White Lace on Black
As I walked into our bedroom
The joy my eyes did see
On our black silk sheeted bed
In white lacy thrills for me
The beauty of my darling
So radiant in female glow
As I feel the urge of man
In blood pumping wanting grow
Her provocative pose a picture
My want to lie with she
My desire to release her charms
From lacy captivity
To share in her treasures
Our delight of two in embrace
Two wanting loving partners
In their passion looming grace
Our sensual souls in roam
As our bodies rejoice our flows
Two heat fused torso's joined
On black laced, aglow
The cooling of our passions
Against the contours of lacy sheets
For this night of sensuous passion
As our bodies divinely meet


Vixens Two

Sensuous two
In loosening lace
Kissing caressing
Face to face
Hands gliding
Over bodies so smooth
Touching delight
Wandering soothe
Lips join
Tastes mix
Eye's in stare
Their pleasure excites
Exploration met
Aroused and warm
Scented pet
This join of two
Curvaceous in pout
Passions rise
In delightful shout
Groans and sighs
As their moment is reached
Their entering
Heavens peached
Kissing follows
With tender touches
This sensuous two
In loving clutches
Their evening ends
With pillow talk
As they fall asleep
With loving thoughts 


Our Doorway Delight

I sit at work
Wishing all day
Newly married
Images, my mind displays
As I finish work
I head off home
An hour away
My minds in roam
I picture my girl
At the door she awaits
Her bouquet of scent
My loving soul mate
Into our drive I turn
As she catches my eye
Scantly dressed
Revealing thigh
Silky robe
Shoulders bare
Azure blue eye's
In wanting stare
Bleep, bleep
Car's locked
Were face to face
Our lips are docked
Buttons popping
Dishevelled clothes
Our doorway delight
As our passion grows
Our bodies dance
In sensuous song
Inner merge
Bonding strong
Joys reached
In doorway bliss
The door closes
For another wish

Stockings, Basque, Tattoo's and Music

Semi naked she stands
In her stockings and basque
Long black velvet gloves
Being sensuous is her task

Her long black flowing hair
Cascades down her back
Her beauty captures all
There's no lack of that

She has me on my knees
Kissing her black leather boots
Luring me into temptation
To savour in our fruits

Her body pert and proud
As tattoo's grace her skin
For we join in another adventure 
Like the playing of a fine violin

Our music starts to play
Heart strings touched and tuned
Orchestral in join
Like the earth and the moon

Our passioned ensemble
Creating notes of joy
The meandering of our hands
In continuous employ

Our music plays for hours
So many many songs
Stockings, basque, tattoo's and music
All night long


Just Perfect

She stands there before me
As naked as can be
Her figure so alluring
I want to hold her close to thee

She stands there in the light
Her hair so brown and long
To have her stand beside me
Where we both belong
Her shape and curves delight
As my eyes confirm
To me she's just prefect
For I have no need to reaffirm


She Sees Butterfly Dreams

She closes her eyes
And dreams away
Off her man overseas
In a foreign country

She prays for his safety
And the flag that he serves
To do their job and come home  
It's what they all deserve

She knows of the dangers
But her heart remains strong
Back in her arms
Where he will always belong

She hears on the radio
And she views on the news
Another patriot lost
Their country all solemn and blue

She lives day to day
For that moment to come
On Edwards runway he lands
For she knows she will run
She will sleep tight tonight
With her butterfly dreams
All loving and tender
For into his arms she will stream


Her Delightful Pose

She plays with her hair
In sexy pose
As she bites her finger
The want in me grows

Her shapely figure
Delights my eyes
The lure of her perfume
My body cries

Pert and naked
Her skin so toned
We move closer together
Our intentions honed

As we feel our bodies
Rub and slide
The passion we desire
We can no longer hide

Our hands caress
And grace each other
Our lips meet
In kissing smother

We collapse on our bed
Clenched, entwined
As our night begins
Our hips will grind

In joyous sync
We join as one
Our hearts beating
For from us runs

Our recipe of love
In tender flow
As our bodies glow 


Our Tenderness Flows

In lacy black
She invitingly lures
The love of her man
Strong and pure
On our bed she lies
As I see through the black 
Her curvaceous body
Shows no lack
Enticing in pout
Her lips glossed
She draws me in
I'm about to be bossed
My hands wander
Over her black attire
While the man in me
In furnace desire
Our souls meet
Flesh to flesh
As her breasts stand proud
Through the lacy black mesh
Bodies impressed
As we join at the hips
Lips to lips
As our loving grips
In rhythmic sway
Our tenderness flows
As my love for my love
Internally grows
In explosive delight
Her body arcs
Our love this evening
Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark 


Oh to be That Towel

As I viewed her there
Exiting the shower
The gleam of her skin
I long to devour

To be that towel
In wrap around
My arms to declare
In her surround

She turns to me
As her wet hair drapes
Our eyes meet
As in me shapes

We walk towards
Each others lure
For in a matter of moments
Our loving is pure

On the cold tile floor
In a shiver of moan
Our language unites
A wanting groan

Absorbed and endorsed
In bodily commit
The purist of pure
To each other submits

As we enter the shower
Still kissing, sharing
Man and woman
In pleasurable caring


My Tahitian Beauty

In the crystal clear waters
Surrounded by a lush lagoon
A beauty bathes
I'm in heavenly swoon

Her curvaceous shape
Reflects back to me
Her long brown hair
Flowing so free

Her wetted body
In luring moist glow
Entices my soul
In bodily grow

As she wades through the waters
Her body flows
Shaped and tanned
Natures bestowed

She exits the lagoon
As the water cascades
My Tahitian beauty
In her bathing parade