Skin like Porcelain

She, through my eyes, delightful
naked to bare, enticing
porcelain skin allures me,
curvaceously she.

After the Summer Ball

The last dance is over, the summer ball fades away
It's early morning as we walk along the esplanade
The love of my life in the most beautiful white gown
Hand in hand we whisper, kissing in love fuelled drown

We pause as we absorb the gentle rushing of the waves
Inner feelings of desire feed the thoughts we longingly crave
The moon above delights against a cobalt ebony sky
Whilst diamonds sparkle brightly captured in her eyes

Our home we finally reach knowing the dawn will soon be nigh
On entering our bedroom a most beautiful sight espies
Behind her back she holds the most delightful of red rose
Her back now bare to open showing porcelain skin exposed

She turns to me and looks, theirs an alluring in her eyes
Slowly I walk towards her on her shoulders my hands apply
To her nape I kiss, whispering sweet nothings in her ear
Another dance has started as our longing draws ever near

With gentle steps we take, to a spread of silken sheets
Her summer ball in fall, peachy skin my eyes now meet
Lacy lingerie of white attracts the man in me
Alone my love and I, two naked torso's touching free

Adventurous we become, caressing undulations each
Sighs interrupting kisses for the sweet spots that we seek
In my hand I take the Rose brushing the petals against her pert
Touching, we start to ignite, two in love now so alert

In sync our bodies bind amidst sheets on silken lie
Mirroring waves on the ocean our gyrations in loving reply
Inner warmth excites, our joyous release so beautifully free
We melt into each other, two souls asleep, appeased

Maiden of the Glens

Amidst scented Glens
Afore me in postured pose
Breathtakingly she
Allures this Highlanders eyes
Beauty personified

Whilst Gentle Sighs Echo

With thine hands I touch ~
Gentle sighs echo within,
whilst crimson lips touch ~
Unconventional writhes quake,
amidst satin sheets are we

In this Place so Old

On silken sheets, curvaceous she
Alluring eyes are drawn to me
Pert, excited she craves my hand
In loving caress, two in understand

Gently we kiss like Rose petals soft
Whilst exterior storms lash our Highland croft
Candle light flickers across the walls we dance
Postures so sexy, delightful we stance

Passionate sighs thrall, in this place so old
Body temperatures rise deflecting it's cold
We are two become one in thunderous lust
Wanting we are absorbing loving so just

Hands wander tease in adventurous taunt
Kissing aplenty in sexily want
Avenues pursued amidst erogenous groans
Candle light dims as it bows to our moans

Loving sighs implode, together we lie graced
Enriched in we, in this wonderful place
Drifting souls entwined now entering their tomorrow dreams
Displaying wonderful colours, like rainbow streams

Be my Valentine

Tomorrows the 14th of February
It's just another day for me
I recall when it used to be special
But sadly it's empty for thee

Like last year this day will pass
As so many have before
Again I dream of a lassie out there
Whom one day I'll adore

For out there a lassie exists
To share the Glens and Ben's
Progressing into our future
When we awaken we're more than friends

For if that day should arrive
I'll be the grape tied to the vine
Heart felt sweetness I'll be
As she becomes my Valentine 

Naked Ripples

Translucent ripples,
catching the morn's azure blue ~~
Reflections abound
in glistening sparkle dance ~~
Before me she swims, my love

I Closed my Eyes to See, I now Dream

Today I sat and pondered and closed my eyes to see
On a sunny island I strolled, knowing what's ahead for me

Closer to the beach hut I could hear our favourite song
Through the louvred doors I go, as I catch a scent so beautifully strong

It's emanating from the bathroom, amidst a plume of moisture, steam
Slowly I reach my destination as I continue into my dream

My eyes peer through scented vapours, catching a shadow within my sight
Lavender surrounds two souls as I catch shapes of pure delight

My love, my maiden, my Queen, having exited from her shower
Thralls the man in me attracted by her womanly power

She glimpses she sees I'm there, her towel is offered to I
Closer we move to each other as my hands wander to dry

Her nape, shoulders and back touched as if by an angels wings
The song that lured me earlier, my heart now joyfully sings

To her hips I reach, whilst to my knees I fall
My heart now racing faster, my hands in drying sprawl

To me she now graces, azure blue eyes look down at me
Beauty in she abounds, through loved eyes my love I see

Crimson lips allure to mine, as if in magnetic trance
Naked we are, touching brushing, we enter into dance

Two bodies in tender abrasion, hands in adventurous roam
Alluring desires excite freely in our sunny island home