To Others she's Worth

In a corner I kneel naked as birth
Worthless I feel to others I appear worth
I worked in a bar a customer I've just met
He's promised this and that my future I think set

A new life he'd find better prospects I'd face
To this customer I've just met I reach out to embrace
We meet in the morning at a disclosed quiet place
My journey for a new life with a smile on my face

Into my unknown down dirt roads and farm tracks
After travelling for hours I start to relax
At a farmhouse we stop outside parked are fancy cars
In the middle of nowhere my mind thinks so bizarre

Entering we go this cold and eerie place
Strangers they all are to a wall I'm told to face
Orders are given to please turn around
Strip naked to bare quiet, not a sound

A door opens in walk smartly dressed men
They appear haggling, bartering Again and again
To me they approach pointing, stern faced
Naked to these men in this now nowhere place

I am led away injection I am given
Into involuntary slumber in deranged driven
I awaken hours later to the sound of city life
In a seedy room somewhere my heart races rife

Weeks and months pass many men to forget
Soiled and degraded instructed, by the man in the bar I'd met 

They Exist, when Summoned

On a dark isle off Scotland's west coast
There sits a castle with it's evil host
This harbourer of witchcraft and demonic doom
Is to leave this planet like a deathly dark tomb

Servants of the night as they have in the past
Will once again rise to finish their task
Summoned they will come from the fires of Hades
Black angels of him to the light they'll degrade

At every full moon they command the skies
They will unleash their fear with shrieking cries
These bat shaped creatures with heads of snake
Devour their enemy to a deadened shake

Villages and towns make ready their night
The safety of the clans from evils delights
Deep in the cellars and caves where we hide
Discussions for hope to repair this divide

Tears flow as emotions are shared
When this hell is over how many of us will be spared
From where we shelter we hear terrorising screams
To the older of us, it's more reoccurring dreams

Into the hours of the morn the onslaught goes on
What kind of a place can these creatures come from
Suddenly we hear the most thunderous of crashes
As the cobalt blue black is cut through with flashes

We see on the hills the glowing of white
Sporadic they are as they come out of the night
These riders of white on unicorns they ride
Is this what will save us and repair the divide

They raise their arms releasing white silver flashes
Connecting with these creatures as they turn into ashes
Many hours of conflict as the dawn brings a new day
The land reeks of battle and deathly decay

As we enter the light and our surroundings we view
The count leaves not many, I'm just one of a few
To the unicorns we turn, in praise to declare
But we see nothing at all, they were no longer there


His Legions Now March

The day has arrived, his legions now march
From Hades through the crevice to earth he'll leave parched
Almighty flames will his soldiers follow
Never caring who they engulf, no remorse for their sorrow

Town after town, from city to city
He'll carry Hell's torch, never to wallow in their pity
And when the strong succumb to his wrath
Followers of the white will in turn change their path

No more will you see colourful pastels of hue
Or even the skies and it's innocent blue
The greened rich lands farmed for thousands of years
Will die dry decrepit, no rain for it's tears

Civilisations will be swallowed never to rise
Even thunder will be silenced whilst the masses death cry
The day has now passed the year twenty twelve
It's time for the dark master to once again delve 

Through Hidden Dreamed Doors

Another world entered
Through hidden dreamed doors ~~
My eyes in capture ~
Ebony pillars
In naked lone stand

Kneeling I am
Watching spiders ~~
So Silver like ~

Webs of ice
Entrap me ~~
Soul to sole ~

I am
Forever ~