Standing Stones of the Ancient

Standing stones from a forgotten past
These monoliths, who built them to last

What do they mean, for whom did they serve
Through eons of time in weather worn preserve

These standing structures in sporadic spread
Is it an ancient message, that's still to be read

Are they there for a reason, a beacon, a signal
Or are they there for out there, an alien recall

Modern man, in their attempt to understand
Why structures like this, grace our lands

Maybe we will, maybe we may never
Maybe our ancestors of old, were just far too clever


Krak des Chevaliers

So many years standing
This medieval castle
Crusader fortress 

    This fortress was made a World Heritage Site in 2006. The fortress is one
of the few sites where Crusader art (in the form of frescoes) has been preserved


Trojan Abduction
Borne in Greek legend she is
Sparta's King declares 

Tomorrow's Blank Page

The fear of the past,
is all but in the mind.
It's the turning of tomorrows blank pages,
once turned, what will we find?


Having Crossed Borders

Now where do I begin
For the past is a great place to start
When clannish is what we became
Whilst adventure was growing in our hearts

Can you honestly imagine where we'd be
Inclosed in our internal peripheral
When one day it came to be
Someone peered over the wall

This step in our ancestral past
Gave way for the way we are now
Allowing interaction, two minds are better than one
Scratching our heads, and finding out how

The only way that this could happen
As we look around our daily lives
Is for us, having crossed borders
Letting imagination in us strive

It's 2012 and we take for granted
What our ancestors created from thought
We use and buy them without care
In reality, we're clannish, and bought

So close your eyes and imagine, something
Be it T.V. the Radio or the car
Lets applaud our Geographical borders, having crossed
We've only started, we have still to go far

Celtic and Captured, with Pride

Colosseum bound

Celtic and captured, with pride

in witness I'm thralled to fight

no shield is required

being of Clan, delivers 

with taste, respect, I strike