Amidst Golden Sands

Amidst golden sands on a blanket I sit
Surrounded by voices of beauty I admit
Summer breezes caress swaying reeds on the stem
Birds look for seeds as they are welcomed by them

Waves change to breakers as they change back to waves
Upon golden sands they caress day after day
The chattering of birds as they glide overhead
If we could understand them, hear their words that are said 

To the waters edge I walk barefoot on the sands
Admiring such scenery no matter where I stand
The intermittent feeling as the waves brush my skin
Allows me to comprehend as I take it all in

The afternoon passes as the evening now descends
As I say farewell to the beach and the waves that never end
But I shall return to the place that never sleeps
To add to existing memories, that I'm fortunate to keep



Leafed to be reft
Ashen greys in bleak surround
Cover of night dies
It's stillness, in cry, out loud 
My life, will be skeletal


This Sunny Morn

The joy of awakening in a wonderful place like this
As I pull back the bedroom curtains, no place I'd rather wish
Standing on the balcony of our log cabin this sunny morn
It's a joy to have been born when surrounded in this bliss

Into our day we go having had breakfast on the shore
Every time is so much better than the times we did before
Summer going into Autumn is the time that captures our eye
Greens and colours so plenty in such wonderful decor

Once again the lake reflects the azure of the bluest sky
As we recall our thoughts of moving here, now we all see why
The wildlife roams so free just as it should really be
Fish are jumping, Eagles soaring, and buzzing Dragonflies

As we head towards our evening having walked the local trails
Looking through my eyes today at such beauty that never fails
Whilst all around stares back at me, on any given day
I'm honoured to live in a place like this, for everyday I inhale