Autumn Girl
On the scattered leaves
On this Autumn day
The most beautiful girl
In season display
Wearing the most gorgeous gown
Of silvers and tans
In slender fit
She delightfully stands
Her lovely brown hair
Down her back it flows
Her pretty face
Radiantly glows
As she strolls through the park
In a setting so pure
I had to rub my eyes
To know for sure
In graceful pace
The trees sway
To honour this beauty
Who walked their way
As they shed more leaves
They gently fall
Like Autumn snow
Around this girl
The Strokes of the Red Rose
All naked and pert
As she lies on our bed
Natures beauty
In delightful spread
The Rose nearby
I take in my hand
As I gently brush
Her body so grand
The petals surrender
As her skin sighs
Aromatic scents
Caress her inner thighs
Her breasts rise
As if in hunger want
As more petals tease
To her pert like taunts
Brushed and tickled
Her palace of pink
The stem of her man
Her heaven will link
Sensual tensions ripe
As she moans and glows
The love of her man
And the Strokes of the Red Rose


Daytona Beach Breakers

Down Florida way
Near Daytona Beach
Stays many a lassie
One in my eyes is a peach
Breakers on the move
Beach to caress
Bikini clad girl
My eyes are well blessed
Shapely and tanned
Toned and refined
Just me and this lassie
To be wined and dined
Late night beach stroll
As they enjoy the night
With the sound of the breakers
Just out of sight
In a moment of capture
They turn to each other
Gently they kiss
Under starry night cover
On the sand they lay
Looking up to the sky
This two together
Never wondering why
Their futures tomorrow
Today they just met
Over a period of time
Eternally set


The Dance of the Scarlet Red Rose
Suited in black
Dressed in dark
This girl and boy
Ignite a loving spark
He offers a rose
She kindly accepts
This evening their love
In loving depths
Dance floor graced
In his hat and tails
Dance floor awaits
His loving Gail
Her hand taken
Dancing close
Hands embracing
Scarlet red rose
The evening draws in
Now hand in hand
Walking home
In their mind planned
Door closes
Warm embrace
Lips meet
Tongues raced
Clothes floored
Two naked in stance
Eyes warming
Wanting trance
Stairs they climb
In fondling mode
Hands aplenty
Sexual load
Edge of bed
Kisses galore
Excitement gallops
In Gail he adores
They slowly merge
Join as one
Writhing in waves
Oozing potions run
Their absorbent passion
In hunger exhaust
Sweat laiden bodies
Glistening like frost
In comfort pose
Whispering kisses
The Dance of the Scarlet Red Rose
And a couples wishes


Cave of Carnal Capture
In shredded attire
Bodies of flesh
Through the waterfall haze
In sweated fresh
In his arms, captured
Her leg like a vine
Wrapped with intention
As he enters entwined
In standing pose
This pillar of man
Inner grows
Wanting runs
Tongues fencing
Adventurous hands
Waterfall spray
Mixing with glands
Grandiose groans
Echo this cave
Two statues in loved weld
In carnal crave
The cry of content
Choirs her walls
As spasmodic groans
Inner enthral
In quivering shake
Intake of kiss
Cave of carnal capture
Sexual bliss


The Love of Two

Naked two, one astride
Absorbing passions
Internal joys flow





Her Valentine Gems

Light catches her eyes
Sparkling on Valentines night
Like blue sapphire gems


Two Birds

Harmony, nature
Eagle and the dove unite
Two birds blossoming




Buxom and Beautiful

Ample of figure
Gorgeously stunning, my love
Beauty, in my eyes

Bikini Clad Beauty

Summertime beauty
Her figure is a delight
Perfection of curve





Stairway to Heaven
Heading home
From our evening out
Two darling doves
Our love devout
In the evening heat
As our clothes stick
Her shapely body
Curved and slick
An early night
Us loving pair
Heaven awaits
As we climb the stair
We shed our clothes
Now naked souls
To share our love
Our wanting goal
We lie on our sides
As we kiss and caress
Our hands determining
Tender delicateness
Our kissing increases
Luring our crave
As she lifts her leg
Our wants engage
In readied pose
Her scented lure
I journey slide
To join so pure
Slow in flow
Our rhythm sings
Notes from our heart
Alluring brings
Our bodies writhe
Like courting snakes
Internal emotion
Pleasurable motions
Rise in me
Flowing loves
Swim in her sea
We quiver and sigh
Her nails grip deep
My manly arms
Harvesting loves reap
We lie there absorbing
Our moments of bliss
Serenading with our lips
Kiss after kiss
We awaken in the morning
Knowing love was in our hands
As we climbed our Stairway to Heaven
That this loving couple planned


Bedroom Games

To enjoy our wants
In pleasurable plays
Sexual taunts

Lacy wears
Scented oils
Silken ties
Sexual spoils

Tied and bound
Birthday suits
Sexual fruits

Olympic games
Positional fonts
Undulating writhes
Sexual wants

Two birds of paradise
The Eagle and Dove
From distant lands
Sexual love


Caressing of the Falls
A hot sunny day
Tropical isle
My dark haired love
Sure makes me smile
I admire her beauty
Her body so pert
But most of all
Her soul and her heart
In the scorching heat
She treats me to share
Under the small waterfall
Her charms so bare
Against the rocks
Her back she rests
Cool running water
Caressing her breasts
Nature excites
As her hands explore
Forbidden lands
Like waves on the shore
The look in her eyes
As she reels me in
To taste the falls
As it runs on her skin
I treasure my time
As I work my way
Absorbing the mix
Of natures play
In time I reach
This prettiest of face
As the waterfall christens
In our special place
Kissing, chatting
Strolling back home
Waterfall reflecting
Enjoying sensuous roam


She Took me by the Hand

She took me by the hand
My heart so true and sure
She whispered in my ear
Be prepared for love so pure
We headed to a secluded beach
As we lay down on the sands
We kissed and cuddled for some time
I'm now putty in her hands

Her hands so warm and gentle
I'm like a rose graced by the breeze
We join as two on these sands of gold
Our audience, the waves and the sea

The moment as we capture
Orchestral joys abound
Our unification, our bonding souls
In this wonderful surround