A Moment Alone

A moment alone, quietly in contemplate
Her surroundings she now ponders, is it now too late
A new life to begin, is it all that it seems
Already tears and hurt, shattering previous dreams

A moment alone, sitting in thought on their bed
Somehow the script has changed than earlier she read
Broken promises and weaknesses have torn her wants apart
She's now in her tomorrows, how long till she departs

A moment alone, lasts for hours through the night
Questions she has to answer to convince her that it's right
The morning arrives, no further forward she is
Her future was not where she thought, goodbye's are all she gives

Liven My Heart

If you could see the inside of me
Around my heart where it internally bleeds
It sits there shattered on the pieces past
All alone in the shadows in darkened cast

For many a year in dormant lie
It's been so long to hear it's cry
To feel the touch of a woman so
Liven my heart and watch it glow

If you could see the inside of me
There lies a dormant heart so beautifully
It sits there shattered on the pieces past
Sleeping it may be, how long will it last


Elected in Election's

Elected in election's, year after year
They stand on their podiums, declaring their seer's
Telling us proudly in the hope that we'll sap
Basically it's all lies as they tell so much crap
How can they stand there and lie through their teeth
It beggars believe it would make a blind man weep
Promising their portfolio to do for the best
It doesn't come from their heart, but an ass full of zest

The next time I vote I shall think really hard
They'll have to be true for their words to be absorbed
I doubt this will happen as they like to be heard
And they forget where they came from, which is totally absurd


Like Pebbles on a Beach

We became like pebbles on a beach
touching in the depths, caressing in the shallows
Crystal waves, crested us above the deep abyss

In ever ending caress, we were carried together,
brushing, embracing tribulations as we progressed

The further we were washed, the more we became estranged
Stranded we eventually became, the depth in our love drifted amidst

Slowly, different tides brought different waves
Cross currents were gradually pulling us apart
Discarded like driftwood, with it's meaning of existence

What we were, and what we had became eroded
It reached the point, where we couldn't communicate
All became lost as we entered our abyss

We aged like pebbles on a beach, only to be turned into broken stones


He Was Once a Politician

That's not my elephant! my father said to me
Mine is pink with wings, funnily, he likes to eat spaghetti
I think I'll call him Ella, named after a girl I knew
We danced at the 2nd graders ball, her dress was so see through

My father was once a politician, until his marbles began to set
I visit him as often as I can, introducing as if we'd just met
But somewhere in his confusion, he can recite The Bill of Rights
And once he does he smiles, to me he can still delight

As I turn to leave, to wave goodbye, in his eyes I see a tear
Still reciting The Bill of Rights, smiling from ear to ear
With Ella from the 2nd graders, he smiles in self triumphant
As he points towards the window, it's not pink, that's not my elephant!

The Last Light

Land masses in freeze
mans conditional now waned
nature retracts, whilst
a polar bear roams a city
incomprehensible times

With Light, We Emanate

Light, it's captured in our minds
Requirement? we use daily
By whom? humans and creatures
Just where would we living be without it?


Those Eyes, Those Eyes

Those eyes, ah! those eyes
attractive, so alluring
windows to her world ~*~
But these eyes, beautiful eyes
there is hurt in there soaring

Soundless met Emptiness

Today I sat in silence gently closing my eyes
Saying goodbye to sounds that makes our world alive
Slowly I started to drift, deeper into an unknown black
Where sound has never been heard, where life also lacked

The deeper and further I went, uncharted by any man
Where silenced echoed it's silence, right back to our future plan
In this void of soundless emptiness, dust particles brushed me so
Prompting me to open my eyes, allowing my eyes to glow

So fortunate I think to myself, being present at the beginning of time
Finding the truth of yesterdays tomorrows, now knowing where man has climbed
I watch the particles spinning, over millions and millions of years
Creating planets we know now, aligned are these magnificent spheres

Gradually I work my way back, enlightened at what I had viewed
Knowing that we are only a blip in time, being here is so misunderstood
So many follow their paths, knowing of their yonder 
So today I sat in silence, gladly closing my eyes I wandered 

Compassion Abounds

Compassion does abound in this modern world we live
Where animal and man return ones love to give
An element we all do fear could have taken all their lives
But this was not the day, that fate could contrive

To enter a burning building where their lives take second best
Training and their bravery, a heroes form of zest
Within these darkened realms, aflame and spewing of smoke
Any life that's spared, we deprive the smoking choke

For outside this smouldering building lies a bundle of stirring rags
Blackened canine features, their lives in deadening flag
Whilst alone on the sidewalk a hero sits in thought
Despair hits his heart in helpless strained distraught

His head in his hands now lifted, stirred by whining sounds
Towards him walks the mother, he turns in total astound
Leaning down to pet her, compassion fills his eyes
She licks his face to thank him, all saved and so alive


Utopian Dreams

We are born into a Utopian world where everything lives and let lives
Politeness and manners exist as society never lets sieve

We learn to live with our neighbours amidst colours that nature has born
Living well into our tomorrows without the fear of being war-torn

Prejudice has never been heard whilst cussing never nears our ears
To walk our streets at whenever, over our shoulder you will never fear, fears

When we are born into a Utopian world where everything lives and let lives
The reason this can all come about, is purely because everyone gives

*        ~        *        ~        *        ~        *        ~        *        ~        *        ~        *        ~

We are born from a fallopian world where reasons dictate how we live
Politeness and manner exist, sadly society has allowed them to sieve

Many learn to live with their neighbours amidst colours of nature born
Some live into their tomorrows, many enter the doors of war-torn

Prejudice appears to be worsening, cussing appears the norm
Many are scared to walk our streets as many out there have form

When we are born from the fallopian world where reasons dictate how we live
We don't enter what we hope is Utopia, many take and rarely give


Angels do Exist

Sometimes in life there happens, the crossing of strangers paths
From cultures far and wide sharing thoughts and having laughs

People can grow ever close, as friends and never to part
But sometimes in life there happens, when circumstances makes them depart

On our periphery they may remain, still out there living their lives
They can be a boyfriend or girlfriend, a husband or a wife

No matter who they are, and no matter from where they hail
Friendships indeed do propser, their lasting never goes stale

For me there is one out there, this Highlander will surely miss
Today is the day I realised, that angels do exist

Address Stress

If you have ever suffered from stress
Be brave and see it addressed
For help is out there
Honestly, some people care
Looking back you'll be fairly impressed

Away back in nineteen eighty two
I was one, it could easily be you
So don't be ashamed
Before it's ingrained
Believe me with help, you'll see it through