Elf Girl and the Beast 

The beast in its lair
In slavering mode
Teeth in waiting
To it's pray it goads

A little elf girl
Naked and scared
In it's bone ridden lair

The plight in her eye
As she stares at the beast
To remonstrate her thought
Deter his feast

The fear in her lulls
As the beast turns away
Her little wings flap
Rising from deaths decay 


Cyborg Dogs

In a desperate world
Where man is hated
This fur clad woman
Her cyborg pack created

Silvered dogs
Mechanical teeth
Squatting like humans
Engineered breed

She stands there proud
Holding her sword of MacBeth
Forwarding her packs
To hunt for death

The Earth now barren
Stripped and bare
Skulls and bones
Lie everywhere

Even the sky
Refuses to come out at night
Even the sun
Refuses to burn bright

This once beautiful planet
Now rancid and wretched
With this fur clad woman
As her cyborg dogs fetch

Who would have thought of man
To be treated like this
For thousands of years
They had already lived like this


Tomnahurich Hill
The full moon shines
On Tomnahurich Hill
Even looking
Gives you the chill
The Fairy hill
Mound of the dead
When white silhouettes walk
The townsfolk dread
A ship lost at sea
Engulfed by the mass
The cries of their drown
Rise through the grass
They call out the names
Of their loved ones they miss
This night of the dead
As they float through the mist
This crew of souls
Lost in their roam
Thousands of miles
From their Argentine homes
What amazes the townsfolk
Of Inverness
This crew lost at sea
In roaming distress
Their ship was lost
Of the Falklands coast
Thousands of miles away
But we see their ghosts
So when the full moon shines
On Tomnahurich Hill
No blood is spilt
Only their ghostly return will
 To continue the Ghost trail, having being tagged by Sara Kendrick,
in turn i tag Mr Vince Suzadail Jr to do a ghost poem and tag a soul.
The Ogre and the Maiden
Ogre so hideous
It stands firm
As if sedated
By her seductive charm
This fiendish giant
Of a fairy tale past
Down in the sewer
Is it one of their last
Is it here for a reason
Spawning new life
Luring this maiden
To it's ogreish strife
With it's monster hand
Her thigh it brushes
Intake of air
Her heart rushes
For in her hand
She grasps a red rose
And holds it aloft
In the ogres eyes, glows
It metamorphoses
Before her eyes
The red rose lies dead
The maiden cries
She lifts her head
In tear laiden see
A handsome man
Stands in front of she
This fairy tale ogre
Had a hidden past
Being spell bound and cast
Not one of it's last
They climb from the sewer
Daylight is reached
Hail the red rose
Natures powers reach


Along came the Spider
There stands in the forest
A young birch tree
And standing beside it
A girl of thirteen
From it's branches glistens
Silky web strands
In ringlets of silk
Crafted and planned
This girl of thirteen
With her fingers she plays
The silken threads
In harpsichord ways
As she plays the silks
This forest outsider
Vibrations of notes
Along came the spider
In harmony their tuned
On natures earth
In this forestall place
Land of their birth


She Runs with the Lions
In an other dimension
There lies another world
Deep forests of green
Moss, fern creepers unfurled
Thousands of birds
Species similar to ours
Atmosphere the same
Moon and bright stars
The difference here
Is the attitude of life
No savaging hunters
In bloodied strife
Birds and snakes
Side by side
A girl runs through the trees
With the Lions pride
Kids bathing
In Crocodile waters
Splashing and yelling
No wanton slaughter
A world without food
No rotting decay
Animals and plants
Live day to day
Somewhere in time
Living structures changed
Purely oxygen feeders
No humans deranged
Life has a life
As they will pass away
But not one will fall
To a victim of prey


The Boy's of the Forest

Deep in Borneo
The myth was broken
No headhunters did i find
But in the morning I was awoken

Some tribal people
Near a plateau crest
Have finally spotted
The boy's of the forest

I had heard they existed
For many years
In forests so deep
Away from modern tears

These boy's are so different     
On their back they have wings
With birds of paradise they sit
And they speak through sings

From the reports i hear
They look like you and me
And no wonder you ask
How can that be

At sometime long ago
An evolutionary fork
Has taken a different path
While maybe others did abort

Is there a reason
Why they have lasted the pace
Are they the future
Of our human race

On these beautiful islands
Creatures of old, undiscovered
Hidden for reasons
In greened canopy covers

Today I travel
To this plateau crest
To glimpse these boy's of the forest
For them, their presence will rest 


The Dark Maiden

In the garden of evil
A dark maiden wishes kisses
She summons a blond princess
Against her inner wishes

In the midst of poisonous berries
In the middle of sharpened thorns
She is grabbed by the dark maiden
Her feelings towards her scorned

Through the dark magical orb
Hummingbirds to the rescue go
They hover to show their wrath
But the dark maidens powers show

They are followed by beautiful butterflies
And in turn they too seccumb
This dark maiden and her powers
Has made natures beauties run

The princess closes her eyes
To think of the world summoned from
As the dark haired maiden wilts
Against a pure and power strong

The fallen hummingbirds
And the butterflies who fell
Returned through the light
As the princess would finally tell

There is no room for the dark
In a world so colourful and free
To be with the grace of such creatures
Who followed to look after me

I hope that this will be a lesson
If others hear my story
Fight against the dark maiden
Over nature, she will never have glory

Wings in Internal Appease

With closed eyes she thinks
Angels wings change from black to white
Her contemplation