Her Element Bouquet

This planet we live on is one third earth
Continents now large began to take shape
Border creations, tribes so rich in worth
Gorgeous contours her wonderful landscape
This planet we live on is two thirds water
Creating oceans and seas, rivers and lakes
This fluid of life flows, to us she caters
Beauty and destruction is left in her wake
This planet we live on has the marvel of fire
That changed all our tomorrows so differently  
Natures invention to us allowed our inspire
Human progression marched on so significantly
This planet we live on has weathers of range
Delivering sun and rains, with various winds
To her so real but to us humans so estranged
Behaviour or change or she will never rescind
These incredible four are all here to stay
Earth, water, wind and fire, her element bouquet

Seasonal Change

Autumn beckons us ~
As summer drifts in slumber .~.
To seasonal sleep ~

Sunset Dance

The last Autumn breeze ¬
Captures two skeletal trees ~~
In sunset dance please ¬

Autumn Feast

grizzlies and browns
salmon run ~~~~
hibernation falls

Lily of the Valley

Below the mist covered mountains lies a valley of beauty so rare
As I view from the flowery meadow, I look on in awe and stare

It's moss covered slopes in carpet, a greenery so rich like a vein
The hillside undulations grace like a wedding dress train

The cascading of translucent pure, these waterfalls of delight
Each with a different voice as they sing through the day or night

Trees so iconic standing proud as they reach up to the warming sun
Magnificent they are in their splendour, they're not to be outdone

As I sit down and admire the meadow, it's riches befall my eyes
The colours of greens and pastels makes every one a prize

As I close my eyes and listen, I hear many marvels all around
From insects that buzz to chirping birds in this beautiful surround

I turn my head as she calls me, my love in her white summery dress
She's my lily of the valley, her beauty in my eyes caressed

We lie back and take it all in, this place on this planet earth
For our children and our children's children, it's kept in it's worth

Below these mist covered mountains lies a valley of beauty so rare
Is there anywhere else out there, that could possibly compare 

Autumn Captured

Sitting downstream in this delightful setting
When you close your eyes there is just no forgetting

I can still see the scene that my mind has captured
The most glorious of colours leaves me in rapture

The bluest of sky seeps through a canopy I behold  
Mirrored on the stream it's dreamy blues unfold

Ancient stones sit like islands in the sun
Creating ripples of motion in downstream run

But it's the avenue of colours that delights my eyes
Season after season she always leaves her surprise

Greens mix with golds, ochres yellows, reds and browns
A spectacular collage paints this bright Autumn gown

Within weeks to a month until the last leaf falls
Then her seasons move on as Winters installed 


The Lone Swallow

Whilst the sun goes down
A lone swallow honours her
As it dips it's wings

Blue Horizon

Land of dark cobalt
Tranquility in abounds
Blued horizon scape

Autumns Golds Drift

Saddening dark trunks
Now naked skeletal lone
Whilst Autumns golds drift 


The Kookaburra, this terrestrial Kingfisher like bird
With it's onomatopoeic call, laughter in it's world
They inhabit arid savanna's and humid forests so lush
Also suburban to residential, as all around them humans rush

These beautiful birds are sexually dimorphic in their look
Their plumage sometimes differs, but in some your not mistook
The Rufous-bellied, Spangled, Laughing and Blue Winged
Are the four Kookaburra's who chortle as they sing

These beauties from Australia, are carnivorous in their eat
From lizards, snakes, insects and mice, they sure do love their meat
Oh to hear a Kookaburra, in their wild and natural place
Their another of natures joys, that human eyes do grace