Progression, Suppression

Once upon along ago
Pioneers sailed over ocean flows
To start anew in a different world
Where centuries later new flags unfurled

The above appears reasonable to me
But it's the happenings to the Apache and Cree
The Westward Movement was inevitable
Murderous chaos as the indigenous fell

It's so easy to sit now and look back at the past
Where our ancestors prospered, whilst theirs didn't last
Do we look on in pride at our family tree
Never caring to the think about the Cree, Apache

Borders will fall as others will be encroached
Lands will be taken or politically poached
The Westward Movement are white mans words
But for gunfire and greed, they may never have been heard


Our First Unification

This morning I awoke in this wonderful place
I turned and viewed, the most beautiful of face
She was lying beside me naked as birth
Blond haired and tanned, being the first was worth 

She opened her eyes and prompted me to say
"My darling Eve you look beautiful today,
Your fruitful body all pinky and peached,
Our first unification is about to be seeked"

I stood, she arose as we headed to the stream
We blessed each other in this land of dreams
Washing and caressing under a sky so blue
Holding her to my heart this feeling of true

I look into her eyes as I pull my Eve to me
"Take my hand and I shall lead you to the tree.
Upon the ground we'll lay and reach within our souls
For on this very day, we shall rejoice in our eternal extol"

As we lay on the grass, with the roots of life all around
Plants and animals of different species resonate our surrounds
The sky becomes even bluer, whilst the sun rains down on us
Today's the day when woman and man express their loving discuss

Below the tree I say "Our moment will be so special, our fruits
will bear us son's. For we are the worlds tomorrow, it's future
has just begun" We lie wrapped in each other, consummating first love
To the skies we look we know he's there looking down at us from above

Under the Moon of Love

My newly bride not too thin
On honeymoon she decided to slim
We made love every night
Under the most lovely moonlight
And now the wanting tide can come in


Fire and Water

From flow to flow, two
Classical elements meet.
Eclipsed by the sky


Today we Mourn, Tomorrow we Live

Graveside so quiet
Tear laden relatives mourn
Today, heavy hearts
Tomorrow, spirits will lift
Whilst the living remember 

Conversation to Decoration

It started with conversation
By out of work frustration
Heading the way of desperation
As they filled in their application

Many would lack education
Would it lead to their great expectation
By training induced concentration
Next day they reach preparation

We needed no invitation
To war went this modern invasion
Many came back in transformation
Whilst thousands reached termination

And all this for administration
Who say thank you with a decoration

Panthera tigris altaica

A beauty so rare in it's habitat
Endangered they are by the human brat
Like many others on our planet earth
Our greed devalues their living worth

These Siberian Stripe-rs from the Trans-Caucasus lands
To view it in it's wilds is a feeling of grand
But it's so tragic to believe how few of them remain
Around five hundred and twenty, live in their domain

Three hundred and fifty Kg's, with a one metre tail
Panthera tigris altaica is the size of the male
In China they are being reared to repopulate it's wilds
So generations of our children, will deservedly smile

Will we ever learn that they are entitled to be here
As us humans expand into their expanse year after year
There has to be a time when respect is due to them
Then our time has come to change from man to men

If the above does not happen, we become the last two lines
Another species gone, this most beautiful panthera feline
Imagine the moment when you look into his eyes
There are millions of us, as their last one dies

Can You Look Up, As I Look Down

Blind faith
Limits your
Souls to believe 

The Gulf Between - Ekphrasis

It was on an 1953 issue, of Astounding Science Fiction
When Roger Taylor, a rock star, progressed with inspired conviction

The painter the band approached, was a Mr. Frank Kelly Freas
Who decided to alter his art, two parties in total agree

This painting illustrated the story, "The Gulf Between"
Inspiration finally hit home, an album cover, called "News of the World" by Queen

The alteration of his classic, includes the four members of the band
Two of them in deathly fall,  whilst two are held in his hand

This giant intelligent robot was mourning the bands demise
For on the inside of this album cover, are the audience in deathly cries

If you enjoy the music of Queen, you will know the painting above
For those of you who do not, give your curiosity a shove