Seasons come, Seasons go

The seasons create all colours
From greens to golds to browns
Spring, summer and autumn
Coverings like nature's gowns
When it comes to winter
Separating the strong from the weak
It's part of her natural progression
That this cold season seeks
Then come the spring again
All shoots appear for light
To journey on in their existence    
What ever time of life
The summer turns them to bloom
A most joyous of sights
Pastel colours like the rainbow     
All radiant with delight
Once again comes autumn
As the greens turn to browns
Their hold of life diminishing
As they release and flutter down
All around our planet
The cycles come and go
But there is no better sight
To see our Mother Nature grow 
Avenue of Autumn Turn
Grassy verged mounds
On a country roadside grace
Where a canopy of browns
Declare autumn in place
The branches rise
While winter nears
As if they were praising the sun
Allaying their fears
For after their fall
Another colour may grace
In crystal form
And the lands will embrace
The whitening ices
Grounds barren to white
Crisp starry skies
Like sparkling lights
With a flick of her switch
She turn spring on
As the buds appear
Singing a totally new song
Through the bright months they grow
As the temperature warms
Natures miracles
In all shapes and forms
Our smiles get wider
As the summer blooms
Fragrances aplenty
Like scented perfumes
And here we are
It's autumn again
The seasons like great symphonies
Always proud and replaying 

Not Quite a Rainbow

Fire rainbow, misnamed.
Circumhorizontal arc
Is an optical

Phenomenon, an
Ice halo formed by plate shaped 
Ice crystals in high

Level cirrus clouds.
Circumhorizon arc is
It's other cool name



From the surface of
The moon, light reflected gives
Off that rainbow scene

For when the moon is
Near to full, at it's brightest 
Opposite of her

And natures rains fall
Combination creates, a
Moonbow oh! so rare


The Tide is High

Tidal surge
Global warming
Sea's rising
Nature's warning

Do we ignore
Or do we react
Do we debate
Or ignore the fact's

Around the table
All countries should meet
To discuss our future
Before our lands retreat

There are many ways
To rectify
Nature's vengeance
But we have to comply?


The Falls of Life

Cascade of blue, flows
Green mosses, grace nature's rocks 
The trees drink in toast

For Raul's contest " Rhythm of the Falls "


Waters Fall Under Gravity Feed

Serene sounds of the Rhythm of the Falls
Echo through the forests green canopied walls
Delightful in flow like Robin's pen
Where the Rhythm of the Falls will flow time and time again 

Her liquid lullaby, capturing natures sight
Greened mossed coverings, a velvet delight
As the waters fall under gravity feed
The Rhythm of the Falls, are beautiful indeed


After reading Robin's lovely Haiku " Liquid Lullaby " these lines flowed.


The Cobalt Coastline

Bluey black, clouds and waves
Dark shades, shadow the nightfall
The cobalt coastline





Aqua Sky

Black crows are gracing
An aqua laden sky
As the clouds slowly merge
To wish the morn goodbye

Greened coniferous horizons
Peer through the misty banks
Engaging in momentary glimpses
For nature again, we thank

The surface of the lake
Bottle smooth and so serene
Aqua blue reflections
Enhance this pristine scene

The mist eventually rises
As the sun burns through it's haze
I look forward too tomorrow
For more of these glory days 


Even Butterflies, Fly Through Clouds

Delightful in posture
In beautiful dreams
The grace of the butterfly     
In gliding streams

They live their lives
As we all do
Battling elements
Some make it through

Some fall on the thorn
Others will wilt
While others prosper
Their future built

Do we know
Could they say it out loud
As they rise through the meadow
Even butterflies, fly through clouds


Our Countryside

From the tips of the treetops
To the mountain peaks
Scenery of awe
Can make a grown man weep

Snow capped generals
Tower over lands below
Where crystal fresh streams
Down the hillsides flow

Ripples and whirlpools
On their meandering way
Passing greened pastures
Oozing natures bouquet

Animals off all sorts
Grace these scenes
Take a walk in the hills
And you will see what I mean

Flowers and colours
Out of this world
Sounds of the animals
Have to be heard

So next time you are driving
Through your country
You will be quite surprised 
Too whats all around thee 


Autumn Fairy

The Autumn fairy
To my garden she came
Bringing colours and sorrow
As winter gains

Her role in life
Is to console the plants
To ensure their tomorrow
She willingly grants

Trees so massive
As they bow to her words 
For the truth she speaks
Never a season absurd

Perennial plants
Continue the hope
And the evergreens
In winters soak

For come the spring
Previous whispers she said
As you look all around
Sights that will turn your head

So come the next fall
When the leaves drift down
Look for the Autumn fairy
Wearing her Autumn gown


Avenue of the Moon

Shades of black
On an ebony night
As the moon shines down
Such a wonderful sight
A channel of water
Mirrors the sky
As the clouds float
In my thankful eyes
The avenue of the moon
Silhouettes the tops of the trees
Like a silent guard of honor
In blissful guarantee
Another capture of delight
In this world where we live
For generations and beyond
If we give, she relives


The Lone Tree

Solitary tree
Silhouetted by the moon
Nature at her best




Life's Living Well

Deep in the forest
Their is a pool so pure
Its translucent surface
An animals lure

This foster of life
From the skies it fell
As it collects and flows
Life's living well

Algae and plant
In local grow
Absorb its moisture
In greenery show

On earth all around
In prosperous abundance
This giver of life
Our ubiquitous, watery substance 



Our ubiquitous
Chemical substance, water
Essential to life 





Like Blue Roses

The night in capture
Clouds graced by earths lunar light
Heavenly blue roses





Spring Meadows in Abundance

The meadows along the mountainsides
In glorious flowery bloom
Colours oozing, insects buzzing
Out the window of my front room

The chirping sounds of the birds
Orchestral voices on the wing
Serenading, communicating
What a joy to hear them sing

To the left i hear spring waters
It's trickle has become a flow
The winter has come and gone
As the sun melts the virgin snow

The vista of crisp blue sky
Quilts the scenes above
Whilst a bird of peace coos
A most brilliant white young dove

If you live beside a mountain
Please take the time to view
No better array of nature reborn
By her grace, it's for me and you