My Darling Tink's

We photographed this shoot
Against frosted glass
In the shape of hearts
That captured her class

Her long blond hair
Catches the light
Her curvaceous shape

Peachy skin
Immaculate pose
She looks
My love for her grows

White silk robe
In midriff drape
This vista, my view
I am left agape

Our shoot closes
The applause we take
As i turn to my Tink's
My darling, its you who makes

Sexy Lady

In stockings and basque,
Head back, her blond hair cascades
My thoughts, oh   

The Way She Dances

Dirty Dancing, in
Voluptuous pose, she grasps

Behind the Pink

Lovely hourglass lass
Hidden delights capture, my


A Dozen Red Roses for my Darling

Visions of my girl
Captured on a bed of roses
Bouquet of beauty 

Curvature Purrs

The breeze caresses
Through the light cheesecloth attire
Her curvature purrs 

Entwining Vixens

Entwining vixens
In pleasurable embrace 
Conquerable love 

Till we Kiss

Luscious lips of red
Lure like magnets of the flesh
Tenderly we meet

Ebony Locks Cascade 

So tanned and pert
Ebony locks cascade, flow
Beauty astride me

Alone with Her Thoughts

Alone with her thoughts
Desires of him, self capture ~~~
Internal raptures

He Could no Longer Deny

The day we first met he melted my heart
He held me so close we were never to part
Weeks and months past as our love grew strong
In each others arms is where we belong

Then came the night he never came home
I sat up and waited my mind so in roam
Eventually he appeared and found me in tears
But I knew in my heart my internal fears

We sat down and talked as he told me why
That he no longer loved me he could no longer deny
This girl he's been seeing is half my age
My internal fears grew to external rage

The day we first met he melted my heart
Never again will he hold me as I watched him depart

In Mirrored Capture

In mirrored capture
She stands before
This lady, blond
One can't ignore

The mirror tells
Her beauty, stance
Leaves one, I
In viewing trance

Her posture, pose
Delights mine eyes
Her figure, dress
I feel, hypnotised

Dress of purple
Mix of black
Style, she oozes
I grant that


Graced by the Breeze

Her long brown hair
Graced by the breeze
Her pose for this shoot
Excites my please

Against a backdrop of greens
Lush and ripe
The sun captures her bronze 
My eyes in delight

White silks
Caress her pert breasts
Naked she is
Perfectly dressed

Scene after scene
Shutters close
Images, images
Of my English Rose