Sultry in Silky Black

She turns around
And my, that look
Her dark sultry eyes
My heart was hooked

Her flowing dark hair
Catches the light
Her black silky underwear
Hugging her tight

I move in close
Her shoulder I touch
Her hand on my thigh
In most tender of clutch

Her nape I kiss
Sighs of delight
Our evening begins
Until well into the night

On the edge of our bed
She sits, then lays
Our hands in adventure
As our passion plays

Our shadows dance
And grace the walls
My hands hold hers
In capture thrall

Our cries of joy
Explosion of love
Soul mates


On West Wittering Beach

Along the golden sands
Walking and talking
Holding hands
Splashing and frolicking

On West Wittering we are 
Hearts thumping
Our wants increasing
Urges pumping

A blanket we spread
On the sands of time
As we lie together
Our bodies primed

Our hands in wander
All over we roam
Our lips melted in kiss
As they find their way home

Under the clear blue sky
Our flesh is revealed
Two lovers in join
Our unity sealed

In rhythmic rhythm
On the sands we dance
The breakers applaud
To our loving romance

The wind whistles
Over our curves in delight
In a crescendo of joy
Our inner lava ignites

As we lay on the blanket
On the West Wittering sands
We were orchestral in love
With our wandering hands 


Rose Petals Adorn Her

On our bed she lies naked
Astride black satin sheets
Her body stood to attention
As our skins start to greet

I work my way up
From her feet to her thighs 
Peeling rose petals
As I look in her eyes

She sighs as they fall
As my kisses caress
Adventurous hands
In wandering impress

Her hips i grip
As I sense her perfume
My love and I
In our marital bedroom

More petals descend
And grace her breasts
As we kiss with passion
And join with zest

Our love ignites
In joyous mix
As our eyes meet
In love, transfixed

We cuddle spooned
As she lies into me
Rose petals adorn
Her heavenly body


The Waterfall Delights

In a highland glen through a forest of green
For years untouched it has to be seen
Giant ferns from the prehistoric age
In this place where I walk is natures stage

Clearings so lush, breath taking sights
A break of a twig as pheasants take flight
Up ahead I hear the most delightful of roars
Like a magnet so strong, draws me to explore

A spray mist, drifts through the air
As enchanted singing, lures me to there
A rocky outcrop I reach, beside waters of blue
The song being sung, notes so true

In the crisp clear waterfall, bathes a maiden so blond 
I watch the waters caress her, in delightful fond
Curvacious and slim as the cold affects
Her body ripples to the cascading effect

Through the clear her hands glide in motion
Like the gracing waves on a tranquill ocean
A symphony, of mother natures sounds
Acompany her song in this wonderful surround

Who is this maiden that I view here
In this wonderful glen, on this amazing sphere
Bathing in water that gives so much to my lands
As I wish the fluid of clear, were my hands


She Wants to Know What Love Is

She wants to know what love is
As their evening starts
Discussions aplenty
Straight from their heart

She wants to know what love is
As they sit holding hands
Laughing and enjoying
Two in understand

She wants to know what love is  
As their evening progresses
Where a glass of wine is shared
Their conversation caresses

She wants to know what love is
As their song is played
Where their delight is revealed
Their holding, displayed

She wants to know what love is
As their lips touch
Their hands in adventure
Let them roam as such

She wants to know what love is
In tender undress
Flesh to flesh
Chest to breasts

She wants to know what love is
Her inner flow
To share and join
In bonding glow

She wants to know what love is
All through the night
To be in his arms
Cuddled and right

She wants to know what love is
As she awakes the next day
Still clenched as they spoon
Their loving, says


Our Wedding Day

Our wedding day
Beautiful and bliss
When she said I do
I couldn't wait to kiss

My bride looked so lovely
I could feel my heart
Jumping with joy
As our future starts

Down by the river
The photographer shoots
My darling bride on a swing
As a gracing swan overlooks

Today is our day
As we welcome families and guests
My best mate the best man
And our bridesmaids so blessed

At the top table we sit
With our parents we love
Nervous speeches are said
As I turned to my white dove

Today's been the best day
Of the whole of my live
I stand here proud and tall
To declare you my wife

Our meal has finished
As the band starts to play
I take my wife's hand
To the dance floor we display

Should to shoulder
Face to face
Sharing kisses
Our wedding embrace

We are soon joined on the floor
By our family and friends
At our Highland Wedding
Where the dancing never ends

Its now well into the morning
As we all retire
My wife and I
Share our marital desires

In the morning we shall go
On our honeymoon
Three weeks of passion
Will have me over the moon


The Cutter, the Foreigner and the Beach

In a cutter he sailed
This tanned foreign man
Muscled and handsome
As I watched him step on my island

His long brown hair
Mm, shoulder length
I went weak at the knees
Losing my strength

The evening drew in
As I sat on the beach
Admiring his ship
Craving his reach

When I heard a voice
Saying " good evening to you "
I turned around
And the want in me grew

I said " hello back "
Would you care to join me
On this sunset evening
As I joy at the seas

On the sands we sit
Our lives being discussed
My inner thoughts of this young man
Were beach laid lust

We continued to chat
As we moved real close
We shared a kiss
As our skin was exposed

He picked a red flower
And placed it in my hair
Into his eyes I looked
To desire him here

His muscled body
Held me to his
My breasts outing
My heart in bliss

The warm evening air
Drifts over our skins
In the sands we join
Our pleasurable sins

Its as if the warms winds quieten
Allowing our chorus of love
As the stars peer through
The palm tree leaves up above

In explosive crescendo
Like the breakers on the shore
He excites me like no other
As my body cries for more

In symphony and in sync
We writhe and absorb
Our passion shared
Before natures sinking orange orb

In his arms I lie
Until well into dawn
For I know in my heart
Unto him I am drawn 


Through the Steamed up Glass

Arriving home from work
Sleepy and tired
Hot shower I craved
A quiet evening desired

To the bathroom I go
Cascades of water sounds
Through the steamed up glass
A curvaceous figure is found

Her shoulder length hair
Soaked back in hold
Her body pressed to the pane
A sight to behold

As I watch her shower
Admiring her lathered hands
Caressing as she cleans
In solitary command

Her undulations
Wetted glow
In adventurous display
Her body shows

I catch her eye
Through the steamed up glass
My girlfriend, my love
My Highland lass

Door ajar
She invites me in
Naked like birth
Skin to skin

Our hands in wander
As the water flows
We merge into one
In loving glow


Pink Sunset

In these waters of warm
Of the Bermuda coast
I stand with my love
As our bodies encroach 

Hips lathered
Brushed by the waves
Undulations discovered
Impressions engraved

Salty sprays
Flavour our lips
As a gentle breeze
Between us slips

The pert of she
Excited by touch
Her pillar of man
In each other they clutch

Naked as birth
Two tanned souls unite
Kissing, caressing
In their pink sunset delight

Cherry Lips

In black lace she sits
With her inviting eyes
Stockings of silk
Caress her thighs

Her look of lure
Pierces my heart
She invites me to crawl
Her ankles I start

Slowly climbing
Touching, kissing
Her thighs I reach
My mind now wishing

She exhales a sigh
As my lips taste
Her skin revealed
As I clasp her waist

Kissing, kissing
Towards her pleasurable mounds
My beating heart
Throbbing, pounds

My goals I reach
Her cherry lips red
Over the sheets we cascade
Bed spread

Movement and motions
As her waves rush my shore
Our love is released
In loving roar

Relaxing sighs
As we nestle in
Our joy of us
Bliss within