Mother Nature's Revenge: First Stop Samoa (Cowritten with Carolyn Devonshire)

My Ring of Fire sets ready to erupt
For I, Mother Nature, have had enough
Of pollutants invading reservoirs
And oil-drilled coastlines, sands coated by tar

         How thankful we are for this plentiful earth
         Proceeds and profits boast our corporate worth
         Our mistakes and errors in destructive ways
         Mother Nature will repair in a matter of days

Sea creatures poisoned by hazardous waste
Trash left on beaches by people in haste
Sea oats destroyed as construction proceeds
Turtle hatchlings wandering toward man made beams  

         The land is aplenty with resources so fine
         We can wash away the debris, reap when mined
         Mercury, chemical and oils as well
         Mother Nature will dilute as we continue to sell

Whales wash up and expire on ocean shores
Battleships litter the deepest sea floors
With thinning ozone, sea temperatures rise
Igniting rage in my volatile eyes

         Another tanker runs aground of the Alaska coast
         Insurance companies payout, our boards in toast
         We can rely on our refineries and oil wells
         For Mother Nature will replace and it will all be swell

Earthquakes, tsunamis are my weapons
Earth’s last days may be man’s time to reckon

          We will reap the rewards as our conglomerates grow rich
          Mother Nature will allow, our industrial snitch


Angry Earth

The power we now witness is only the start
An angry earth she is, her tectonic plates in depart
Seconds later they again meet with abrasive force
The reaction to the action is just a matter of course

Crustal deformation from the abyss of her deep
For she'll care not for, the thousands who will weep
Translucent displacement in furious rise
The energies are now released that will swamp victims cries

Substantial volumes gather at a tremendous rate
No care for our future or the disaster it will create
Whilst out at sea we can can't determine the size
For we will feel the anger as she forcefully applies

Sirens now sounded, on the horizon it's been sighted
Evacuation to the listening, the unheard will be blighted
As it now approaches the shore, wave shoaling compresses the wave 
It's speed now slowed down, we now await what it craves

Like a silent assassin it's now ready to pounce
No prisoners it will take as it lands in thunderous trounce
Smashing and crashing as it collects in it's wake
No care for the living or it's material take

The gathering of debris amidst gas mains that erupt
Power lines and buildings feel her anger so abrupt
Losses of many are now caught up in this sadness
From she angry earth, or has she entered madness

Below Azures and Greys

Below azures and greys
I readily await
The unexpected or the careless
So blind to their fate

Charts and maps they have drafted
To steer clear of me
But the unexpected or the careless
Are ignorant to the seas

For centuries I have waited
Knowing it's a matter of time
For the unexpected or the careless
Meeting me, they soon will find


Below We Drifted

Holding hands, into our eyes we stare
As we turn to the bleak that awaits us there

Deafening creaks like thunderous roars
Her arching back in ripping soar

Screaming explosions as the waters seep
Tears of many as life ends their keep

Below the cobalt in a coldly drift
Sinking debris in continual shift

Our hands still held amidst disappearing lights
We no longer focus as we enter our blight

Below we drifted, two souls soon to be gone
How many of us end up where we don't belong

London Bridge in Falling Drown

Tides are rising, clock's are ticking
Us humans in disgust in ending sickening

Turmoil is endless these past recent weeks
One can sense natures Armageddon, it's what we've reaped

Forestation, deliberation, call it what you may
She's had enough, no one will be around to say

Many gathering clouds, so grey like never before
Flat-lands of our counties, becoming one long shore

In abhor I look, at the sadness of life's wildlife
Struggling against the tides, drowning in mans strife

The rural that was once, sadly is no longer there
I close my eyes to vision, watery eyes can only stare

Black tides are ever growing, encroaching over the lands
We now reap what we have sown, and die by her crying glands