Perfect 10

Nadia Comaneci
Gymnastic Queen
Olympic starlet
Romania's dream
Montreal summer
As this young girl bloomed            
Three Gold Medals
Young boys swooned
Moscow 1980
Another two Golds won
For this Romanian girl
The darling one
America bound via Montreal
This young gymnast stool so tall
Her dance routines, amazing and hip
From her somersaults, to her back flips
She was one of my idols
When i was in my teens
Her Perfect 10
Has to be seen

Dedicated to Nadia Comaneci 

The National of Races

Horses stand waiting
Some face the wrong way
Jockey's with colours
Astride are they

They await the starter
Who runs up the tape
Equine line up
Await their fate

Sixteen fences
Two circuits ahead
Once your over
The fence you have read

The crowd cheers
As they are on their way
Notorious fences
Between them and their day

Beecher's Brook, The Chair to name
A challenge at best
Bring both
Horse racing fame

Horse and rider
Now ride as one
To finish first
The winning one

To join the elite
The likes of the past
Red Rum three times
That record will last

Animal and man
United so
Now the fences are toned down
Watch them go

Aintree, Liverpool
On this joyous day
Equine and human
Share this sporting display

22 Spirits

22 Spirits on the field of play
Soccer match i watched
This Monday
In a bitter wind
Showering rain
22 Spirits, adrenalin reigned                  
Athletic efforts
They gave their all
Slippery surface, slippery ball
For 70 minutes
Their challenge was met
To strike the ball into the net
Many chances, many saves
22 Spirits
No misbehave
Ball passing
Tackles clashing
22 Spirits, fantastic passion
The game ended 1 - 0
No tantrums, no overkill
It was a joy to watch this game
I hope next weeks will be the same
" Dedicated to my son Liam's Soccer Team and their opponents "

We Are Marshall

Southern Airways Flight 932
November 14, the night they flew
McDonnell Douglas DC-9
Like all flights, they should be fine  
On the return home
They clipped some tree's
The final run
From Greenville,NC
37 players
In all, 75
From this tragedy
None survived
This Thundering Herd
Taken in their prime
Coaches and others
Before their time
But We Are Marshall
Would rise again
To take away
This terrible pain
From a point of closure
They reunite
To carry the lost
In their football right
Jack Lengyel
Appointed coach
With Red Dawson
Through Dedmans approach  
Young Thundering Herd
First game lost
29 - 6
Experience cost
First post win
Against Xavier
15 - 13
Calms despair
In 1974
Jack Lengyel leaves
But, We Are Marshall
We quietly grieve

" Dedicated to the Thundering Herd Football Team from Marshall University-West Virginia
                    and Mr Arthur D. Schwarz, a fervant football fan "

Diamond in the Rough

Its the final day
At the US Masters
This Highlander
Enjoying new pastures
Recently turned pro
Leader-board he tops
As he partners Tiger
Playing brilliant shots
Eagle, birdie
Birdie, par
With play like this
He's sure to go far
Neck and neck
On the seventeenth
This Highlander
Needs to be seen

Par 4,
440 yards
He hits a screamer
Crowd applauds
Tiger matches
They both hit the green
Both down in three
Birdies mean
The eighteenth
Green Jacket beckons
Who will win it
Tiger i reckon
What a drive
By Tiger woods
Down the middle
As professionals should
The Highlander, lovely swing
Ball flying, hear that ping
Cross wind carries, fairway missed
The crowd in awe, Tiger bliss
Tiger excels, gets down in three
One inch form the hole, a gimme
The Highlander, iron picked
Sweet shot, hit so slick
See it rise, towards its goal
On to the green towards the hole
Undulations, impede it none
As it drops in, under the Georgia sun
The Highlander awaits the crowd
Nano second, applause out loud
This newly pro, who found it tough
Newly named
Diamond in the Rough

In Effortness Glide

In effortless glide
Amidst the invisible thermals
Air balloons do soar


Boys in Blue

Football is my favourite sport
The two below are whom I support
Rangers and Everton, my teams
When they win I so beam
This game of games I import