As We Lay On Our Bed
On our virgin white bed
We lie and talk
Caress and kiss
Pleasurable thoughts
Of joy and love
Passioned pure
Erogenous zones
Wanting, sure
Positional bliss
Scented scenes
Alfresco joins
Picturesque themes
The look in our eyes
At the words we said
The look of love
As we lay on our bed


To Touch Her Heart
What does it take
To De-ice a heart
In a passionate man
In need of a new start
Cobwebbed and lost
In declining beat
Not only bleeds
But occasionally weeps
Then out of the blue
A maiden so fair
Literal goddess
With care and flair
Her warmth with words
Has restarted my heart
Ignited my wants
And poetic parts
One day
I will make a new start
To meet this fair maiden
To touch her heart


She Exits the Shower
She exits the shower
As I towel her down
Her long blond hair
Skin so brown
With her back to me
In masterly strokes
Every part I caress
Her wanting stokes
She takes my hands
To her breasts she cups
Our torso's close
In standing up
She bares her nape
Invites me to kiss
As my blood responds
To my manly bliss
This path of passion
We tenderly follow
Our bodies racing
As we lovingly wallow
We lie on the bed
Two adventurers in roam
Exploring new worlds
To eventually find home
Sensual finds
As they make their way
A pillar of strength
Through a secret gate plays
Curvaceous mounds
With pert like cairns
Forested grasses
Wonderment stare
Through the open gate
In this warm moist land
Signals in sync
As we read our commands
In movement so tender
With sighs and groans
Between the V
As he's welcomed home
In rhythmic rhyme
Their music plays
Notes are hit
In orchestral display
Kisses shared
Bodies slide
Hearts content
In sensual glide
Eruption emits
His lava flow
Tanned maiden
Golden glow
Orgasmic glands
Climax embrace
In their world of love
This two have graced


Feast of the Red Roses
One day I sat here dreaming
In my mind for what to draft
As she lay there in my studio
This artist began to craft
This is what I seen
As I pictured her this way
For conclusion of my efforts
They will get a chance to play
I started with her ankles
Using chocolate for the stems
Working to her heaven
Making a birds nest with her mane
Half way up her Torso
The chocolate touch with green
Continuance of the stems
Like I pictured in my dreams
Around her upper torso
To her shoulders and her breasts
Crafted with coloured icing
This put me to the test
Texture with awesome creases
Took shape from their stems
The picture that was forming
Would excite many men
Filling in the voids
With leaves and chocolate thorns
From my beautiful naked maiden
A garden of roses formed
In beautiful scarlet red
En captured with her curves
This 3D shaped body canvas
My love for her purely serves
So many hours of crafting
You should see my maiden now
Like a bed of roses
Listening to Bon Jovi now
Now my task is over
A picture for posterity
For it's time to do some gardening
My darling maiden and me


Their Perfect Storm
In sultry sit
Her face veiled
Positional pout
My mind scaled
Through the veil
Her eyes I sense
Luring me
To loves essence
She draws me in
Like a black widow lures
Embraced in her arms
Matured now lured
Her limpet grip
Around my waist
Her moist sweet lips
My tongue tastes
Pleasurable rhythm
Waves of love
Sweated souls
Eagle and dove
Splendour in join
Sweet sensation
Retire to cosy
Content and warm
Sexual tempest
Their perfect storm


The Craving and the Raven
Pouting temptress
In sensual stare
Her white cotton dress
In see through bare
Her curves allure
To entice my rove
Excite's the man in me
To treasure her trove
Her magnetic eyes
Draw me in
Soon to be
Skin to skin
Sweat-ed abrasion
Loin to loin
In her scented palace
Fantastical join
Recipe of love
In mixture mix
From the look in her eye
Had me transfixed
We lie back in sigh
Absorbing the craving
My temptress and I
And her jet black raven


Two Entwined
My lover like a tree
His torso so browned
His girth proud pillar
Strong and round
With out stretched arms
He lures me in
As i wrap around him
I feel his skin
My soft gleamed body
And my ivy wanting arms
Caress his body
Impressing my charms
As we grow together
Entwined in our time
The kiss of our touch
Engrossed in natures prime


Three Roses

The dreamy look
From her radiant face
Three roses in her hair
In picture grace

Scarlet red
Pink and blue
Deep dark eyes
Complexion true

Her rosy lips
Invite a kiss
This Highlanders
Longing wish

Dressed in mauve
Her curves of art
I long to be
Inside her heart

Too see her glide
On golden sands
Be proud to walk
Hand in hand

As the sun downs
Revealing starry skies
Alone on the beach
You and I

The three roses
That adorn your hair
Your rosy lips
You kindly share

Curvaceous you
Invite my touch
In tender hold
Our bodies clutch

On the sands we lay
This starry night
American Dove
And her Highland Knight


Two Bathe as One

In the crystal pure waters
That flow through the cave
Maiden of beauty
In near naked bathe

Semi clothed
Wetted to shape
Hugging her curves
Delightful drape

The coldness lures
Her breasts to excite
She shadows the walls
In the dimming daylight

She invites me close
To embrace her shape
Cupped and caressed
As I kiss her nape

She slowly turns
As we kiss so sweet
Her body rises
In this flowing heat

We join as one
As the water cools
My manly piston
As her heaven drools

The ripples of love
Caress the walls
The sound of explosion
From nearby waterfalls

Our bodies tense
From inner joys
Recipe of love
From natures toys

Standing embraced
In the dimming glow
Two lovers entwined
Sharing their heavenly flows