My Daughter Reborn

I remember the day my daughter was born
Like she had been here before, but now reborn

Through the terrible two's she behaved like the rest
When she came to mingle she had a different zest

She spoke so young and observed all around her
She would talk to herself in private confer

Then along came school with it's different surrounds
She became more outgoing as if on common grounds

Her early teens came she was like a stranger to us
She would recite ancients scripts and bring us to cuss

Feelings I felt having never known her at all
But the day I followed her, scrawling on the church walls

I see her scribing,  ancient symbols and satanic verses
As she turns to me with Latin curses

She looks at me her eyes black that were green
Your no father to me my real fathers to be seen

My daughter my princess she falls to her knees
Her back rips open she smiles as if appeased

A black fluid appears, next a bulging mass
Dark wings unfold as I stare in a gasp

She turns towards me again I can see pain in her eyes
Her eyes are now green and theirs tears in her cries

Daylight is now darkness, dancing shadows on walls
Black winged angels ringing humanities death knoll

Where my daughter is kneeling buildings are collapsing
The arrival, her father, as his black winged angels sing

I run to my daughter, masonry falls all around
As we collapse together on natures hallowed ground

She was never his daughter although she had been here before
For her eyes turned from black, because she loved me even more

We lie bloodied and bruised on natures battered floor
What happens when were gone, we have gone before


Her Reoccurring Dream 

She went to bed as normal
To enter her reoccurring dream
Being visited by who
Its not too long before she screams

Her body becomes so bloodied
Scratched by seeings unknown
Claw marks not of this world
She's all alone feeling so disowned

She opens her teary eyes
Faceless images front her sight
Being in this reoccurring dream
To scared she lies in fright

Scaled humanoids over her body crawl
In an eerie fascination
It's like she's become an experiment
To find their realisation

She drifts even further
Panicking she gasps for air
In her bleeding aspiration
Her dark eyes open in deadened stare

In momentary shock
From this reoccurring dream she awakens
Is it just a matter of time
She becomes their forsaken

In Her Dreams

Asleep contented, dead to the world
Inside she hears what the outside has never heard

Her inner fears and nightmare dreams
Flow within her torrent of screams

What entities posses a soul so young
What has she done, to become their chosen one

Her nightmare starts with hands through the walls
In every direction she hears them call

Everytime they touch, her blood they draw
Their clamping hands like vice like jaws

Her eyes open in chilling stare
As she greets the entities sitting there

Beings so different with humanoid shape
Clothing scant in skeletal drape

Piercing eyes in her mind they search
This five, on her bedside perched

Her body now in levitation
This beings of five in realisation

She has been chosen to continue their race
Their experiments tested her grace

She awakes in the morning in normal stare
Her parents find she's just not there


Enslaved to their Dark

Two years have passed
Now the day has arrived
The dark now rules
For the lights in deprive

The white angels in capture
Taken to the depths
Hades has become them
Manacled and reft

Redded eyes in the dark
Peer from their bleak
To ogle these white angels
For centuries they seek

Up above on the surface
On this orb called earth
The dark angels fly
To distribute their mirth

A world once full of colour
Living and bright
Has been transformed into darkness
Left raped, left in blight

Slowly his legions
With their piercing red eyes
Will rise to the surface
Where he will hear their cries

Master of darkness
It has taken many years
To draw their light to your dark
As we live of their fears

We hail you oh dark one
For our year has arrived
Twenty twelve is upon us
For centuries we contrived

Fade to Grey

The dark angels are rising
Towards the light
Where their devilish black
Will challenge the white

From the depths of Hades
To the Heavens above
They meet on earths surface
These black and white doves

Their battle cries
For the good and the bad
For their icons they fight
Whether sane or mad

Will they ever meet in the middle
Than fight this day
To merge as one
And fade to grey

I love you mama

Many reasons
Have led me to this
To leave this world
Of negative bliss

Boyfriends, who wants them
Parents who fight
To be in my shoes
I will no longer tonight

My diary is written
As to why I must leave
I have felt this for years
As I internally grieve

My i-pod is charged
As I take my last walk
Goodbye grey clouds
I'll miss your thunder talk

I touch the walls
Of buildings I've been in
Leaving my trace
As I graze my skin

Through the park
Where my innocence was taken
By my boyfriend I thought
Left me distraught, forsaken

I reach my last door
Its just a gap in the fence
As I see where I'll lie
My desires immense

On the sleeper I sit
As I await my fate
Say hello to tomorrow
I'm sorry I can't wait

The light gets brighter
As it nears my life's drama
Tears stream from my eyes
I love you mama


Life's Black Abyss

Captured in life
Manacled in chains
Is living easy
Without any pains

One can sit
Day by day
Pondering in hope
It goes away

Ones thoughts travel
To distant places
Meandering in time
As strife retraces

Full moons grace
White doves appear
My ledge awaits
Near and near

Windows are stared
Their black abyss
Draws weak souls
A final kiss