The Ancient Plateau - Act 1

At the British History Museum, we met
To discuss our future plans
An expedition beckons
To a far forgotten land

Rumours had been rife
Of a plateau on this lands
Where time had stood so still
With ancient beasts, oh so grand 

Down by the Thames
We load the Cargo's for our trip
Scientists and Paleontologists
Are with the crew of our ship

We set sail in the morning
Heading for Cape Horn
Many weeks we will travel
If we survive the Atlantic storms

A shout from the crows nest
Land of the starboard side
Tierra del Fuego archipelago
To the shore we gently guide

Our expedition now landed safely
All personnel and supplies
Tomorrow our search starts
We will see has time defied

We set off towards the mountains
Enjoying the scenery as we go
The closer we get inland
Species of plants we did not know

We arrive at a clearing
Beside a meandering river
It was at this point
My body began to shiver

For just above the clouds
There appears to be some land
This must be the plateau
To scale it, has to be planned

We shall wait a few days
To watch the mists appease
And determine a route to climb
With care and utmost ease

The morning has arrived
Up the plateau steep we go
The air begins to get thinner
As our breathing gathers slow

Vines and lush impede us
Giant ferns with thorns so cutting
Rocky pinnacles exhaust our climbing
Perseverance overcomes their jutting

Our climb has left us jaded
We shall rest overnight
For in the morning we will continue
To hopefully witness forgotten sights


The Ancient Plateau - Act 2

In the morning we arise
To a sky of perfect blue
Surrounded by leafy greens
And Birds in plumage hues

We head deep into the lush
Strange sounds resonate
If such beasts exist
I wonder what awaits

The rays of the sun beat down
As our strength saps by the hour
Intermittent squalls
Momentarily repairs our power

We come to a leafy clearing
And a sight beholds our eyes
A herd of massive Sauropods
Reach into the sky

To see such awesome beasts
As they amble, as if in slow motion 
But way of to our left
Roaring, angered commotion

A Sauropod injured calf
Seen flagging from the group
A Tyrannosaurus stands over 
In carnivorous stoop

Are we looking on in awe
At this sight from long ago
But we see this in our world
As the African plains show

The Scientists and Paleontologists
Are revelling in this time
To view these beasts of long ago
On this plateau in their prime

The evening slowly draws in
Around the campfire discussions are said
To preserve this ancient era
We all agreed, as read

We head back to the clifftops
To work our way back down
Through the lush rich greens
Immaculate are natures gowns

All through the descent
There's talk of what we seen
We read about it when we were younger
And even seen it in our dreams

The world above where we have come from
Has to remain in our past
Its been preserved for a reason
And its our duty, to make our silence last


They Came For Us - Act 1

Through out the world the skies turned to black
Our oceans and seas were in turmoil from slack
The clouds grew stormy as the rains lashed down
Worldwide monsoon, many areas in drown

On CNN, many reporters are live
This phenomena of nature fills our skies
When suddenly a news flash appears on our screen 
Lights through the clouds are in worldwide seen

Massive spaceships fill the clearing skies
As the world looks on in despair and surprise
They slowly descend as an opening appears
Shuttles so many, is this the start of our fears

Above us they hover as still as can be
These crafts from out there as we await and see
A column of light beams down to earth
In radius so large in sunlight girth

As I look down on the streets people are holding their ears
They all look like their screaming, eyes in tears
Then suddenly they stand like soldiers to attention
As I witness this scene I am too dumb to mention

I look down and wonder at the views that I see
As it suddenly dawns why its not happening to me
I am deaf and dumb, and have been from birth
An affliction till now, it now seems so worth

The shuttles that hovered, now all appear to land
Their doors are now opening is this what they planned
Down on the streets they all look as if tranced
As they turn to the shuttles in shuffling advance

By the hundreds they disappear into their dark
Taking of when full, beside the light they embark
I watch this unfold many many times again
Is this the end of us, humans earth reign

This tragic event goes on for days
As our population streams I look on in dismay
What can I do where do I turn
Do they take what they can, and to where and return


They Came For Us - Act 2
Weeks have passed, since they were last here
We have lost so many, many still in trance like fears
The ones who escaped this terrible time
Are the mute and the deaf, or underground like the mines 
We are left at a loss as to when they return
What can we do, no military to yearn
We witnessed many shuttles and spaceships en masse
Our population in demise no matter the class
The ones who are able to the surface they go
Bringing back water and supplies, viewing a city in woe
We could never imagine the quietness of it all
But we sense their return in numbing pall
We awake early morning to the sounds of lashing rain
For we know they are here to pillage once again
The unlucky ones to the shuttles they go
We can only protect so many, keep them safe down below
Their visits continued for many many years
Millions were taken, but we got used to our fears
We still walk the streets, of our deserted cities and towns
It's so surreal and unimaginable, when there is no one around 

They Came For Us - Final Act

Another day we awake, in this desolate world
Years of debris in continuing swirl
In the town where i stay, we have rallied and done
We have underground points, where we frequently run

We always discussed, the times they came back
And wondered the reason why they never attacked
We marvelled at their technology, as they gathered together
And marched us in trances, never having to tether

What would they want, with billions of people like us
Our discussion gets angry as we enter into cuss
Were we to be slaves, or even worse than that
Out there and beyond, we have become just a stat

Then one winters day we awoke to heavy rain
For we knew from the deluge, they had come back again
This time was different as we watched as they land
Something so simple, for years we had planned

The amount of shuttles was never like before
In sporadic landings, as they opened their doors
We ventured forward in trance like walks
Showing no emotion, only our eyes talked

As we get to the doors, into the shuttles we fire
Shooting at random as our fears aspire
Their doors start to close, but before they depart
We hope for victory, and show them humans are smart

In their exodus as they head back to the light
On board they carry, many an exploding device
For before their doors closed, inside we threw
Man made killers, from our murderous menu

We look on in hope as they reach the light
As they disappear through the clouds and out of sight
Minutes pass as we witness our goal
A blinding light leaves us in joyous extol

Debris drifts down and all around
Who ever they were, they now scatter our grounds
Drastic measures called for drastic decisions
All us fighting adults and me, they are now deaf by incision

From this day forward we will all start anew
The billions we were, erased to a few
We must educate and learn from our past
For we now have the honour, to make us humans last