Down Payment Blues  - USA

In the land of the free
What has gone wrong
From the thirteen States
Where is the song

The song that united
A people so free
From the land of so many  
In downward spiral spree

Of resources so vast
In lands so spread
What has driven this nation
To tomorrow dread

Employment is so important
As it allows families to grow
They may not become rich
But in their garden, they sow

In this modern world
Where we are in chemical shine
We have to look after our health
Not just yours, but mine

The People have Spoken

We must reduce our Nuclear Cause
Because its not right for us
We have to be loyal to us Americans
For it deters us to cuss

We must look to our neighbours
If we can sort out the above
Pat each other on the back
Then we no longer shove

We must look to tomorrow
And reduce conglomerate gain
Because in our free America
They increase our strain

We must look to foreign policy
For we are a nation of mix
Our talking starts today
For our future fix

We must look to the White House
As we elect them in
We must never be judgemental
On their colour of skin

We must look to the future
Through the most beautiful of hues
Our future is our health
Or is it Down Payment Blues

We must look to the heavens
If we are religious or what
We don't want to look on our past
As forget me not

Listen to the People

Inspired by AC/DC's " Down Payment Blues "


Six Grandfathers

This statue of four done the American way
For the Black Hills of Dakota, with the Lakota should stay
Carved to commemorate, the first one hundred and fifty years
This new nation built, on Red Indian tears

Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt
This area Six Grandfathers, the Fort Laramie Treaty has dealt
Then the Indian Wars in the years 1876-77
What happened to perpetuity that was taken from them

Somewhere through the years a decision was made
Carved by the Borglum's to the Lakota they degrade
An AIM occupation, as recent as 1971
In memory of The Six Grandfathers, who were once their ancestors sons

Time has moved on further from those days of long ago
But the Six Grandfathers memories will once again flow
For in the Black Hills of Dakota, they will once again rise
For the Crazy Horse Memorial, will proudly be seen through the Lakota's eyes

The modern America you see, will know it simply as this
Mount Rushmore and four Presidents, against the Lakota's last wish
Time moves on and it certainly never stands still
Its the history of us humans, that we take at will

Fall at Wenatchee River

Autumn clouds drift over the Wenatchee River
Changing from blue to a metallic silver
I walk it's shores as the greying breaks
As it captures ochres and greens in reflection shapes

Translucent ripples in undulation dance
Insects skim the waves with their life they chance
Trout break the surface to share my view
If I am the first man to be here, what a debut

Ancient rock from a long ago past
Scatters it's slopes in sporadic cast
Stones and boulders of all shapes in sizes
Carpet this podium like neolithic prizes

I go back to my canoe, the way out I came in
A Scotsman leaves humbled in his skeletal skin
To be here for this moment brings a tear to my eye
As I turn my head and look back, reminds me why


Eons to Ions

America is our location
Of impending vocal frustration
From the people it's congregation
When they speak one feels deliberation

For our need for conversation
Highlighted by desperation
Some help from the corporations
For jobs and future generations

But they offer no explanation
The rich are in discrimination
Before we become a divided nation
Be saviours, be our salvation

For our politics it's constipation
No toilet roll for their application


A Scot in the White House

It's my desire to politically campaign
In the White House I desire to reign
The American people his votes will he gain
All Senators will be asked to abstain

There will be no cause for complain
Because the voters will remain in the main
All their questions in the press room frame
We are obliged to answer or explain

All Americans are linked to the chain
Medical insurance is free to obtain
No longer will the poor be slain
Hear my words it's perfectly plain

Working together we will work through this strain
For we will be the country we were once again


Appreciation of Freedom

In this democratic country, there has been discussions of this
A Mosque to be built, near Ground Zero their wish
Through their depths of despair, New Yorkers have spoken out
But democratic they'll be, so proud through their doubt

This is what makes a city, at a time like this
To see past the hate, and allow the neighbourly bliss
The following needs to be confirmed in this country of the free
Freedom for it's people, and to do what desires thee

Where ever this Mosque is built, in the surroundings of city life
Unite it's neighbourhood, never turn to previous strife
Next door could be a butchers, a nightclub or a bar
For their doors will never be closed, they'll always be ajar

In New York City, this metropolis that never sleeps
No longer will it see disaster, no more shall it weep
For if you desire to mingle, appreciation of freedom shall play it's part
Become true Americans, build it's future and be it's heart