Atlante-an girl of Blue

Shipwrecked, strewn
By a storm so vile
Drifting for days
On the oceans miles
Blistered and burned
Dehydrated, deaths thirst 
Hunger that hurts
Now at my worst
I'm losing daylight
Darkness is near
Slipping, slipping
My eyes are opening
To a blinding white
Pillars of marble
Incredible sight
Standing beside me
A visioned view
Golden haired goddess
With a smile so true
Her breasts painted
In indigo blue
With golden shells
In perfect view
Her torso not reflecting
Women I know
Circled shapes
On her ribs do grow
Sitting up
As I look around
Unfamiliar lands
Most different grounds
Window I stand
Amazed at the view I see
Buildings so grand
Awesome ships in the sea
Where am I
I wonder to my self
No place I know
On this world called earth
An outsider I am
To those who took me in
The same shape
And colour of skin
As I walk around
With this girl of blue
Is this Atlante-an land
That has pulled me through


" Hopefully, the first of many poems on Atlantis "


Harbour of Atlantis

The orange sky
In this Atlante-an world
A sight to see
Much better than words

Breakwater so crafted
As it holds back the sea
In this harbour of Atlantis
All sailors should see

Ships so elegant
Never seen before
As they sail the waves
So far from offshore

A design so unique
Craftsmanship so pure
Crews in tandem
I've seen nothing truer

Fishermen unloading
This mornings catches
They catch what they need
As Utopia attaches

As we slowly climb
These harbour steps
The view of this city

White marbled buildings
Of construction bliss
Pavemented roads
In a world like this

The charm and delight
As we wander around
Street markets and sellers
Contentment in sound

We sit on some steps
My crew and I
As we marvel the views
Of the Atlante-an skies

This Harbour of Atlantis
And it's Azorean race
Makes this Utopian world
A place to embrace


Two Ships did Arrive

Into our harbour
Two ships did sail
From foreign lands
Through storms and gales

These bringers of new
From far distant places
With their spices and silks
And their different faces

Most welcome they are
To our harbour walls they approach
To respect our laws
And not to encroach

Once on our lands
They can do as we do
But to misrepresent themselves
We shall see them through

Off their ships they embark
On my lands they now stand
Absorbing the greenery and grandeur
My island of grand

Our children and women
To the harbour they head
Two ships have arrived
Many people have said

For they know there will be
Many things that are new
As they barter their wares
To these foreigners few

Days will pass
And these ships will depart
On a new journey they will head
To another place so apart

Where am I
You are asking yourselves
I am on a place called Atlantis
Near the Atlantic shelf