were in our light
Their weakness began to show

For them there was a reason
To escape from their dark
We just happened to be in their way
For us humans, we can restart


After the Oceans are Gone - Act 1

I awoke from my slumber
After many weeks
Entranced by unknown
Slept in dormant sleep

But on the morning i awoke
Was not like the rest
There was no sound of the ocean 
And its watery zest

The deafness of the breakers
And the waves lapping the shore
Were non existant
Not like the day before

Intrigued by the silence
The noise of it all
As i viewed from my balcony
The ocean in fall

A scape never seen
Befell my eyes
Depths incomprehensible
As deep as our skies

A wreck i once dived
Was visible to me
All life was gone
From its expanse so free

I fall to my knees
As i stare into the abyss
My mind in disarray
Wondering, did it ever exist

In Ageing Decay

In a dying world
Turning to blacks and greys
The world we once new
In ageing decay

The sun that we knew
Was in steady decline
This side of the universe
It no longer wanted to shine

For it knew much more
Than we humans thought
Like everything else
We had it bought

But out there somewhere
There is a chosen few
What you read above
They already knew

For in a secret place
There is a fountain of new
To slowly fall in
Takes you to a world of the few

In a dying world
That's turning to blacks and greys
Enjoy while you are here
It could well be your last day