The Black Rose
I can't go on
The noise in my head
Futures bleak
Tomorrow i dread
Please come and see me
And I'll open my heart
Talk me through
And we will make a new start.
As quick as i could
The journey was made
As i opened the door
On the table was laid
An envelope,
Bearing my name
On the out side
It read.
I knew you would come
Thank you my dear
Your a wonderful man
Year after year
Inside, there's a letter
Written by me
I have decided,
What my futures to be
Don't be shocked
It's where i want to be
But don't worry
I'll be close to thee.
I open the letter
And unfold it out
It's totally blank
My life's without
I sit down stunned
My world apart
Making plans with my girl
For our new start
Hours pass like minutes
As sirens wail
A train has stopped
On the Northern Line rail
From her window i see
Her car all crushed
People turning away
In sickened rush
As i look at the letter
Blank as new
Our future decided
From that window view.


Standing in hope
That you will return
My aching heart
In inner burn
The roll of the waves
On the greying sea
It's crests of white
Spray passionately
But it's your depths i ask
That are my worry
Have you taken my love
In fathomed bury
Even the clouds
Join with their spill
A flicker of sunlight
I will wait until?


Grayed sorrow surrounds me

Grayed swell
Foamed chop thrashes the rocks
The wind scatters the seabirds above
Their aerial skills flustered with rush
Gloomy skies deter natures light
Each cloud acting as a closing door
As i sit and look out
Beside me, raven of doom
As it hangs its head
Knowing my loved one has been consumed
In my heart i pray
A cloud relaxes and a ray of hope shines through
Until then i sit
Sodden with grief
My upbringing
My belief

When You're Gone

The day you left
To go to war
As you turned to me

In trenches deep
Entrenched in love
Please return
My loving dove

Battles fought
Heard on the news
Platoons hit
Whom did we loose

No telegram
Like World War Two
Staff car, knock knock
It can't be you

Sit down Mrs Fraser
We have to say
Cpl Fraser was wounded
From shrapnel fired from an R.P.G.
We are sad to inform the loss of he

I sit in tears
Your photo in my hand
I feel alive
But oh so bland
Do I tell the kids, nothings wrong
When they ask
Will you be gone for long


With Him goes a Rose

It was only a few days
On their barren soil
Through a doorway he went
So many lives now spoiled

An explosive device
Plastic in design
Could never be detected
Now a life resigns

The regimental medic
Rushes to his aid
To stem his bleeding
Through his eyes he fades

His lifeless soul lies lonely
As he is gently stretchered away
Where he will be flown back home
To where the angels play

In honoured ceremony
As he is carried to his carriage
On the tarmac awaits
His fiance, without marriage

In the chapel of rest
She stands in a tear laden pose
Her tribute to her lost one
With him goes a Rose

For tomorrow she will awake
A new day in her life
As she remembers her love
Who would have made her his wife 


Another Day Passes

Another day passes
Another day he is gone
Taken from his loved ones
From the place where he belonged

He should be at their side
With his kids and his wife
Another casualty of war
The waste of another life

In front of his marble headstone      
The grass wetted by her tears
She lies down saying i miss you
And i will love you for all my years

Our twins will always remember you
For i will tell them every day
Your words they will never hear
But i will say to them, what you would say

   Look after your mother
   And you mother will look after you
   For i will be looking down
   Through clouds and skies of blue

   Always be there for her
   And she will be there for you
   Family love will be your bond
   In future years it will see you through

Many days have passed
Our twins have grown with pride
We all miss you so much my darling
For you were always by our sides


Another lost soul
Another statistic home
Another dog tag

Holding Back His Tears

Holding back his tears
In front of him, a soldier kneels
As the mourners look on saddened
Inside the little boy feels

To grow up without his father
As he grows up without his friend
To play ball with him in the park
When he needs him, so much to depend

To be there through out his school life
To make him oh so proud
But not to be there when he graduates
Clapping and shouting out loud

To be there when he gets married
Be a grandfather to his kids
At his fathers funeral he attends
His life in battle rid

In front the soldier kneels
Holding the Stars and Stripes
Presenting it to the little boy
Holding back his tears, from his eyes

Her Love is Strong

After the aftermath
A love can be so strong
To nurse back to health
The receiver of that bomb

My darling husband James
In Helmond Province so
Walked through a doorway
And then that bomb did blow

He lay there stunned and bloodied
Attempting to get up and stand
But the bomb had done its damage
He was left two thirds of a man

He was flown home the next day
I couldn't wait to be by his side
He said he'd lost his legs
But he said it full of pride

He would rather it was he
Who crossed the doorway that day
Its the spirit of our soldiers
That makes them speak this way

Days and weeks pass
As his healing takes its time
Wheelchair bound is my darling James
But a man still in his prime

Many months have passed
As we get on with our lives
To me he's the guy i married
So proud to be his bride

A Ship, a Boat and the Wave

As i look from the shore
An incredible sight
A wave so long
Off tremendous height

Two vessels,
A ship, and a boat
While the ship sinks
The boat floats

Soon to be engulfed
By this awesome wave
With a mass like this
No one will be saved

For in the clouds
Warriors and sailors look down
To share their terror
Witnessing their drown

Time passes
Watery theatre calms
As hours before
Water masses slammed

Our powerful oceans
And formidable seas
Engulf more souls
Ignoring their pleas

To drift and decay
Roaming and beached
The might of our water mass
Will never be preached 


As She Stands on the Shore

She stands on the shore
Dressed in black
Her head bowed
As the waters ebb back

For just offshore
She sees the bows of a ship
Where many have perished
On it's maiden trip

Built on the Clyde
To serve in the war
Never reaching the action  
As the torpedo's tore

Off the Isle of Arran
She met her fate
The U-Boat attacked
Back through the nets she escaped

With it's cargo of munitions
In explosive boom
Her crew of new
Now in deathly tomb

For the lady in black
Who stands on the shore
Crying into the waves
With a husband no more


Don't Fear the Reaper

Black Angels search
As the world turns to grey
In soulless march
For their soulful prey
They congregate from places
Never heard of in many years
To wallow in their carnage
Spreading their demonic fears
Spirited from the underworld
The blackened depths of Hades
Diminishing the light above
Leaving earth in deathly shade
Skeletal marching soldiers
Empty of life and soul
Desperate to spread their black
As the brightness takes the toll
The worlds in need of saviour
A light to shine through soon
No longer can we rely
On our sun, or our moon
A journey must be made
To free us from this plight
A White Angel to be found
To turn this wrong to right
To Serbia heroes travel
Mileseva Monastery reached
As they stand in front of a fresco
An Angel beside Christ's feet
The mentioning of these words
Myrrh-bearers on Christs grave
The fresco starts to glow
Is this the light that saves
For the heroes standing there
Their bodies absorb the light
For in their hearts they know
They are the savours of our plight
Messengers now on their travel
Different journey's they partake
Don't fear the Reaper
For his light will re-awake 

Ghost Ship
August 20th,
The Carroll A. Deering
Loaded aplenty
Norfolk, Virginia
To Rio D J
Cargo of coal
Down South America way
This trip was made
A second time
What happened next
Will we ever find
Delivered, they set off
Homeward bound
On Diamond Shoals
They ran aground
Its now January 31st
Where this mystery
Has now began
This stormy area
On natures earth
Hampering the investigation
To find out the worst
Its now February the 4th
Persons board
Nautical equipment missing
Is it a pirates hoard
In the vessels galley
The next days meal
Abandoned and left
An uneasy feel
Theories of its disappearance
Was it an external force
That brought this ship
To change its course
To this day, no conclusion
No explanation, no fruition
Paranormals, list the case
Is the Bermuda Triangle
This crews last resting place


His Window by the Sea

Sitting by a window
That looks out on to the sea
Gray haired maestro plays
A violin so passionately
On his chair he sits
As he done for many years
For the sea that sits beside him
He plays instead of tears
He looks out to the waters
As to the reason why
The sea had taken his family
While fate had left him dry
For on that tragic day
To their island they would sail
A squall out of nowhere
High seas and forceful gales
Tossed from side to side
Battered by the waves
His daughter and two children
Distraught at who to save
An ageing man of 70
Weak from years of life
To be in this position
Trying to save so many lives
A large wave hits them
And throws him to the deck
Where upon he bangs his head
Unknowingly he broke his neck
He awakens in the hospital
Crying, for his family to be safe
Not knowing of their outcome
That they were taken by that wave
The years go passing by
But the memories of that day
As he gazes through the window
You can hear his violin play 


A Lonely Man

He lives on his own
Far away from life
In a sheltered glen
Since he lost his wife

Nothing can replace
The previous years that he had
It was timeless and loving
He now lives alone and sad
Surrounded by emptiness
Just like his heart
His family is now nature
Life at sixty, his new start
In a run down bothy
On the Cairngorms, above Aviemore
The Scottish countryside consoles him
His heart now a lonely sore
Everyday when he awakes
He thinks of his dear wife
Out of the window he looks
Out there is his life

He lives of the land
The best he can
Sometimes he heads into town
A lost looking man

The years have passed by
He still lives on his own
His loss finally accepted
Into his lonliness, he has grown