Kiddie's Corner

Good morning, good morning, girls and boys
I hope you brought your Disney toys

Gather round in a circle close
Lets sing about the ones we love the most

Mickey, Mickey, your so cute and small
We love you the best of all

Donald Duck with his ducklings three
Dressed the same are his family

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Pluto, Pluto your silly and daft
You sure do make us laugh

It's time to count, lets have some fun
The Seven Dwarfs, seven back to one

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

Dumbo flaps his ears and flies
Pinocchio's nose grows telling silly lies

Let all skip to Wonderland
Holding Alice's hands, going hand in hand

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land

     Children, children wave your hands
     Close you eyes we're in Disney Land


Her Magnificent Seven

There once lived in the forest, seven wonderful guys
Then came the day that would open up their eyes
Tall shapely and slim, with flowing jet black hair
This seven wonderful guys, jaws dropping as they stare

~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~          ~

She was taken into the forest, on the orders of the Queen
To be slain by her huntsman, to never again be seen
Humanity was in his heart, for this he couldn't take
Returning with the fading beat of a pig, his own life at stake

Left alone in the forest, woodland creatures come to her aid
They lead her to a wonderful home, nestled in a glade
She turns to reply with thanks, once there but now their gone
Back into the canopy of greens, delighted where they belong

She enters this leafy draped cottage, finding nobody at home
Maybe their out in the forest in dreamy canopy roam
Now tired after her ordeal, she lies down on little beds
Soon she was fast asleep, resting her weary head

It's well now into the evening as a chorus from the forest brings
Seven little voices, enchanting as they sing
Hi ho, hi ho, from the mine we head of home
Hi ho, hi ho, we're dwarfs not garden gnomes

These seven wonderful guys, arriving home from their hard days work
To find their cottage has been cleaned, who inside here lurks
Tired from their day, they all head up to their beds
There's a shout from one of the guys, hey! someones here instead

Upon hearing their shouts, this tall shapely figure awakens
As she opens her eyes in amazement, there standing are seven little men
She introduces herself as Snow White, a princess to become a Queen
These seven wonderful guys, can't believe what their eyes are seeing

She thanks them for their hospitality, saying she'll cook and clean for them
As their working long hard hours in the mine, these seven little men
Then the day arrived, the Queen had heard she's alive
Her devious jealous warped mind, was in dastardly contrive

This nasty piece of work, to the cottage she decides to head
To offer Snow White a poisoned apple, finally she'll be dead
On arrival dressed as a hag, she tricks her into taking a bite
Her devious jealous mind, despicable, this moonlit night

But unknown to the Queen, the forest animals had seen her arrive
Even though disguised, they sensed her devious contrive
Snow White's magnificent seven, upon hearing the animals cries
Head back to the cottage, where the wicked Queens surprised

They chase her to the top of a cliff, where she rolls a boulder down
Suddenly she's struck by lightning, as she falls into the sea and drowns
Rushing back to the cottage, they find Snow White laid out on the floor
They can't believe she's gone, killed by the wicked Queen they now deplore

No desire to cast her body, and let her rest in the forests grounds
They place her in a glass and gold casket, as her presence always abounds
Several seasons go by, then a passing prince whom she previously met
Recognised that it was she, upon her lips his lips were set

Slowly she opened her eyes, his kiss had brought her back to life
Her magnificent seven gave her away, for she became the princes wife

*My dedication to the great 'Walt Disney' who brought kids so many hours of fun*


Summer Sandcastles

Summertime is here
Golden sands await the rush
Territories shared

Excitement abounds
Buckets and spades in frenzy
Silica shapes form

Children creating
Young voices resonating
Sandcastles they show