He Beckoned, I Arose

In the depths of Winter one December night
As my thoughts slept I awoke in delight
For at the end of my bed was what I'd always dreamed
He was tall of stature, just as my hopes seemed

His outstretched hand beckoned my rise
Standing before him looking into his eyes
I could see he had passion and a warmth for the dark
When he touched me so, he left his mark

In a broken dialect, with a Latin trace
I could sense gestures of welcome as I stand in his grace

~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~

We sit together as his language turns to mine
Declaring me his second for now it's our time
We must summon his legions from the depths of this earth
To do this we must sacrifice to make the dark worth

He touches me again as my birth voice turns to black
A change in me I now feel, my allegiance to never lack
This devil so called to me immaculate to any man
To extinguish the light to be his master plan

As we step into the night, the earth opens like deep sores
His masses now march to spread darken spores

~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~

Standing together we are, whilst his legions look on
Above us ravens and crows circle, deterring the light from being strong
He raises his fist drawing black clouds from the blue
Whilst his flocks of dark angels into the distance they flew

For they are his eyes as they patrol darkening skies
To seek out the light of which we despise
This man now my master turns to his legions and declares
If it shines like a light, no one is to be spared

The hill we now stand on, glows of crimson red
For the day has come that the earth has dread

~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~~     ~     ~

On chariots of fire winged serpents follow
Spewing out their flames, many villages swallowed
Silhouettes combust in momentary capture
Whilst the dark march on, in death plunder rapture

His ultimate aim is to turn day into night
Extinguish the light and turn the dark to the right
Heaven and Hell to be absorbed for the one
I am no longer second, for I am his son

Days, weeks and months, turned into decades of fear
Earth now lies spent, too arid for tears


We waited many years the few of us that are left
In our minds we couldn't imagine the surface on our earth so reft
What we knew before we will never know again
That man can be so destructive, and no one ever gains

Slowly we start to climb the steps to a world we knew
What element of view awaits as we step into anew
The sealed doors to our mountain safe-way creak against the quiet
Our hearts beat in-trepidation as we await their impending riot

Through the door we go into a landscape we read about in books
Do we appreciate what we have survived, so alive to be able to look
We look out across the valley once lush like a carpet of greens
What we see before us we knew as out of this world martian scenes

The town that we knew and loved has disappeared from view
Now replaced by open sores as they spill their molten spew
The sun is but a blur through a darkened dusty haze
What little oxygen presents, appears to fuel this fiery display

As we head down towards where our town was, very little of it remains
Collapsed and buried buildings our view is now en-grained
Skeletal metal frames as if molded by a sculptor's torch
Rocks melted into a glaze, by the bombs inevitable scorch

Many miles we now have walked through our barren radiated lands
Was it to be from the dawn of time that this moment was in our plans
As we head back to our mountain safe-way, looking back down our valley
It will be many many years, like it was, but we'll get there gradually


When Skies of Cobalt Blue - Act 1

The end of the year is drawing near
Home to our familes we will go
No more blinding white in surround
Saying cheerio to this Antarctic flow

It's late as we pass the seventh hour
The nineteenth of December now truly left behind
For after the holidays we'll return
Take our chances to see what there's to find

It's approximately twelve past eight
The drilling rigs on it's final bore
When we hear a shout from the derrick
It's more of panic, than we have ever heard before

The sensors have picked up our strike
It's metal we have struck so far down
In momentary pause we stand stunned
What can be buried so far underground

A silence captures this expanse
The sky turns a deep cobalt blue
A violent shaking, the ice breaking
What ever it is, it's massive that's breaking through

Thousands of years start to show face
Ancient ice from a long forgotten past
Detracts us from what we are witnessing
Looking up leaves us in total aghast

Something not of this world
Has erupted through earths glacial ice
Above us it starts to hover
Our eyes lured as if in awe suffice

We hear voices on our radios
Which leaves us in total astound
In various parts of the world
Giant spaceships rise from our grounds

When Skies of Cobalt Blue - Act 2

Images now received by satellite
Show spaceships similar to here
In Tunguska, deepest Russia
The largest seems to appear

Near the Kingdom of Scourie, Scotland
From the Minch it slowly arose
The third of them showed so silently
Highlanders agape, froze

Governments now in communication
Media frenzies gather flow
It takes something out of the ordinary
For dialogue to openly show

A hush captures our attention
Channel 5, Australia News
Ayers Rock sees the fourth of these crafts
Indigenous carvings on the screens we now view

More reports are gathering strength
In Guatemala, near Piedras Negras
"Black stones" I believe in Spanish
Is it coincidence that this is the last

The night to the dawn takes ages to pass
Every hour we look to our skies
Have we awoken what we have always dreamt of
Below us, our eyes could never espy

Not from the depths of outer space
But from the deep from the planet we live
Lying dormant, awoken by archaeologists
We await as many nations, misgive

When Skies of Cobalt Blue - Finale

Media frenzies gather pace
Camera's focused on our skies
The slightest move by these crafts
Always takes us by surprise

Nations are asking questions
As to why we face these crafts
Confusion meets their replies
For once they cannot draft

More than a week now has passed
Still they hover through the clouds
Daily life is not the same
Even thoughts are heard out loud

The world awoke one morning
For above these crafts already here
Floating cities in the sky
Perfectly round massive spheres

They must be here for a reason
For the crafts below now descend
Billions of people await transfixed
Is this the beginning of our end

The ship above the Piedras Negras
Now hovers over the Mayan Temple
Silver slide doors open to ajar
The waiting media stand so still

What we call a droid appears in view
It's as if climbing down the steps
Where many have walked to their death
To compensate their godly depth

At the relocated sacrifice alter
A cylinder it appears to leave
It now ascends the steps
What now are we led to believe

Upon the reaching of the cylinder
It opens before it's touched
A scroll is revealed inside
Now in the Governments clutch

The world is now in conference
For the scroll is about to be read
Billions await the news
Religious followers pray in dread

Our year is finally upon you
Many centuries you have had to comply
The warning was in our calender
No more time you have to defy

No sooner had their message been read
They had disappeared from our skies
Their threat, had it all been a warning
Do we humans cheer, or do we despise

The end of the year now approaches
Past events are still in our thoughts
2013 is just around the corner
Is this a lesson, we've just been taught

NASA reports that the shuttle Discovery
Has emerged from the dark side of the moon
Having being hidden from our past events
They are looking to come home real soon

Reports are coming in from Antarctica
The skies turning a deep cobalt blue
Above the Discovery witnesses
Five explosions in sporadic view