I Always Hear Them Call

I'm always in the corner
Pressed against the wall
Every time I close my eyes
I always hear them call

They come through the windows
Through the ceiling and walls
With my hands over my ears
I always hear them call

The coldness of my life
Bears witness to my all
For every where I go, they follow
I always hear them call

I fear it's time to end it
My life in them enthral
For when I finally close my eyes
Will I always hear them call


Lady of the Night
On the street corner she stands
So scantly clad
A lady of the night
Her background so sad
From a broken family
Abandoned and lost
She grew up on the streets 
No matter her cost 
The only man in her life
Is her mentor and pimp
Her collector of fee's
Where he makes his mint
There is no care
For her or others
If they ever complain
It's oxygen smother
To a bedsit she retires
As her business unfolds
Another stat on the bedpost
In another unloving hold
Soiled and used
Once again
If we could see in her heart
Could we ease her pain
The door closes
As she heads back to the streets
The patch where she walks
Where her clients, she meets
Another night over
As she turns in for the night
While he counts his money
From this lady of the night 
Angel or Demon
Angel or Demon
What does he appear to be
He meets them, takes them
With no pity
He trawls the streets
Bar to bar
His deed is done
Emotional scars
The morning after
As they pick up the pieces
His victims in trauma
As the previous night releases
These vulnerable ladies
Of the night they be
In their liberty they work
But are they really free

Once They Grow Up

This country i have grown up in
Has made me so proud
My children in prosper
As i rise above the clouds

But there comes a day
When they will all leave home
What ever direction they take
In safety roam

In my thoughts
They will always be
On this world of today
Let them all run free

Children of mine
All my neighbours and friends
Be safe in your journey's
My thoughts to you extend

Our children of today
Are our day after tomorrow
They are our future and beyond
Let's lessen their sorrow

Let's do what we can
And do it now
For tomorrow's too late
Please don't ask me how? 

" The last line should never have to be explained "


Her Autumn Red Hair

Her Autumn red hair
Like leaves on the turn
A colour so
Delightful auburn

A smile that turns
Heads in the room
An aura of cheer
Like a new spring bloom

This youngster she is
A breath of fresh air
When the young boys pass
They delightfully stare


Everything, is Coming up Roses

The world unites
Religion gets on
The killings have stopped
As we sing the same song

Harmonious neighbours
No bullying at school
We work together
No striking to rule

Governments comply
Taxes are down
No wars are being fought
We have no need to frown

The worlds not Utopia
As we all grow old
It never took much
For the old world to unfold

I awake from my dream
As my mind proposes
That the grass is now greener
And every thing, is coming up roses 


The Glass Rose

So delicate
Just as our lives exist
Fragile we are
But we still persist

Hearts broken
Like the tides recede
Broken waves
In deep concede

Emotions in stir
Lives upside down
Torn between
Relationship drowns

Day to day
As the hurting grows
We become as fragile as
The glass rose


They Never Heard what was Said

The year is 2310
Humans still inhabit this earth
When they view all around them
It hardly seems worth

For their ancestors before them
Never heard what was said
If they continued to abuse her
In two hundred years she'll be dead

As they look out their windows
And view as they say
As they scroll through their histories
The world their ancestors knew in their day 

    They lived at the time
    When their world was at lush
    Where animals were still with them
    Some demised to a hush

    The Polar circles were threatened  
    By mans carbon emissions
    They never heard what was said
    About common sense missions

    Their populations exploded
    As they struggled to feed
    Their richer got richer
    Conglomerate greed

    The life of their planet
    Continually plundered and raped
    Rain forests destroyed
    Barren lands now drape

    Conflicts were rife
    Guerrilla warfare the norm
    Pales into significance
    From the 90's Desert Storm

As they look out their windows
And view as they say
As they scroll through their histories
The world their ancestors threw away


Where would we Be?

Where would we be, if no borders were crossed
Where would we be, if we were suppressed at all costs
Where would we be, with no freedom of speech
When we could learn from others, when their writings could teach

Where would we be, if rules were written in stone
Where would we be, if our writings have not grown
Where would we be, to become stagnant without change
When we could learn from others, with their writing range

Where would we be, without honest debate
Where would we be, when no writing creates
Where would we be, if we all never got on
No one would be right, because we would all be wrong


Just Imagine

Maybe not here
But somewhere else
Wars will recede
All guns left on a shelf

Imagine your neighbourhood
No sirens wailing
Wanton killing ceases
Society not failing

Starvation exists
But not as we know
More hours of joy
As we go with the flow

Imagine our children
Who could become very sick
All health is free
Not a cent on tick

Employment abounds
As we work hand in hand
Greed is abolished
No bonuses of grand

Imagine our children
Who play in our parks
They can walk home alone
No shadows of dark

Turn three sixty
And open your eyes
To live in a world
Where there is no despise

Imagine our world
Where we live safe and free
Conglomerate, politicians
Listen to we

Seperate Ways

We walked a while
To gather our thoughts
Our relationship
Has gathered noughts

My fragile heart says
He was the one for me
But its, the where have you been
His quizzing first degree

His jealousy took over
The good times that we had
As he walks away
My heart feels glad

But will i know in the morning
With these second thoughts
Our relationship
Were they all actually noughts


As Darkness Descends

As darkness descends and the sun bows her glow
Starlings flock in multitude search
To perch and roost as their day is done

Sporadic lights appear all around
As if humans have come to life
Their shadows glance past translucent spaces

Sky diamonds appear through the blackening expanse
As solid surfaces glisten, created by solid deposition
of water vapour from saturated air

The roaring of modern man quietens
As if by magic a sereneness blankets my space
Distant noises allow me to know life is forever there

As i lie absorbing the sounds of silence
My heavy eyes concede to the gravity of tiredness
As i drift into a world of endless open doors


Look to Tomorrow

Doves will fly
Over modern cities
Where plight reigns
In sorrowful pity

People have changed 
When they could
No surprise there
When they should

Our media speaks
Of continuous sorrow
Bleak as hell
Look out tomorrow

Are we able
To right ourselves
Or downward spiral
In never-ending delve

Be proud, stand
Humans we are
Through histories fraught
Coming so far

Look to tomorrow
Lets look around
Improve our view
We are found